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Everyone has been short changed at least once in their life. Its time you realize your value you really have. Q and his supporting chair Ms. Nessa share life experiences and personal insights and speak the ugly truth that you might need to hear to overcome life and win!

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Support Systems

In this episode, Q acknowledges support systems. They come in different ways, shapes and forms, but the fact of the matter is the feedback being given is the most important support one can have. 


3 Jul 2019

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Chasing Happiness

We are so caught up on social status and thinking money might bring happiness, that we forget to actually chase the one thing that keeps us going, happiness. 


12 Jun 2019

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Conversation with Bruna

In this episode, Q invites a special guest into Short Changed. Bruna, an author, columnist, life coach, and positive soul sheds light on love, struggles, dream chasing & more.  


28 Aug 2019

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Traumatic Experiences

In this episode, Q speaks to you from his house, sharing a written prompt with you about traumatic experiences and how they bring low and high points in your life, and inviting you to answer it as well. 


25 Apr 2020

Rank #4

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The Choice is Yours

On this new season, Q relinks with Vanessa, as they bring light to the way the new year should start. By ultimately knowing, the choice is yours.  


26 Feb 2020

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