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Tommy Urbanski was born in Katowice, in southern Poland.Being influenced by many different genres, he's chosen to get back to his roots of progressive psy-trance.After a few years of Dj'ing for living at various Deep and Tech-House events while residing in Poland, Tommy decided to move permanently back to London in 2004.Living in a big city, he allowed himself unintentionally to be sucked into the rat race, which frustrated him to the point where he had to escape back into DJ'ing to stay sane. That decision brought him back to his psychedelic trance roots.After quite a few successful podcasts and realising in 2014, that being a DJ wasn't enough to be able to express and fulfil himself, he started his adventure with music production.As a new producer, Tommy has been constantly striving towards the best results and learning from all possible sources to accomplish his dreams.Look out for more tracks to come from this restless and ambitious producer and thanks for visiting!

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Open Your Eyes

TRACK LIST: Intro by Tommy Urbanski "Deep Thought" (Acapella) by Positive Rhythm "Genetic" by Motion Drive "Perturbation Theory" by Chabunk "Can You Feel This" by Hypercube "The Voice" (Funk Truck Remix) by NOK, Double Click "Out of Control" by Reverse "Hell's Angels" by Shank "Pretask Planning" by Synthetic Pulse "This is Dub" by Aviation "Round Robin" by Reverse "Liquid Hook" (Zentura Remix) by Liquid Soul, Captain Hook "Under the Tree" by Reverse, Zyce, Kingpink "Boarding Time" (Unseen Dimensions, Shake Remix ) by Class A Tracks mixed manually on 2 x CDJ 1000 MK3 + DJM 900 nexus Recorded to Pro Tools and encoded to mp3 - 320 kbps ' 48,000 kHz VoiceOvers by Tara - https://www.facebook.com/tara.smith.58910?fref=ts

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24 Dec 2013

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Human Experience - DJ Mix

New DJ Mix promoting my latest track "Human Experience" Tommy Urbanski "Human Experience" Sonic Entity "Deep State" Zen Mechanic, Symbolic "Portals of Perception" Dual Vision, One Function "Engines of Creation" (Dual Vision Remix) Polaris(FR) "Process" Liquid Soul, Zyce, Paul Oakenfold "Fool Moon Party" (Zyce Remix) Impact, Timelock "Mind Fields" Mekkanikka "Spirit Molecule" Zen Mechanics, Audio Tec "Telemetry" Shogan, Norma Project "Walbahaar" Zyce "Slava" Impact "Galactic Ways"


20 May 2018

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Enlightened Consciousness

Free mix promoting my latest track ''Enlightened Consciousness'' as well and ''Microcosm'' Enjoy! :) Track list: Tommy Urbanski "Enlightened Consciousness" Atmos "Goodbye Dubai" Atmos, Animato "Ensemble" Dual Resonance, Zen Mechanics "Dragonfruit" Digicult, Astral Projection "Dancing Galaxy" Sonic Species, Symbolic "Alma Libre" Divination, E-Clip "Endless Symphony" Atmos, X-Dream "Eleven" Liquid Soul "Cydonia" Tommy Urbanski "Microcosm" Voiceovers by Tara Smith: www.facebook.com/tarasmith81


17 Jan 2018

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Medicate Me

Fresh dj mix after a few years break dedicated solely to music production. Download for free and enjoy!   Track List: Tommy Urbanski "No Medication" Odiseo "We Are The Sun feat. Pris" Tommy Urbanski "Digititis" Ticon "Mirage" Tommy Urbanski "Toca's Miracle Progressive Remix" Aquafeel "Black Essence" (Nerso Remix) E-Clip "Capital Distress" (Techyon Remix) Tommy Urbanski "Just Press Play" Zen Mechanics, E-Clip "Flashback" (Original mix) Side Effects, Sonic Sense "Ayahuasca" (Original mix) Zen Mechanics, Audiotec "Telemetry"

1hr 1min

5 Apr 2017

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Toca's Miracle Tommy Urbanski Progressive Remix

Enjoy free download of my remix of this classic tune :)


25 Nov 2016

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