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All Focus N' Grit is an all inclusive podcast about the sport of Breakaway Roping. It gives an inside look at being a female roper in this growing and highly competitive sport. Whether you are new to the sport, life long competitor or returning to this sport, we strive to offer information that will help you achieve that next level of roping. Join Jennifer Casey, Dusti Crenshaw and Coti Fuller as they help you become a Complete Roping. We will focus on the all aspects of the sport for you and your horse, including nutrition, fitness, roping and the mental aspects of this sport.

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Season 2 Opener

We are excited to welcome you to Season 2 of the All Focus N' Grit Breakaway Roping Podcast. In this episode Jennifer, Coti, and Dusti talk about how this season is a perfect time to practice and get better each day. At the time of this recording we are in strange times with a pause in our western life. Many rodeos and jackpots have been postponed or canceled and we can let it get us down or we can show up for each day and get better.Yes, it is strange times but we can strive in the chaos. Set goals, jump into this season as a learner, and practice hard because rodeos and jackpots will start again and once they do you will want to be prepared.During our pause between Season 1 and Season 2 a website for All Focus N' Grit was created. The website is a fantastic place to stay connected with us and meet our guests. This website is a work in progress. Our vision for the website is for you to have a place to go to see upcoming breakaway roping events and a place for videos and blogs with tips and breakaway roping advice. You can check out the website at www.breakawayropingafg.comThank you for joining us on this journey. Dream Big and Rope Sharp


20 Apr 2020

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Stacy Barker, Practice with a Purpose | Season 2, Episode 2

"Breakaway roping is a humbling event and one loop doesn't define you." Stacy Barker, teachers one of the most important pieces of the puzzle to breakaway roping is having a positive mindset. Stacy has a gift for teaching students how to rope. The amount of solid knowledge Stacy has and her ability to teach others how to rope is most impressive. And as a little plug if you are looking for a roping clinic you can find Stacy on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/watch/ropetowinfirst/.In this show Stacy shares some of her secrets to teaching students how to rope. From the importance of tip control to using analogies of holding and dumpling a cup when turning over your wrist in a swing, to horsemanship, and controlling your left hand. This episode is full of roping tips and tricks listeners can use.Be sure to check out the AFG website at:http://breakawayropingafg.com/Follow us on Social:https://www.facebook.com/allfocusandgrit/https://www.instagram.com/allfocusngrit/


22 Apr 2020

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003: Goal Setting

What does goal setting look like for you? This week we are focused on goal setting. Everything starts and ends with a goal. A goal without a plan is just a wish.  In this podcast we will provide you with a roadmap to setting goals. The five areas of goal setting talked about in this podcast are: 1. Evaluate where you are at2. Decide where you want to go3. Write it down and tell someone what you want to accomplish 4. Create an Action Plan (SMART GOALS)5. Take Action


15 Apr 2019

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Bex’s Best Breakaway in Cheyenne with JJ Hampton

Today we have on the phone JJ Hampton. JJ is a many time WPRA World Champion, a busy mom, and a successful entrepreneur. When this cowgirl wakes up in the morning, she hits the ground running. JJ loves roping, loves practicing and her energy when talking about the sport of breakaway roping will get any roper excited to go rope. JJ is recently coming off a $25,000 win at the Bex’s Best Breakaway in Cheyenne roping. The Bex breakaway roping started with 206 ropers. Listen up as JJ runs us through what the calves were like and the focus it took to get in the zone to make a $25,000 run.If you have not already jumped onto the Bex’s Best Breakaway in Cheyenne Facebook page do so and then scroll to JJ Hampton’s run—watch it all the way to the end and then you can see her son do a leap through the air after she ropes her calf. Priceless! And this just goes to show how the sport of rodeo is so good for the soul.


26 Jul 2019

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005: Breakaway Roping Horse Market

What do you look for in a breakaway rope horse? Confirmation? Soundness? Seasoned or has Potential? And how is the breakaway roping horse market changing?In this episode, Jennifer, Coti, and Dusti interview our good friend, and best fit horse broker, Kim Smith to gain an insight of what the breakaway roping horse market currently looks like and its potential for growth. Whether you are looking to buy a breakaway horse or looking to sell a breakaway horse, it is all about having the horse fit the roper. Lastly, a big shout out to our sponsors of the All Focus N’ Grit Podcast. If you are looking for a horse or interested in selling a horse check out Kim Smith with Best Fit Horse Brokers for your connection that puts buyers and horses together. http://www.bestfithorsebrokers.com/Horses.htmlAlthough we learned there is so much more to fitness than “working out”, working out is still important. If you are looking for more information about a workout program to fit your needs click the link below and then fill out the form. Questionnaire Form


14 May 2019

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007: Attitude is Key

In this episode Jennifer, Dusti, and Coti discuss how your thoughts and attitudes impact your performance both inside the arena and outside the arena.  Do you show up in life with a grateful heart or are you going down a rabbit hole of frustration? Each day you wake up your attitude is your choice. You can choose to control your day or just to survive the day. Now don't get me wrong there are days easier than others but your thoughts and attitudes towards the good days and tougher days impacts your performance both inside and outside the arena.  


6 Jul 2019

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Talking All Things Breakaway Roping with Amanda Hodges

In this episode Amanda Hodges takes us on her journey of how here love for breakaway roping has grown over the years. Amanda is a true example of what it means to be a cowgirl. She is humble, kind, and understands the importance of working hard to achieve greatness in the sport of breakaway roping. No matter the level of roper Amanda's tips for success both inside and outside the arena are spot on. Her reminder of not letting roping define who you are is something we all need to hear from time to time.  She provides tips on what to focus on when you walk into the box, how to prepare yourself when you show up to the competition, and how important it is to talk to God as much as you can.


22 Jul 2019

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Dr. Kelsey J. Nonella with Horse Guard

If you have a horse, this episode is for you. Dr. Kelsey Nonella is a wealth of information when it comes to horse nutrition. In this episode Dr. Kelsey explains the importance of proper nutrition for your performance horses. She answers questions about types of forage to feed, supplements to give, and why proper nutrition is important for preventative care. Kelsey has always had a love for horses and for equine nutrition. Before Kelsey was born her parents started a horse supplement company in 1978 called Horse Guard. Horse Guard has grown to a company that offers leading product in equine nutrition. Kelsey is now working with Horse Guard to educate others of the importance of proper equine nutrition. Kelsey not only has a love for equine nutrition but is no stranger to the rodeo pen. Kelsey is a former All-Around Oregon High School Rodeo Champion and a Regional College Breakaway Champion. This cowgirl is smart, talented, and is driven to educate others about what their horses nutritional need are.


6 Aug 2019

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AFG Update. Practice with a Plan

In this episode Jennifer Casey shares what is going on with AFG for the next few weeks. Also some ideas to help you practice with a plan. 


22 Nov 2019

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Rope 2 Win 1st Breakaway Roping with Natalie Thompson

Natalie Thompson, a 16-year-old all-around cowgirl from Oregon has a passion for roping. She was three years old when she started swinging a rope. When she is not in the practice pen, she spends her time working on the ranch and riding colts. This cowgirl has a big heart and a love for her horses. Listen up as she takes us through her runs that won her a little over $2,000 at the Rope 2 Win 1st Breakaway Roping Jackpot held July 21st at the BRN4D Arena in Oregon City. 


29 Jul 2019

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