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The National Theatre Company gave it's first ever performance in 1963 of Hamlet, directed by Laurence Olivier and starring Peter O'Toole. Hamlet is one of the most performed, filmed and reinterpreted plays ever written. The Hamlet collection includes interviews with the artists from Nicholas Hytner's 2010 production, Richard Eyre discussing his vision of Elsinore, a background pack to John Caird's 2000 production starring Simon Russell Beale and voice work films that explore key speeches from the play with Jeannette Nelson Head of Voice at the National Theatre.

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O that this too too solid flesh…

Rory Kinnear performs the beginning of the soliloquy.


1 Jun 2011

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Voice work on ‘To be, or not to be…’

Voice work on Hamlet’s speech.


23 Mar 2011

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Voice work on ‘O what a noble mind…’

Voice work on Ophelia's speech.


23 Mar 2011

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Mark Lawson interviews Nicholas Hytner

Nicholas Hytner on directing Hamlet


23 Mar 2011

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Interview with Rory Kinnear

Rory Kinnear on playing Hamlet


23 Mar 2011

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Creating Elsinore

How has Elsinore been viewed and interpreted on stage?


23 Mar 2011

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