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Need help building your small business or idea into a Profit Powerhouse using the Internet? The Fearless Profit Podcast follows the adventures and exploits of Online Entrepreneur, Ben Adkins. On the Podcast you get an uncensored view of how Ben lives his life and runs his Business every single week.

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#007 How to Target your Audience Intelligently using 2 Special Websites.

Have you ever thought to yourself I wish there was a way to know who my target demographic is and what they want to read? With these two free secrets you will be able to do just that.What are these magical secrets you ask? The first one is justmediakits.com It is a collection of media kids from big publishers around the planet. It give people who want to advertise in that magazine online or offline a look into the audience of that specific magazine. Even though you may not be advertising in that magazine you can find ones related to your niche ( Men’s Fitness, Fishing, Ballet..) and see who your target audience is for those niches.So now that you know who you are targeting you will need our second secret, buzzsumo.com this site allows you to know what your audience wants to read about . You just need a keyword or website, pop it in the search and it will tell you what content is being shared the most.Now you know who your audience is and what they want to know.For a step by step of how to implement these two secrets check out the podcast.


16 Oct 2015

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#008 How to Write Blog Post That Grow Your Business Now (and for years to come)

You ever wonder what all this Blog Hype was about and if you should jump on the blog train? Now you can get an inside look about how we are rocking it out with our blog and even snag our guidelines.Fearless Blog Guidelines https://www.evernote.com/l/AASjpxRfhJVCvqdytDkPh6f-mX0wKI6TO8c


5 Nov 2015

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#006 Personal Branding: How to Brand yourself like Batman instead of Superman.

Personal Branding: Ever wonder who would win in a battle Batman or Superman? Well in the marketing battle it would be Batman hands down, and heres why…As a kid did you ever think wouldn’t it be cool if I could be Batman? Well good news is you can be, because Batman is just a normal guy who you can relate to because if you have the right tools you can accomplish everything he has. You want to be relatable to your customers, they want to know they can achieve what you have, learn how in this podcast.


28 Sep 2015

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#003 How to Use Magazines to Write Better Facebook Ads

This week we show you the simple way to use magazines to take your advertising to the next level. This can be used for any kind of ads you're doing. On the call you'll learn about a very cool website and a method we use to help our clients target their audience better and sell them more stuff.


7 Aug 2014

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#005 Using High School Psychology to Sell More

This week on the Fearless Social Podcast Dr Ben Adkins talks about how using a simple high school psychology lesson can make you a ton of money. Understanding this "Pyramid" can be good for your bottom line.


7 Oct 2014

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