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Strength and conditioning advice for mma, jiu jitsu, boxing, wrestling and other combat sports.

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Bodyweight Exercises and Calisthenics for Fighters

In this episode, we discuss calisthenic training with Al Kavadlo. Bodyweight training is a popular topic and can be a perfect fit for martial arts schools, mma gyms, jiujistu and wrestling teams. Learn how to incorporate bodyweight training in your workouts.


12 Sep 2014

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Interview with MMA Nutrition Coach, Eric Trilliegi

Eric has worked with Anthony Pettis, Jake Shields, Carla Esparza, Dustin Ortiz and many more. In this interview, we discuss: Nutrition Basics Cutting weight mistakes food to be avoided Recovery foods Performance foods Hydration Post weigh in and more


25 Sep 2014

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Underground Strength and Conditioning

Zach is one of the most passionate and committed coaches that I have ever met. He owns two gyms and consistently builds up some of the strongest, toughest and hard working wrestlers on the east coast.


9 Sep 2014

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A Talk with Ovince Saint Preux's Strength and Conditioning coach, Nate Hoffmeister

Nate Hoffmeister is a strength and conditioning coach in Tennessee and has developed a lot of great athletes over the years.  His programs have helped three athletes land in the UFC and has many more on the way. In this interview we discuss: Intorducing strength training to new athletes Developing a strength plan for MMA Mistakes made by coaches and athletes How Nate develops a plan for his athletes Building strengths Uncovering weaknesses Pillars of his program Whats in like to be at a UFC event and more. For more detailed info about Nate and to learn more from some of the worlds best mma strength coaches, be sure to visit Fight Camp Conditioning.


14 Aug 2014

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The Strongest Fighter Wins

"If skill is equal, the strongest fighter wins" Mark Philippi has been a strength coach for 20 years and works with some of the best athletes in the world.  In this episode, we discuss Mark's approach to training fighters, common mistakes, setting up workouts and more.


27 Aug 2014

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Interview with Greg Mihovich - Strength and Conditioniing Expert for Combat Athletes

Greg Mihovich is a top Fitness, Sport Performance and Martial Arts coach recognized throughout the world for his unique training style. In this interview we discuss: Laying the foundation of strength Bodyweight vs explosive work Mobility for fighters Bodyweight training Breathing techniques Adding resistance with kettlebells, Sandbags, etc. Recovery techniques Nutrition and more. Click here to learn more about Greg Mihovich


3 Aug 2014

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Anthony Pettis' Strength Coach Matt Gifford Joins Us

Matt Gifford has been working with Anthony Pettis for several years and has developed a great system for training his athletes. In this episode: How to lay out your week When to do certain exercises Prioritizing your training How much is too much? Developing the right kind of strength Personalizing your training for your needs


24 Jul 2014

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DVRT Creator: Josh Henkin

DVRT and Ultimate Sandbag creator, Josh Henkin, walks us through his strategies for developing better athletes. In this episode, we discuss History of DVRT Pillars of movement Adding complexity to movement, instead of simply adding load Where to start for new atheltes How to move more efficiently Uncovering weak links and more


17 Jul 2014

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Josh Henkin Explains How DVRT training system can Benefit Combat Athletes

The majority of the strength and conditioning world is still stuck on loading up the bar. Squats, deadlifts, bench press and bodybuilding tactics have dominated the market place, but don't address all of the aspects needed to build athleticism. To address, this, Josh Henkin has developed the DVRT system of training.  It will open your eyes to a lot of new variables and ways of challenging the body. Important for jiu jitsu players, wrestlers, mma fighters and other combat athletes.


4 Mar 2014

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Discussing the Olympic Lifts with Ingrid Marcum

Ingrid was a high level colegiate gymnast, national Olympic lifting champion, and Olympic bob sled team member. In this podcast, we discuss how Ingrid uses the O lifts with her athletes and clients.


17 Feb 2014

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