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The Horror Explorer Podcast is dedicated to turning people on to obscure horror/sci-fi/gore/bizarre movies from days gone by and horror movies that didn't show up on the radar in recent years, as well as delving deeper into some of the more mainstream movies most people have heard of.A VHS-era horror aficionado makes his millennial co-hosts watch VHS-era horror movies that most people their age haven't seen or even heard of. The best new horror movie you see this year might be one from 30 years ago you didn't even know existed.

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Horror Explorer Flashback #2: Cry Like a Butthole (Terrorvision, 1986)

This episode of the Horror Explorer Flashback revisits an uncommonly good offering from producer Charles Band, 1986's "Terrorvision". A gluttonous monster from another planet is beamed away for disposal only to end up arriving in the television set of an outrageous mid 80s family of archetypes, setting off a scathing indictment of 1980s society and culture as well as commentary on the impact the availability of a wider range of TV entertainment had on the American family.

10 Aug 2017

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