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The Enlightened Entrepreneur focuses on how we can go so far beyond building a resume, a company, an image or an investment portfolio, we can build a legacy. Each week, we get into real topics that include how to design a business to support the life you actually want to live, how to serve your customers differently to create raving fans, and how to use branding to magnetize your mission and get the money rolling.

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Why I Would Re-Do My Ted Talk

I would love a redo of that TED Talk; I want a part two to the TED Talk because of what it means to be an entrepreneur. Sure you can build a company that’s successful; sure you can take a personal project and turn it into a business. But how do you do that in ways that actually fuel why you feel you’re on this earth? How do you do that in ways that take your unique skill set and your unique experience and mold it into an offering that you are supremely and uniquely qualified for, so that whatever you’re doing becomes MAGNETIC? Building on your unique calling and skill set and using that lens to develop your business  liberates you to be able to take this one life that we’re given and do something really meaningful with this life — for you. We get to go so far beyond building a business. We get to go beyond building a resume, an investment portfolio, a bank account, an image, an influence of followers. We can build a LEGACY. We can create a purpose that stretches with us as we evolve — forever! The beauty of this life is we are all evolving. But what are evolving into? Are we evolving into the entrepreneurs whose businesses run our lives? Or are we running our lives inside of running our business? In this episode, Elizabeth discusses the following: Her first TED Talk Avoiding burnout as an entrepreneur How to be magnetic and pull people to you What it means to leave a legacy Using your unique calling and skill set to build your business Connecting your purpose with your business If you want to keep the conversation going, you can find me on Instagram or my Website. If today’s episode was at all inspiring to you, please leave a 5-star review on iTunes I would be so grateful. Please also share this episode with anyone you feel needs it, because what the world needs is more people who have come alive.


4 Sep 2018

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