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Hosted by Stephanie Trethewey.Motherland shares real, raw and unbelievable stories of motherhood told by women on the land.Each week a mum from somewhere in rural Australia shares her story including an honest account of what it's like raising kids in the country. You'll hear stories of true grit, resilience, grief and pure joy. Motherhood is the most life changing and transformative journey a woman can go through, and it's not always easy. So it's time to talk. No matter where you live or what you do, we're in this together and you're not alone.

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Episode 78: Vanessa Fisher

This week, I catch up with rural mum Vanessa Fisher from Victoria. Vanessa was just 19 when she became a mum, and had a toddler in tow when she met her husband. They've since gone on to have two more beautiful kids, but Vanessa's journey has been full of highs and lows. You'll hear about her devastating miscarriages, why she's savouring being a full-time mum, and how at a time when she felt alone on the land, she found her village through the CWA. This is her story.SPONSOR: Living rurally can make access to fresh, healthy food a challenge – especially when it comes to pantry staples like fresh Australian Garlic. One Aussie farming family is making this easier through their brand G’day Garlic which offers 100% Australian garlic powders straight from their farm to your front door through their online storewww.gdaygarlic.com.au. It’s easy to use and full of flavour that truly rivals the fresh stuff!


9 May 2021

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Episode 77: Raine Holcombe (Part 2)

This week, I'm thrilled to welcome back Raine Holcombe. Raine shared her incredible struggle with fertility back on Episode 28. It was a heartbreaking journey that took them across the country for treatments, thousands of kilometres away from their remote cattle station in the northern territory. Finally, there was a breakthrough, and an undiagnosed rare genetic condition was discovered. Both Raine and Potter carry the same DQ alpha gene, which causes an embryo to self-abort. They had one option left; a rare treatment in Melbourne... And it worked! Six months ago they welcome a beautiful, healthy baby girl. It was very special to chat to Raine again, and this time, we pick things up from her pregnancy and beyond.SPONSOR: Every family deserves access to quality health care and support; regardless of their location. Sadly, this isn't the case for many rural families, and that's why Maternal Child Health Nurse Rebecca Bradshaw created a child health service delivered entirely online. Her innovative business assists with developmental milestone checks, post natal support, breastfeeding, speech and language, and sleep and settling. Telehealth consultations and referrals are also available. Search 'Town and Country Child & Family Health' on Facebook or follow 'mynursebec' on Instagram.


2 May 2021

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Episode 76: Julie Mayne

This week, I catch up with cattlewoman Julie Mayne. And what a wild ride she's had! Julie was married to a professional cowboy, and as a new mum, travelled on the rodeo circuit! Since then, her life has changed significantly. Her marriage ended, and years later, she packed up her two children and started her own farm. It was, and still is, an incredible one woman show she built herself from scratch. This is her story. SPONSOR: AgriFocused’s Farm Budgeting Masterclass is an online course that equips you with the skills and knowledge to create a budget for your farm business. Access great information and templates in the privacy of your own office, at your own pace. Check it out at www.agrifocused.com.au. Use the code “motherland” to get 10% off.


25 Apr 2021

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Episode 75: Amy Ballinger

This week I catch up Amy Ballinger, the founder of Wattle and Twine, which promotes and celebrates thriving bush businesses and the rural women behind them. Amy is a mum of two, with her third due later this year. The juggle has been real, so real, that a few months ago, she shocked her online community one night when she announced Wattle and Twine would close immediately. Amy's story is a reminder that in the chaos of motherhood, it's ok to put yourself first. It's ok to say no, to take a break, and to just stop. Even just for a moment. This is her story. SPONSOR: Do you know a Farmer who's having a bit of a hard time? Maybe one of your workers needs a little cheering up? Or do you just want to say thank you to a neighbour but not sure how?The Bush Bundle is a charity based organisation that packages complimentary items and delivers them to Aussie Farmers and rural community members. Thoughtful, consumable goods that will be used and appreciated. You can nominate someone to receive a bush bundle at NO COST to you. Just head to www.thebushbundle.org to find out more.


18 Apr 2021

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Episode 74: Rebekah Frankcombe

This week, I catch up with dairy farmer Rebekah Frankcombe from Tassie. She's a solo mum to three beautiful kids, a journey that has been full of heartache and hard decisions. While pregnant with her third child, which was unplanned, her partner was batting his own demons. His mental health spiraled rapidly, that eventually their relationship ended, leaving Bek to manage motherhood on the land alone. But she has flourished. We talk farming, rural mental health, and her mum hacks. This is her story.SPONSOR:AgriFocused is a rural based training business that assists farm businesses to gain the skills and knowledge they need to make great decisions, year in year out, and to manage the business side of things with more confidence. It's run by rural mum and highly qualified agri-finance expert Carmen Quade. You can access FREE hints and tips that can be used right now- Just head to the contact section at https://agrifocused.com.au to join their FREE farm business email group.


11 Apr 2021

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Episode 73: Catriona Rowntree

This week I catch up with an incredible woman who has taken us around the world for 30 years. Catriona Rowntree, host of Getaway may be Australia's most travelled woman, but her proudest achievements and her biggest loves are her husband and their two boys. Catriona did what so many of us rural women do. She fell in love with a farmer, and eventually moved to rural Victoria. Behind the glitz and glamour of what her life might appear to be, is a beautiful, strong, and authentic woman who is one of us. A mother.... still figuring it all out. This is her story.SPONSOR: From groceries, cleaning, book work and bills, Farmhouse Sticker Co offers beautiful and functional planner stickers and storage solutions to keep you on track! They also have a growing selection of farm life inspired designs that are tailored to the lifestyle we live, love and breathe. Head to www.farmhousestickerco.com.au to get your hands on some.

1hr 6mins

4 Apr 2021

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Episode 72: Liz Rymill

Nappies by day, and shooting at night! This week, I catch up with rural mum and ABC journalist, Liz Rymill.She's raising three kids on the land, all while juggling her passion for skeet shooting on the side! She's gone as far as the national titles, and just a few weeks ago became the first woman in South Australia to make the Open State Skeet Team.It's not just a passion, it's a huge part of Liz's identity, and hear why it's made her a better mum too! This is her story.SPONSOR: The wonderful Billie & Grace who have taken their hand crafted, slow fashion clothing brand to a whole new level! Rural mum Andrea has been working on a unique range for adults and kids, with beautiful fabric prints designed by Australian artists and Australiana themed! Their new winter collection has also just been released in some unique Aussie prints, so head to www.billieandgrace.com.au and get in before they sell out!


28 Mar 2021

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Episode 71: Cindy Lee

This week, I catch up with single mum Cindy Lee from WA. At 19, she was married and unexpectedly pregnant. At 22, she's single, and raising her little boy alone. Cindy has overcome many motherhood demons which made her believe that it was impossible to have a career as a woman in agriculture and raise a young child. She's proved herself wrong, and learned many lessons along the way. This is her story.


21 Mar 2021

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Episode 70: Kim Weir

This week, I catch up with Kim Weir from Queensland. Kim's story is not about the ups and the down of rural motherhood, it's about her fight to become a mum. Kim and her fiancé Joel run a helicopter mustering business, and have recently begun a long and expensive IVF journey. It all comes after a farm accident left Joel in a very rare situation, with a sperm count of zero. Underneath Kim's beautiful, bubbly nature, is a young woman fighting to build the family she's always dreamed of. This is her story.SPONSOR: This week's episode is supported by Farmhouse Sticker Co. From groceries, cleaning, book work and bills, Farmhouse Sticker Co offers beautiful and functional planner stickers and storage solutions to keep you on track! Founded by rural mum Kat Dowling, her business also has a growing selection of farm life inspired designs.Head to www.farmhousestickerco.com.au to get your hands on some!


14 Mar 2021

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Episode 69: Kate Brow

This week, I catch up with rural mum Kate Brow. From Canberra, to the country, Kate juggles her job working for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Motherhood the second time around for Kate was more of a shock than baby number one. Her second daughter was born prematurely at 35 weeks during raging bushfires across her region. We chat identity after becoming a mum, miscarriage, birth trauma and mental health. This is her story. SPONSOR: This week’s episode is supported by rural mum, calmbirth educator and midwife Rosie Weatherly.Rosie is passionate about birth education, empowering women and families with the knowledge to have a fearless, powerful and beautiful birth, however it unfolds. Through her courses, Rosie provides couples with up to date, evidence-based and scientifically proven birth education.She’s currently offering Motherland listeners 10% off, so please get in touch with Rosie via her website, www.babiesballarat.com.au or through her social media channels.


7 Mar 2021

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