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The Horror Explorer Podcast is dedicated to turning people on to obscure horror/sci-fi/gore/bizarre movies from days gone by and horror movies that didn't show up on the radar in recent years, as well as delving deeper into some of the more mainstream movies most people have heard of.A VHS-era horror aficionado makes his millennial co-hosts watch VHS-era horror movies that most people their age haven't seen or even heard of. The best new horror movie you see this year might be one from 30 years ago you didn't even know existed.

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Horror Explorer Flashback #6: Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988)

Long ago Dave, Erik, Nat, and Aly recorded an episode revisiting Killer Klowns From Outer Space. Plagued with technical and audio issues, this episode remained in the can for months because the hours of repair required to make it publishable was just more work than I wanted to do. Thankfully, occasional co-host Tim decided to take a swing at editing it... and a couple of months later, I decided to finish it up and publish it. There are still a couple of issues with the editing, but we did our best to have something to put out for everyone until we come back this summer.

9 May 2018