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Fitness, Frugality & Financial Independence with James Lowery

James Lowery from ReThinktheRatRace.com shares exactly how he and wife Emily achieved their financial independence number is just three years.   I'm confident after hearing James's inspirational story, you'll want to accelerate your own path toward early retirement. He shares the math behind FIRE (financial independence retire early). Hint: You must accumulate 25x your annual spending or be able to live on 4% of your net worth per year.  But those number won't tell you how to get there in three years. For that, you'll need to tune in! 

1hr 4mins

13 Jun 2019

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When Pain Becomes Power with Matthew Ory

Matthew Ory is a defense attorney, commercial real-estate developer, and quasi-venture capitalist. He occupies a special place, not only in my life, but in the Man Overseas sphere. I've written about Matt on the blog and referenced him on a big podcast. Matt was my roommate for four years—three years at Nicholls State University and one year during his first year of law school in Houston. Living with Matt helped me to realize the importance of surrounding yourself with people who not only encourage and inspire you, but also plan to do big things with their life. On this podcast, you'll hear someone who has an appetite for life & success that is infectious. Matt's burning desire to succeed fuels high stress-levels, which he uses to his advantage.  His sense of urgency, he says, stems from his dad. Dr. Dirk Ory, even at 81 years old, takes 10,000-15,000 steps every day, never eats fast food and exercises every morning.   We discuss:  Riding in a Mardi Gras parade Discipline learned playing college basebal No excuses. Why he decided to become a real estate investor Habits & hard work Living with a sense of urgency Growth vs. Enough Focus under duress Accountability Relationships: Caring for yourself to care for others How to think about friends (as you get older) Comparing work ethic vs. intelligence A true friend is a low-maintenance friend Mike Ory (Matt's brother): Mike always saw the good in people Had uncanny mental tenacity—read lots of SEAL books Selfless to the end—diverted funds to those he considered less fortunate So many people attended Mike's funeral that the start was delayed Lessons from Pain: What Matt went through at the end of Mike's life Being a trans following trauma How to approach a friend who has just lost someone close to them He remembers Mike every day, but still can't talk about him Mike's spirit is with him at all times—it drives him Crushing blow—sky is now the limit Holding himself accountable to Mike Being a Criminal Defense Attorney: The stress of being a criminal defense attorney Operating on others' demise Things he wish he'd known in undergrad Advice to those considering law Whether movies are accurate portrayals of law Biggest misconception of defense attorneys The business side of being an attorney What he looks for when hiring The gratitude he feels for how hard his staff works

1hr 15mins

4 Aug 2019

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Strengthening the Mind Through Unexpected Hardship with Michael D’Albor

I introduce listeners to my good buddies because they’re studs. My guest on the podcast today is Michael D’Albor. In this discussion, I learned things about my longtime friend that I didn’t know. Consequently, my respect for him has only grown. A deeply personal chat, Michael talks about the moment he found out his wife was a lesbian after 13 years together (7 years married). He also shares what it was like going through an unexpected and tough divorce. We discuss the split-second of lifelessness that forever changed Michael’s life. He tells me how later that day, doctors told him there was a 98% chance his daughter wouldn’t develop the mental capacity of a little girl beyond 3 years old. He’s now a single father of a special needs child and  shares a day-in-the-life.    Michael & I became fast friends as baseball teammates at Nicholls State University. When his playing career was over, he earned an MBA and went into commercial banking. We talk about his career, finances, love and money. Also, what he’s learned traveling to places most Americans will never get to see. Other topics we cover: Perception of time when traveling Comparing Asheville, NC & Salzburg, Austria Bradley’s attempt to run track in college Whether Michael can beat Bradley D in a race His unexpected divorce  Finding out what his wife was doing behind his back Sexual curiosity: men vs. women Doing everything he could to save his marriage Personal growth through divorce Michael’s Education & Career: How Michael paid for college The scholarship Michael received His love/hate relationship with sales & finance What he would tell a younger brother who was considering an MBA  6 years in consumer lending His income in 2008-2009 A talk he gave recently to his alma mater Importance of budgeting & managing credit NFL players’ financial stress Checking email while on a vacation Career goals His Daughter Jolie: Michael’s profound love for his daughter (his Lil’ Doo-Bop) Specifics of Jolie’s condition  Raising a special needs child Doctors warned of the severity of mental challenges Setting up a will & trust for her His ex-wife’s new bride joining “Team Jolie” Mental Toughness: How divorce and raising a special needs child aided his mental toughness Whether Michael wants more kids What most drives you now? Are you excited to get out of bed every morning? His favorite quote is from 2006 Rocky Balboa movie Finances: How he invests his money Are you a budgeter? Living on less than what he earns Investing in travel – expanded his horizons Fun Questions: If someone dropped a million dollars in your lap, what would you do with it? Do you have a favorite book? Do you have a favorite quote? If you could go to the moon tomorrow and it would only cost $20K, but you had to be gone for six months, would you go? Question for Brad: What are the top three notes in your phone? Is there a travel experience that you learned the most from? What are you most grateful for?


25 Sep 2019

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Buying Time-Freedom Before the 4% Rule with Joseph C. Wells

Joe Wells is a writer, real estate investor and self-development junkie. He grew up in Moravia, New York, population 1,220. Following a three-month internship his senior year of college, he accepted a job to work as a Consultant in New York City. Six years later, he’s still in NYC. Joe is taking a unique path to financial independence because he needs time-freedom before the 4% rule. He is aggressively saving & investing, and keeping his expenses low—not an easy thing to do working in Manhattan. Having discussions with young men like Joe, a voracious learner who lives with intention and purpose, is one of my joys in life. I hope you enjoy our chat as much as I did.  Our discussion includes: How writing helps Joe to formulate his thoughts better How Joe & roommate, Pat Dunden, got interested in getting better The value of good roommates Brainstorming different business ideas Self-improvement through reading books and listening to podcasts Co-authoring a 50-page book for high school seniors Teaching what he and Pat wish they knew in college and first job

1hr 10mins

13 Jun 2019

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The Relationship Between Time, Money and People

I discuss ways to maximize time so that you can do more, see more, and live a bigger life. Here are topics discussed: A travel story from Costa Rica How to achieve financial independence sooner How John Bogle revolutionized investing for “the little guy” The single best way to make friends How to know if a woman is interested (advice for single guys) Sending text messages with intent Thinking about death Attacking life with a sense of urgency Steal $20 from me, but don’t rob me of 20 minutes Double your money in 10 years $400,000 by age 40


13 Jun 2019

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Happiness & Wealth Strategies: A Collaboration with Certified Financial Planner Paul Benson

When I met Paul Benson, host of Financial Autonomy: Financial Independence Through an Australian Lens, in Washington DC, he had a great idea—an impromptu episode without a host. Instead, we'd ask each other random questions that we thought might interest our audiences. Paul is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) in Melbourne, Australia, who focuses on financial strategies that give his clients choices. This podcast was an opportunity to learn about wealth-building strategies from an expert. BIG thank you to Paul for putting this episode together. Don't miss Paul telling the story of his first MLB game, which turned out to be the best game of the season. Also, I give my NFL Super Bowl prediction. Here's what else we discuss: A Full-time Travel Lifestyle: Living in a different country for 30 days at a time What it's like to travel full-time My writing trip to Costa Rica Real Estate Investing: Why Brad chose real estate for the pursuit of financial independence Do CFP's discourage clients from investing in real estate? Podcast guest James Lowery from ReThinkTheRatRace achieved FIRE in 3 years Asset Allocation & Risk: How important is asset allocation? What is the right asset allocation for a 39-year old who wants to retire a little early? When & where to make risky investments with 1% of your paycheck Diversification strategy: real estate, equities, bonds, etc. Compound Interest & Knowledge: When your income should skyrocket One of the first questions Brad asks coaching clients The value of compounding knowledge Why the Rich Get Richer: Using leverage (or not) to achieve financial independences A discussion on low interest rates Property value appreciation vs. rental yields Personal returns are not relative Happiness: The Mindset for Happiness & 7 Habits of Highly Happy People Money can buy a lot of psychological well-being & reduce sadness "Keeping up with 'The Jones'" in America & Australia Happiness as progress toward worthwhile goals Excitement vs. fulfillment Listen here: [audio mp3="https://www.manoverseas.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Benson-podcast.mp3"][/audio]   Quotes mentioned: So it is inevitable that life will be not just very short but very miserable for those who acquire by great toil what they must keep by greater toil. - Seneca, On the Shortness of Life What man actually needs is not a tensionless state but rather the striving and struggling for a worthwhile goal, a freely chosen task. - Viktor Frankl, Man's Search for Meaning


20 Oct 2019

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What it Takes to Become a Six-Figure Blogger with Alex Nerney & Noah Riggs

My guests on the podcast this week are Alex Nerney and Noah Riggs. Both are inspiring Internet entrepreneurs I met at FinCon this past week. There’ll always be a place on this podcast for sharp young guys full of energy & ambition. When I met these two men at the Hilton Washington DC, I knew they’d bring a lot of value to a short discussion. We pack a lot into our half-hour chat, including: The best part of FinCon Alex & Noah’s working relationship Our nation buried in student-loan debt ROI of Internet courses Being featured in Forbes, Inc. Magazine & Entrepreneur Alex’s 6-figure blog ROI of college tuition Noah’s plans to finish school Work to learn, you will earn later Becoming an attractive person How to find good mentors Being the hardest worker in the room How to ask for referral How to view investment returns The decision to start a blog Noah took Alex’s Pro Blogger course Alex shares how he met his business partner (hint: Tinder) Their favorite personal development book Happiness in America vs. other places Measuring success in the East vs. West What they would do with a new $1,000,000 How we got our investing start Investing in Pokemon & Basketball cards Holding stocks for the long-term Stocks that Noah & I own in common McDonald’s & Microsoft as long-term holds Investing in the S&P 500 Traveling to Bali (Indonesia)


10 Sep 2019

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Inside the Mind of a Humble CEO with Joshua Loeske

When I started the podcast back in March, I hoped to land guests like Josh Loeske. He was someone I really looked up to as a kid, giving me an example of someone I wanted to be like. Josh was not only the starting quarterback at the local 5A high school, but had a way about him that  I admired. He was low ego, high “serve those around him”—none of his achievements as an adult are surprising. He is now CEO/Owner of Quality Sitework Material (QSM). He attributes much of his success in life and business to Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), a global peer-to-peer network of more than 12,000 influential business owners with 163 chapters in 52 countries. In 2016, he received EO New Orleans Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Additionally, Josh is a loving husband, caring father, and the sort of friend everyone should have. We discuss similarities between sports and business, and how the leadership qualities he learned playing sports help him in his career. Our discussion: Josh attended University of Arkansas-Monticello Played college football and earned a Degree in Biology I visited UAM with Josh’s family when he was a high school senior and I was 11 Josh’s younger brother, Jacob (“Snake”), and I, were good friends Josh’s values: Achieve beyond imagination – celebrate successes, but never settle for good enough Devour knowledge – the more he learns, the more he realizes he doesn’t know He strives to be completely dependable He’s open to new ideas and continues the search for understanding Josh’s interests: Biohacking for “health span” Books – we discuss several Business (especially entrepreneurship) Human History – we discuss Sapiens by Yuval Harari, one of our favorite books Entrepreneur Organization (EO): How much the EO forum has helped him Learning from others’ mistakes Good personal life helps him to become a good business person Benefits of Good Habits: His meditation habit Books on his book shelf Getting sufficient sleep Efficient workouts in the morning Reducing sugar His experience with a Keto diet Questions Asked: Do you think you benefited more from the education side of college or the experience of playing college sports? How did the transition happen from studying Biology to becoming a CEO? When someone asks what you do, do you say CEO or Entrepreneur? How do you think about being of service to other people in your career? When was the last time you thought you weren’t good enough? How often do you think about death? What is your favorite 80s band? What is your favorite biography? What are you most grateful for?

1hr 26mins

21 Jul 2019

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Wise Words From the Best Coach I Ever Had with Tom Abadie

I was more excited about this week’s guest than any other. His name is Mr. Tom Abadie. He is the man who first taught me the values of discipline, preparation, and teamwork. His way of coaching had a profound impact on me when I needed it most. He started coaching our All-Star basketball team when I was 10 years old. As 11-year olds, he coached our team to a State Championship in Louisiana. When I was 12 years old, he coached us to a World Championship in 1993.  In the locker room after the Championship Game, Assistant Coach David Pope said to our team, “This may not mean much to you now, but someday you guys are really going to appreciate this [Championship].” God was he right. Born in New Orleans, La., on December 15, 1948, “Coach Tom,” as I’ve always called him, grew up one of seven children. He attended Redemptorist High School, where he played basketball and baseball in the competitive New Orleans Catholic League. As a senior, he signed to play centerfield at Nicholls State University (pictured)—I would sign to do the same 30 years later. His college coach was Raymond E. Didier, who he said was a disciplinarian but fair man. When I played ball at NSU, we played at Ray E. Didier Field, which is now affectionately known as “The Did.” Tom is now retired. He invested diligently in his employer’s 401K plan while working in the oilfield for 43 years, including the last 15 years as a salesman for a New Orleans company. He and wife, Judy, still live in Thibodaux, LA. They enjoy traveling and spending time with their 6 grandchildren.  

1hr 15mins

11 Jul 2019

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Becoming a Human Catalyst with Chase Lambin

Chase is a man whose soul is on fire. I’m proud to call him my best friend for 25 years. He had an incredible baseball career, playing until he was 35 years old. At one time, he was the oldest minor-leaguer not to log any Big-League time. Now a hitting coach in the Texas Rangers organization, Chase shares his journey and mindset in this wide-ranging interview. We cover: The night Chase & I met How we became notorious in high school Being drafted in the 34th round of the MLB Draft Living on a Minor League salary Facing adversity in Brooklyn, NY Self-reflection and self-awareness Making adjustments after being the problem kid How he coaches 20-year old millionaires Molding young men Who were his role models (and anti-role models) Focusing on the journey, not the destination The time he came closest to a Big League call-up How he developed uncommon habits Separating yourself from the pack Maintaining a beginner’s mind Surrounding yourself with good energy Attacking life with a sense of urgency The most impressive person he’s ever met Getting around elite people Controlling your thoughts Transmuting sexual energy Becoming a human catalyst Balancing work & family Becoming high-value How he makes hard decisions Trusting your gut Seeking wisdom Having the humility to ask questions Getting smarter and wiser The importance of mentors A day in the life of a pro baseball coach Meditation and Prayer Why practice gratitude Talking to God Chase’s relationship with God Getting ejected in his last game The retirement letter he wrote Iron sharpens iron

1hr 4mins

13 Jun 2019

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Prospering Health, Wealth & Relationships with Nicholas Bayerle

Nicholas transformed his life through fitness. Once he saw how looking and feeling his best impacted his income, marriage, and outlook on life, he and his wife, Amanda, created The Billion Dollar Body. His aim is to help each man to return to their true self – to push their body and mind to the limit – to actively grow and be accountable to the bigger vision of their life. Nicholas is sharp and high-energy. He packs reams of actionable advice into an hour that felt like minutes. It’s easy to see why he’s been recognized by Forbes, and aspiring young men have rallied around him to achieve all their health, wealth and relationship goals. Here’s what we cover in the interview: Health Nicholas’ morning routine How to kill your food budget What to avoid in the grocery store Protein powder = great benefit at low cost Why you should run out of food in your refrigerator Why he likes Trader Joe’s Wealth People have been saying the economy will crash for the last five years “The path is in the math” In your 20s, master production and invest to learn A high-level discussion on Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Invest what you’re willing to lose in Crypto A Vanguard fund which allows you to invest in Crypto indirectly Focus on seeds that are growing, and water the growers Invest in the “jockey” not the “horse” Money is mentioned in the Bible more than love Invest in your own business Relationships: Benefits of marrying young #1 Mastermind is husband & wife (1+1 =11) Is marriage hard? Building a deep connection with your wife A man’s role in a relationship Have a date night every week Men love to solve problems; women want to be heard Tips for working with your wife in a business How he deals with sexual energy Leadership and high testosterone The Five Love Languages Importance of understanding how each other thinks And More: His favorite weekend getaway How long should a honeymoon be? His favorite documentary Studying people How to grow your Instagram following

1hr 14mins

13 Jun 2019

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Reality is Negotiable with Nicholas Hutchison

My guest on the podcast is Nicholas Hutchison of BookThinkers, a fast-growing Instagram platform for book lovers. Nick is from Boston, Massachusetts, and works full-time as a sales professional.  We discovered on the podcast we have a lot in common. In addition to books, Nick and I share a passion for self-development & travel. We discuss the value of reading, traveling, and creating a path to financial freedom when you're young. Nick's end-game is what he calls "total freedom." In this episode, he details how he plans to achieve total freedom. A few books we discuss at length are The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss & Vagabonding by Rolf Potts. Other topics we discuss: From Boston Nick lives in North Easton, Massachusetts (20 miles south of Boston) Spent 5 years in New Hampshire  Living close to Fenway Park Benefits of living in small community + close to big city Book Thinkers How BookThinkers started Has 30K followers on IG and growing Time-management Setting priorities Using a journal Self-Development Software sales career Having flexibility in your job 80-20 rule (The Pareto principle) Self-assessment / activity tracker Multi-family real estate investing Learning to say "no" Setting life goals Monetizing Instagram: Automating & scaling a business BookThinkers mobile app Creating a network Partnering with authors Keeping strict accounts Public Speaking: Learning to speak confidently  Overcoming anxiety Speaking tricks & tips Taking constructive criticism Vagabonding:  The value of traveling His first solo travel (Buenos Aires, Argentina) Travel as a spiritual experience The personal sacrifice involved in travel Experiencing different cultures of the past Traveling to places not possible 30 years ago Fun Questions: Why does it feel so wrong to only read half a book? Do you think it's better to read (over the next two years) 100 books twice, or 200 books? Do you think books should be remade for modern audiences? Do you think new writers should write covers the way new musicians do covers? If someone dropped $1 million in your lap what would you do with it? If you were given an opportunity to shadow Xander Bogaerts for three days, would you pay $5,000 to do it? Would you pay $25,000 to shadow Tom Brady for three days? Which is the one book you wish everyone would read?  Questions for Brad: Questions for Brad: What is the number one book that you would recommend for someone just starting out in the self-development space? Question for Brad: What book has had the biggest impact on your life?

1hr 16mins

28 Aug 2019

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A Russian Girl’s Dream Inspired by The Alchemist with Julia Va

Julia Va is a young woman from Vlodivostok, Russia, whose passion for travel has taken her around the world. Born in 1991, Julia's dad strongly encouraged her to learn English. She decided to study Tourism after traveling to Thailand with her family as a teenager.  She also gives interesting insight into what it was like growing up in Russia in the 90s. Also, I ask her opinon of Vladimir Putin.  

1hr 6mins

13 Jun 2019

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Donald Trump, World War II & Time You Can't Get Back with Jürgen in Nuremburg, Germany

My guest on the podcast is my good friend of 25 years from Nuremburg, Germany. Jürgen works as a commercial manager at a major German company. He also invests in real estate, managing all 9 properties himself. Jurgen shares insight on German immigration, politics, and perceptions of Donald Trump. We also talk about how we met, if America was what he expected it to be, and the interplay between men & women.  Topics we cover: Festivals & Traditions in Nuremburg My first Euro soccer game What he learned about life traveling abroad Our grandfathers' roles in World War II German sentiment when Trump was elected Investing in real estate as a retirement plan How We Met: Jürgen was turning 18 when he lived in US Being a high school exchange student Jurgen's first pool party in America Celebrating 25 years of friendship His favorite high school memories Why he chose to live one year in Houston His Year Living in America: How proud he was to be in America How US high school was different from Germany How people treated him in the US What he remembers about Texan girls Listening to AC/DC, Guns-n-Roses, Metallica Developing confidence in speaking Determining whether a girl is being flirtatious or nice Jürgen in Paris (and other countries): His time in Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok Doing his master's thesis in Spain Developing an open mind through travel Choosing places far from your own culture Why Jurgen doesn't like dining out Appreciating little things World War II: What he learned in his high school history classes Nuremburg during the war years Our grandparents' WWII stories Hearing screams from the back of trains Deciding between Army/Navy Visiting Zeppelin Field, Third Reich Museum, Palace of Justice Discussion on Politics: Opinions on German immigration Increasing population in Nuremberg Angela Merkel as Chancellor 14 years Building border walls Real Estate & Stock Market Investing: Investing in what you know Home-country bias in investing Types of loans he uses for investment Average price paid for his apartments Raising rents in Germany 70% of Germans not invested in markets Relationships: Jurgen's been in a relationship for 6 years Differences in dating in US vs. Germany Many women think men are imperfect women Feminism / #MeToo  Favorite books on intersexual dynamics Attracting women through honesty

1hr 25mins

14 Aug 2019

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Public Speaking Tips from a Toastmaster with Dom Brightmon

My guest is Dom Brightmon, a toastmaster and bestselling author from Baltimore, Maryland. Dom works as a full-time librarian and likes to spend most of his time reading a book or writing a book. He talks about becoming a better speaker and shares tips on how to think better. Dom also shares the men who've most influenced him and many book recommendations.  Also included is an interesting story about the Levi Strauss empire. The man who invented denim created billions in generational wealth.  

1hr 13mins

6 Jul 2019

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House Flipping 101: Everything You Need to Know to Be Successful with Laura Guillory

My guest is a native Houstonian with a passion for real estate and interior design. She got her real estate license and started successfully flipping houses after being inspired by HGTV. She says HGTV has increased competition for flips: "Now everybody thinks they can do it." But Laura is successful because she's willing to do things others aren't willing to do. Plus, as you'll see in this interview, she's uniquely confident, personable and likable.  This interview could be used as a "how-to" manual for getting started flipping houses. It will also give you a sense of the tenacity required to be a highly profitable house flipper.

1hr 5mins

13 Jun 2019

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Exploring the Rational and Emotional with Ted Agon

Ted Agon is an author and speaker who has lived a rich life filled with exploration and adventure!  He gained life-altering perspectives from other cultures and languages, and has been largely influenced by living in the environments of three of the world's largest religions.  

1hr 9mins

13 Jun 2019

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Q&A and Actionable Tips, Part 2

I read more listener emails/messages in today’s audio. You’ll hear my answers to multi-part questions, which include the following topics: How to obtain financial freedom How to stay motivated & build your energy A secret about real estate values that Zillow doesn’t want you to know A stock that Lady O & I own in our portfolio, and why More book recommendations To have your questions answered in a future audio post, please send them to me via Twitter, Facebook, or by email: contact.manoverseas@gmail.com 


13 Jun 2019

Rank #18

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A Coming to America Story with Observe Founder Christian Modjaiso

Christian Modjaiso is Founder and CEO of OBSERVE. He is the Xtreme Stress Coach, helping extremely stressed people to deal with their stress by observing it for themselves. Christian lives in Democratic Republic of the Congo. He speaks six languages, was on a university chess team before he went to high school and attended a top engineering school in the US. He has a bachelor’s degree in pure mathematics. This episode wasn’t all love and praise; however, Christian & I had serious disagreements about important topics, including race, relationships and anxiety. But as students of human nature who love to learn, we enjoyed every minute of it. Other topics we discuss: Dikembe Mutombo vs. Michael Jordan His expectations of America vs. his experience Understanding American jokes Getting spanked vs. caned Adapting to American’s perception of child abuse His favorite African-American comics My friend in Zambia, Bonie Getting an American Education: Coming to America [from Africa] at age 19 Being a minority for the first time “White people-smart” vs. “black people-smart” Racism in America Culture of dependence Victim mentality Incidents of racism he experienced in America American Culture: Attending a top engineering school in the USA Getting a Math degree What Christian thinks of the term “African-American” “Black culture” in America Feelings of inadequacy “Looksism” vs. Racism The African-American comedians he admires Latino culture in America Dealing with Stress & Anxiety: Ending human suffering Having a strong desire not to suffer Catalyst for starting his company Getting kicked out of school Understanding your suffering How he observes emotional states How he became better at handling his own mental stress The difference between stress and anxiety Capacity for emotional intelligence Separating thoughts from emotions Confidence stemming from preparation Coach Christian’s 3-step program Fun questions: If someone dropped a million dollars in your lap, what would you do with it? What’s your favorite book for dealing with stress? What’s your favorite podcast? What are you most grateful for? The solution to a stressful situation isn’t something you control. The effects [to causes] happen on their own . . . Focus on what you can do . . . Observe the facts . . . The solution will take care of itself.  – Christian Modjaiso Connect with Christian Get free coaching

1hr 24mins

9 Oct 2019

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Tiger Woods and Habits that Lead to Greatness with Josh Schacknow

Josh is a sharp young attorney from Toronto. He runs his own law firm by day, and by night helps solopreneurs navigate the difficult and often lonely journey of starting a business. If a friend of mine asked me about starting their own business, I'd say, "You should talk to my buddy Josh." He's been through the ups and downs of starting his own businesses, and generously shares his thoughts, struggles, and triumphs in a 3-times a week email. 


13 Jun 2019

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