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This podcast is a journey into what life could look like when we give ourselves permission. Permission to ask, doubt, share, and be. Too many times people are crippled by not giving themselves permission to ask hard questions or do hard thing. This podcast is a place where we share our own stories as well as the stories of others. People used to tell us we needed to protect our minds from those that think differently. So join us as we put on our helmets and dive head first into some good conversations with people across the spectrum!

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Episode 13 - Matt Carter of Emery/BadChristian Podcast

Matt Carter of Emery and The Bad Christian Podcast joins us to talk about the new Emery Album, what it means to be "Post-Christian" and help Nichols process the untimely demise of a back roads country canine (Rest in Peace). Don't forget to check out Emery and BadChristian at the links below and tune in on Sunday nights for Emery presents: Are You Listening. www.badchristian.com www.emerymusic.com/areyoulistening


17 May 2020

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Episode 12 - Michael Gungor

We sit down and talk to Michael Gungor about his faith crisis (or plural according to some articles!), having a spiritual psychadelic experience, and what his faith looks like now days. Michael was a prominent Christian artist who after openly doubting his own faith faced criticism by magazines, media and even Christians.  www.michaelgungor.com www.gungormusic.com @michaelgungor Also check his new music with WeiWu!


16 May 2020

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Episode 4 - Gay Christians

Matt and Matt talk to Cori and Jess about what it means to maintain both their identities as gay women AND Christians. This has been a taboo topic for many people within the faith community so they help us understand how they have reconciled the two and what that type of faith looks like. 


24 Dec 2019

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Episode 8 - Death and Divorce

Nichols breaks down what it was like to lose his dad. Hepp talks through what it was like experiencing a divorce in the church context.  This is one of the most vulnerable episodes we've done yet. Serious and somber one minute. Funny and obnoxious the next.  All in all we think everyone can relate to some degree. 

1hr 5mins

14 Apr 2020

Rank #4

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Episode 11 - Wm. Paul Young author of The Shack

We get a chance to hear from William Paul Young who authored The Shack. Paul tells us the history behind the book, how his life and theology has changed over the last several years, and discusses how to deal with the issue of brokenness. Paul is a natural story teller so this episode is a must listen! http://wmpaulyoung.com/

1hr 18mins

10 May 2020

Rank #5

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Episode 3 - David Leo Schultz

Matt and Matt get a chance to talk with film maker David Leo Schultz. David produced/directed films such as Ragamuffin, Brennan, and is currently finishing his 3rd project.  What we thought was going to be an interview with David about his movies and life as a filmmaker turned into him putting the emphasis back on us. This was an incredible interview where we got to share our journey with David as well as hear him give us his perspective on some really important topics.  For more information on David visit: http://davidleoschultz.com/ http://theragamuffinpreacher.com/ Please consider giving to his campaign to support his latest project!!


8 Dec 2019

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Episode 5 - Kyle Sullivan on Leadership and Attractional Church Models

We touch base with one of our good friends Kyle Sullivan (Sully). Kyle is a pastor at Transformation Church and previously at Life Church- both of which are some of the largest/fastest growing churches in America. He's also a leadership coach for entrepreneurs, a new daddy, and a life long Cajun. 


4 Jan 2020

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Episode 9 - Author and Podcaster Jamal Jivanjee

Join us as we get a chance to chat with Jamal Jivanjee. Jamal is a podcaster on "The Love Cast with Jamal" and "The Heretic Happy Hour" as well as the author of "Living for a Living."j Who/What is God? Is there life after death? Who is Wim Hof? And why would a lady hug her mugger? These are all questions we will dive into! To learn more about Jamal follow him on social media or visit www.jamaljivanjee.com @TheLOVEcast @HereticHappyHour


19 Apr 2020

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Episode 7 - The Fence Rant

How could we possibly do an episode thats mostly about the fence in Nichols yard? Well, we wondered that too. Yet here we are. Also hear a story about a man in his 30's (Hepp) allegely egging a house full of college students. Did he do it and Why? You'll have to listen to find out. 


5 Apr 2020

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Episode 10 - Ryan Mayfield, Church, and Enneagram

Join us as we listen to Ryan Mayfield get Hepp to fail terribly at an on the spot game, explain to us why Jesus wasn't a Christian, and does a walk through Enneagram exercise with Nichols. @ryan_mayfield @enneateams @readysetpodcast

1hr 7mins

26 Apr 2020

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