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A travelling podcast about activism and sustainability in the food world. This on-the-road series will feature many incredible people who are changing the food world in Europe today! From sustainable farmers to zero-waste chefs, urban beekeepers to foodies with tech start-ups... Jana and Silvia will learn about the work they're doing, join their teams for a few days and share their stories with you.// Instagram @travellingfoodcast// Intro music by Amy Hill - www.amyhillmusic.com

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WeFood: More Than a Grocery Shop

“At first we had some complaints, with people calling in to say that the items they had bought were past their ‘best before’ dates... we had to explain to them that that’s kinda the whole point.” Jan-Martin (the manager of WeFood) talks about customers complaining and all the other bumps in the road to opening Denmark’s first “surplus supermarket”. Now there's 3 shops that are open 7 days a week, thanks to the 180 volunteers, selling goods of all sorts at a reduced price (you name it, they have it). Everyone is welcome to pick up their groceries here - whether you’re trying to fight food waste or just on a tight budget, and all profit goes towards one of DanChurchAid’s development projects. Once again, the Danes seem to have figured it out. Whether we're talking about cinnamon buns, touch-screen equipped city bikes or, well, food sustainability, they’re miles ahead. Thank you to Jan-Martin. Hungry for more?! Find out more on the DanChurchAid website / twitter. Follow our instagram / Our website. Music Amy Hill - website / instagram / bandcamp Corey Leiter - website / instagram / spotify


10 Mar 2019

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