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We're BLESSED AF to meet some of the most incredible and inspirational people at our market events, so we created a platform where they can share their stories. In a world where what we’re consuming can be super overwhelming, this podcast is a safe space for lighthearted chat that leaves you feeling inspired and empowered. 'Who I Met At The Market' is powered by Hunter Markets: Melbourne's hottest pre-loved fashion market event.

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Unknown Underwear in Business Class and Manifesting Your Dream Life

You might know this absolute babe and blonde bombshell, Shania Kufner, from her incredible instagram pics or her TikTok's about her life as an Air Hostess. This episode, the Gorgeous Shania chats us through the whole process to becoming an air hostess as well as giving us the inside scoop on the highs and lows of the job.Shania is a double threat, she's also a fashion content creator and her Instagram is on another level. She gives us how tips on how she grew her social presence and how she balances both sides of her professional life.


22 Feb 2022

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Ever Since New York, with Emma Angel

Emma Angel truly lives up to her name: this absolute cutie is a Tik Tok queen and a MEGA Harry Styles Stan. In this episode, we chatted to our scorpio baddie about being a professional fangirl; life as an online creator and we got to hear her super crazy story involving the one and only Billie Eilish!!Follow Emma's socials:Insta: @emmacxTik Tok: @emmaangelxFollow our socials: Insta: @whoimetatthemarketHunter Markets Insta: @huntermarketsTik Tok: @huntermarkets


8 Feb 2022

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Single use plastic. We don't know her.

Meet the gorgeous Candace, Founder of @littlelitterproject. Candace is a long-time friend of ours, so get ready to listen to a bit of a catch up about her incredible new job with an awesome Yarra River conservation group.In this episode, we discuss her clean-up events; simple changes you can make to live more sustainably; and some good old-fashioned bonding over our love for the planet.


2 Dec 2021

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The Block, Thrifty Finds and Spreading Kindness with Tanya Guccione

Most of you will know Tanya from this season of Channel 9’s ‘The Block’, but there’s so much more to this beautiful lady than you see on the screen.Get to know the real Tanya and hear all about her career as an award-winning make-up artist; her gorgeous Family and her love for fun, colourful, thrifty fashion!Shop Tanya’s Art from The Block: https://www.theblockshop.com.au/search/go?ts=custom&w=tanya%20guccioneFollow Tanya’s Socials @tanyaguccione


28 Oct 2021

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Sex Ed In Schools Is Outdated, Period.

Let’s talk about sex, baby. In most schools, sex education is SERIOUSLY lacking and fails to even touch some of the most important topics including consent, female pleasure and that sex is NOT just for making babies.In this episode, we chat with Tiffany about how social media is affecting how we view sex; being confident in your sexuality and what we hope the future of Sex Ed looks like.Important resources:Podcast Ellen references: https://linktr.ee/CerysbarrattTiffany’s socials: @tiffanyforbes @monsu.womensGreat educational resources: https://huntermarkets.com.au/blogs/community/the-dos-and-donts-of-learning-about-sex-onlinehttps://www.booktopia.com.au/c-is-for-consent-eleanor-morrison/book/9780999890806.htmlhttps://www.minus18.org.au/https://www.respectability.org/resources/sexual-education-resources/SEX ED ACCOUNTS@sexualwellnessclub@lauren.french.sexologist@teachusconsent@chantelle_otten_sexologist@cliterallythebestOur fave body positive accounts:@meganjaynecrabbe@georgieeswallow@em_clarkson@sophthickfitness@celestebarber


15 Oct 2021

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Surviving Year 12 with Elle Ray

Being 18 is hard enough, but throw in working as an influencer as well as being in a pandemic through your hardest and most important year of education yet: it’s a LOT. Elle Ray, the vibrant little ball of energy that she is, talks us through how she balances everything; what she does to unwind and gives some advice to everyone heading into year 12. Follow Elle Ray on Instagram @elleray_Tiktok @elleray_Shop her collection at Hunter Markets: https://huntermarkets.com.au/collections/elle-ray


6 Oct 2021

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Main Character Energy

Navigating your teenage years, it is easy to lose your true self in an attempt to “fit in” but 13-year-old Brodie Pyle is not afraid to stand out and simply wouldn’t fall for that shit. Brodie’s ultra-glamorous alter ego Barbara Billions is a fashionista with expensive taste who was born for the spotlight. Content Creator Brodie is a huge personality and an absolute sweetheart, in this episode we talk about stepping into your confidence, staying true to yourself, wearing whatever TF you want and blocking out the haters (Literally block & delete) Follow Brodie @gippslandpromotions to see what fun Barb gets up to on Insta!


29 Sep 2021

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Glow Off Sis: Skincare Hacks

Lockdown has been taking its toll on our complexions: from masks, to spending more time indoors, our skin is truly going through it!In this episode, we soaked up the fountain of skincare knowledge that is Maddie. After spending years combating her cystic acne, she started her Instagram page, @skinwithmads, to share her knowledge on ingredients and products to empower her audience to make educated decisions when it comes to their skincare as there is no one size fits all.We cover everything from lack of Acne representation in media; to favourite products and advice for beginner skincare junkies.Follow the beautiful Maddie @skinwithmads to keep learning!


22 Sep 2021

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Candy Rings and Finding Your Calling

Looking at ‘The Messy Archive’, you might think that Founder Nina Alston had been working towards this forever, but that’s really not the case. From working jobs she hated; to dropping out of uni several times, Nina’s success story is FULL of interesting twists, turns and redirections.In this episode, we chat with the lovely Nina about finding your path, not being scared to quit, her stunning Pinterest-worthy nails and much much more.Follow her gorgeous jewellery brand ‘The Messy archive’ @themesstarchiveShop the brand at https://shopthemessyarchive.com/Follow her personal Instagram @ninalston


16 Sep 2021

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Chats With A Thrift Lord

Struggling to shift your items on Depop? We feel your pain hun, it can be a tough one to crack. This week’s guest, Liam Hayes is a seasoned pro in the re-selling world and he’s here to give you all the hot tips to get your Depop going off as well as sharing how he started his online vintage retail business at the age of 11!Follow Liam’s personal Instagram @lhayesssFollow Liam’s vintage-wear page @hayesvintagewearShop Liam’s incredible collection https://www.depop.com/hayesvintage/


8 Sep 2021

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