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Great Lakes Landscape Photography

Join me on my adventure through the Great Lakes region as a landscape photographer. From incredible vistas, to star gazing, backcountry hiking, and shorelines that cant be missed, this is the Great Lakes.

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Welcome to The Great Lakes Landscape Photography Podcast!

Welcome to the very first episode of the Great Lakes Landscape Photography Podcast. In this episode I explain the name change and what is next for the Podcast and YouTube channel! 


7 Jul 2022

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Special Announcement - The Show Is Changing!

Hey everyone! I am updating the podcast and the Facebook group to better align with my region and the type of content that I aim to create both with the podcast and the on the YouTube channel.   The podcast is updating and becoming The Great Lakes Landscape Photography Podcast. The podcast will continue on with the same type of content you all know and love, really the only change is the name of the podcast and the cover art. We are still going to cover all aspects of landscape photography, astrolandscape photography, and everything in between.   I hope you all stick around, and thank you for your continued support!!


5 Jul 2022

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22 Jun 2022

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My Best Milky Way Shot Yet!?

I think I may have gotten my best Milky Way shot yet! The story behind the shot and a little welcome back after having Covid. 


8 Jun 2022

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14 Apr 2022

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30 Mar 2022

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17 Mar 2022

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