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Local, national and international environmental issues from grassroots, activist perspectives with a strong social justice focus. Distributed nationally on the Community Radio Network.

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Warm Belly, Cool Planet

Last year the United Nations Human Rights Council adopted the UN Declaration on the Rights of Peasants and Other People Working in Rural Areas. This represents the culmination of a long historic struggle for the rights of diverse grass roots peoples around the world who continue the struggle to define their own culturally appropriate and bio-diverse foods and agriculture systems.This week three women from different parts of the world discuss how the peasant farmers and workers movement and indigenous agroecology can work to address our current global enivronmental and social crises. Guests: Dr Vandana Shiva; Gladys Serwaa Adusah (Ecumenical Association for Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development); Susan Herawati (The People's Coalition for Fisheries Justice);  La Via Campesina peasant farmers movement. Earth Matters #1174 was produced by Nicky Stott.

13 Jan 2019

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Mauna Kea Struggle: Aloha, Not for Sale

Mauna Kea Struggle: Aloha, Not for SaleThis week on Earth Matters we hear from Kanaka Maoli activists involved in the ongoing resistance struggle and protest blockade against the construction of a giant telescope development on Mauna Kea, which is a dormant volcano on the Island of Hawaii that is also a sacred site of deep significance to the Indigenous Kanaka Maoli people.And also, why this particular struggle has engaged so profoundly with the global Indigenous resistance network.Guests: Kealoha Pisciotta: Mauna Kea Anaina Hou; Kalamaoka'aina Niheu MD: Mauna Medic Healers Hui; Iokepa Casumbal-Salazar: Ithaca CollegeLinks:Hawaiin Environmental AllianceHawaiʻi Unity and Liberation InstituteMauna Medic Healers Hui(donate to support the front line)Audio excerpts for this episode have been sourced, with thanks, from Archive.org & Sojourner Truth & Rising Up with Sonali  This week's show is #1210, and was produced by Nicky Stott.

22 Sep 2019

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Fighting mining from Ecuador to Australia

Mining is at the forefront of climate change, and the opposition to it is the nexus of indigenous and environmental struggles. A prime example of this is Ecuador. It’s one of the most bio-diverse countries on earth, but it’s people and environment are under threat as mining companies - many of them from Australia - are swooping in.  From Ecuador to Australia, miners, their financiers and governments are determined to destroy this planet in their pursuit of profit. Blockade IMARC Alliance are organising a mass civil disobedience protest against the conference.  Guests: Anthony Amis (Melbourne Rainforest Action Group); Maria Soupos (Blockade IMARC Alliance).  https://rainforestactiongroup.org/https://blockadeimarc.com/ Earth Matters #1212 was produced by Teishan Ahearne.

6 Oct 2019

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Roadtrip to Nuclear Australia

The Radioactive Exposure Tour is a road trip exploring nuclear Australia, past and present, and forging connections for the ongoing campaigns to keep uranium in the ground, to stop unwanted and unnecessary radioactive waste dumps and to eliminate nuclear weapons.Tune in to the Rad Tour 2018 to hear about the inspiring resistance taking place beyond the city, and some special snippets from Rad Tour Got Talent.The Rad Tours have been organised by Friends of the Earth for more than 30 years.Earth Matters #1135 was produced by Gem Romuld.

15 Apr 2018

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Ten Eighty Summit. Calling for a ban on the deadly poison. Part One.

Join the audience for Part Two of the Ten80 Summit into the effects of 1080 poison use in Australia.1080 poison is one of the deadliest toxins in the world. It is colourless, odourless, and one teaspoon has the capacity to kill up to 100 adults. It causes a slow, agonising death and has no antidote. It is classified by the World Health Organisation as “highly hazardous” and as a result, it has been banned in nearly every country in the world. Its primary use in Australia is to kill foxes, wild dogs and other species that are deemed “pests”. Despite countless cases of accidental poisoning, including that of beloved family pets and valuable working dogs, it is still widely used throughout our country often in ways contrary to the recommendations of the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicine Authority.Links: Coalition of Australians Against 1080 Poison Facebook pageEarth Matters #1172 was produced by Bec Horridge

30 Dec 2018

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Coal power's toxic health toll [encore]

Coal power's toxic health toll [encore broadcast] This week we bring you a story we first aired in 2007. Coal-fired power stations emit toxic chemicals and particulates that are highly damaging to human health. And our governments - both state and federal - are failing to protect us.This is revealed in a report by Environmental Justice Australia. It’s called Toxic and Terminal and it highlights how governments and their regulators are failing the public, by allowing coal-fired power stations to emit pollutants at levels much higher than over industrialized countries - such as the United States, China and the EU.Guests: Bronya Lipski (Environmental Justice Australia); Dr. Ben Ewald (Newcastle GP); Mike Campbell (Community campaigner, central coast NSW).Earth Matters #1175 (#1102) was produced by Teishan Ahearne.

20 Jan 2019

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Future histories - technology isn't neutral

Can we simply innovate our way out of the present climate crisis? Or do technological fixes hide another problem - that of a deeply unequal and unjust world? Until we start to understand that climate change is a also political problem we may end up carrying the problems of the present into a clean energy future.Lawyer and writer Lizzie O'Shea argues that if we are going to have a just and democratic world we need to wrestle the future of technology away from the billionaires and tech-bros and put it into the hands of the people.Guest: Lizzie O'Shea.Earth Matters #1208 was produced by Teishan Ahearne.

8 Sep 2019

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Decolonising Anarchism: Indigenous Anarchist Federation

Decolonising Anarchism: Indigenous Anarchist FederationIAF members Bombshell and insurgent e on the formation of the Indigenous Anarchist Federation, and their own personal and political histories as Indigenous anarchists situated within anti-capitalist, anti-colonialist, and anti-fascist frameworks. Also, the Indigenous Anarchist Convergence coming up August 16-18 in Flagstaff, Arizona.Audio excerpts have been sourced, with thanks, from The Final Straw Radio Links:Cutcha Risling Baldy Indigenous feminismOpen Veins of Latin America by Eduardo Galeano (en Espanol Las Venas Abiertas de América Latina)Indigenous Peoples History of the United States by Roxane Dunbar-Ortiz1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus by Charles C. MannOur History Is The Future by Nick Estes500 Years of Indigenous Resistance by Gord Hill Earth Matters #1202 was produced by Nicky Stott

28 Jul 2019

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Fighting Eco-Fascism

Fighting eco-fascism: an environmentalism without natureWe often think of environmental politics as inherently progressive and humane.But from more mainstream far right parties with a presence in national parliaments to marginal but equally dangerous lone actors and dispersed groups organising on the internet, environmental questions are growing in importance and are becoming central to their political platforms.The environmental movement with a liberatory outlook needs to be vigilant against the increased use of ecological concerns by rightwing governments and fascist groups alike.This week on Earth Matters, we speak to Nic Beuret, an academic and activist based in the UK who has written on the issue of the far right and ecological politics in the era of climate change.Earth Matters #1209 was produced by Teishan Ahearne and Alex Kakafikas. Image credit: Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-R24553 / CC-BY-SA 3.0.

15 Sep 2019

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Djab Wurrung Eviction: Our Way, or the highway!

Djab Wurrung Eviction: Our Way, or the highway!The Djab Wurrung Heritage Protection Embassy blockade is facing eviction this week! For fifteen months now they have made a stand to protect more than two hundred and sixty sacred trees - of deep cultural significance and up to eight hundred years old - from being bulldozed by the Victorian state government to make way for a section of freight road between Melbourne & Adelaide that will save two minutes of driving time. Djab Wurrung have put a red alert call out NOW for people to come and support on the ground as they stand strong against the full force of the Victorian state. In the last few days hundreds of people have been visiting and staying at the camps, and this level of numbers is currently keeping the bulldozers out. So if you can make it down there over the next week, even just for the day, or longer,  Djab Wurrung say please come!!With guests: Alfred Bamblett, Lidia Thorpe, Aunty Sandra Onus, Uncle Kevin Buzzacott; and guest presenter Robbie Thorpe from Fire FirstEarth Matters #1206 was produced by Nicky Stott

25 Aug 2019

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The Desert Pea and The Frontier Wars March on Anzac

The Australian frontier wars were a series of conflicts fought between Indigenous Australians and white settlers during the Brittish colonisation of Australia.Hear from two activists who decided eight years ago  to make banners that remember the frontier war conflicts and join the Anzac march on Anzac day in Canberra to be met by a police line. Now the march has become an annual event attended by hundreds of people with similar actions springing up in other parts of Australia.  Hear  Hazel Davies: a florist activist who tells the story of the desert pea as an indigenous blood flower, the native equivalent of the red poppy as a symbol of the Frontier Wars. Hazel is teaching others to make Desert Pea wreaths to commemorate the Frontier Wars." we show to the public that here is a desperate need to tell the truth about the colonisation of this country and the devastation wreaked upon First Nations Peoples. We need to remember those who defended their rights to their country; who volunteered to fight for their country in modern wars, despite being treated as second class peoples": Sovereign UnionGuests: Ed  Hargraves from the Central Austalian Walpiri  tribe  Michael Ghillar Anderson; a Gomeroi and Euahlayi man  -one of three people who set up the Aboriginal Embassy in 1972 and  leader of The Frontier Wars March on Anzac. Sovereign Union Australia  Hazel Davies: florist activist working with the Desert Pea as a symbol to commemorate the Frontier Wars; making wreaths and cloth poppies with children and adults as an educational and healing activity. Graeme Dunstan: master  bannermaker; an organiser who has contributed his banners to every Frontier Wars March on Anzac  Peacebus.com Ned  Hargraves, Michael Ghillar Anderson, Hazel Davies, Graeme Dunstan Facebook: Frontier Wars Camp 2018 Thanks to Wikipedia for the information about The Frontier wars:Quarterly Essay : Mark McKenna: Moment of Truth; History and Australia’s FutureU-Tube of 2017 Frontier Wars March on Anzac

22 Apr 2018

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IMARC Blockade live outside broadcast (Pt 1)

IMARC blockade live outside broadcast (Part 1)Recorded live at the (IMARC) International Mining & Resource Conference blockade in Melbourne Oct 28-31. Presenters Robbie Thorpe and Viv Malo (The Black Block) speak with Jerome Small, Aunty Vicki Abdullah (Tjiwarl & ANFA co-chair) & former greens MP & Gunditjmara & Gunai woman Lidia Thorpe on extractive industries & ecocide, and Indigenous rights & solutionsEarth Matters #1217 was produced by Nicky Stott

10 Nov 2019

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"We wish to restore our rights over those countries": Uncle Albert Hartnett

"Everything that we have been fighting for over years of our activism has been  for the  rights to be able to make decisions about what happens on our countries. .  My Country is been raped and pillaged and plundered by mining corporations  for coal in the Hunter Valley Region and for gas in Wangkumurra Country ....." "We have been fighting for the  rights to be able to stop those industries  from destroying our land and destroying what is precious to us, taking away  our rights of possession and rights of  ownership and rights of  governance over those countries. We wish to restore our rights over those over those countries . We have a sovereign right that has not ceded..." "If  non indigenous people support and help establish  structural foundations of a sovereign governance,  that allows us to be able to able invite non indigenous people to collaborate on how we best proceed  further  on a journey  that allows us to protect and preserve our countries and our living envirionment and restore our communal values again"                           Uncle Albert Hartnett                 Guests:     Uncle  Albert Hartnett a  Wangkumurra man, and   long time Aboriginal activist and rights defender was a guest   at the Australian Student Environment Network Training Camp.                                    Sylvia Gunn from the Australian Student Environment NetworkLINKS  Australian Student Environment Network: https://asen.org.au/ The next Students of Sustainability "SOS 2020"  giant environment conference will be from January 13-17 in Sydney. This week's show is #1215 and was produced by Bec Horridge

27 Oct 2019

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Black throated finch and Adani contractors under pressure.

This is about  the  fate of the black throated finch  as Adani is bulldozing  some of its last natural habitat . Michael   Kane from the  Mackay Conservation Group challenges the legitimacy of using offsets to counter such habitat destruction. "Its not over yet" says Emma about the long battle to Stop Adani. She describes the ongoing prosecutions of  Adani,  campaigning to persuade companies not to take Adani contracts and community engagement for a just transition. We also go to Townsville where at dawn two Queensland women; Jo Bulmer and Wendy Tubman, locked themselves  by the neck with D shaped bike locks to the gates of the pipe manufacturer Iplex. Along with 25 climate other change campaigners ,they were demanding that Iplex withdraw the tender it  has submitted to supply pipes to Adani’s Carmichael coal project.Guests: Michael Kane, Emma Barrett: Mackay Conservation Group Links:"Adanis finch plan is approved just weeks after being sent back to the drawing board. " The ConversationEnvironmental Defenders Office Media release Adanis current management plan for the Black throated finchThis week's show is #1211, and was produced by Bec Horridge

29 Sep 2019

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Saving The Murray Darling part 3 with local traditional owners

In what is a national environmental disaster this week on the program we yarn about the health of the Murray-Darling river systems. I’m joined by our guests William Brian Bates also known as 'Badger Bates' a Barkindji Traditional Owner and Elder and Grant Rigney Ngarrindjeri man whom are both living at different ends of the Murray Darling river systems and both men on country are passionate about saving the Murray and the Darling river systems. On Earth Matters we are in conversation on the Murray-Darling Basin plan latest and the impact on local traditional owners and we take a look at some of the local and national politics involved plus you’ll also hear about the latest fish kills at the Menindee Lakes which is now estimated 3 million fish dead in the water.

3 Feb 2019

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Resisting state repression - resisting business as usual

On today’s show we hear about Queensland’s new anti lock-on laws.  Then we get a report-back from Blockade IMARC in Melbourne and the violent police response.  Guests: Andy Paine (Frontline Action on Coal); Apsara (Blockade IMARC); Julia Dehm (MALS)    Earth Matters #1216 was produced by Teishan Ahearne.

3 Nov 2019

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Water is Life - First Nations fight for water justice

Water is Life - First Nations fight for water justiceToday, we’re bringing you First Nations voices in the fight for water. First up, the Royal Commission. Rene Woods, Nari Nari man and Chairperson the Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations (MLDRIN). Next we hear from the Water is Life convergence. The Water is Life national gathering brought First Nations people, and supporters, from around the country to Canberra this month. Calling for Aboriginal control of water and country, a stop to fracking and mining, and an end to the theft of water by large irrigators along the Murray-Darling.Vanessa is a resident of Walgett in New South Wales. A town of 2,000 people that has run out of water. They are forced to use highly salinated boar water that is not fit for human consumption.Adrian and Bradley are from Borroloola in the Northern Territory. They came to speak out against fracking on their country. Guests: Rene Woods (MLDRIN); Vanessa (resident of Walgett NSW); Adrain and Bradley (Borroloola NT).Earth Matters #1179 was produced by Teishan Ahearne.

17 Feb 2019

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Wangan Jagalingou establish a sovereignty camp / Sounds from a StopAdani lockon 

Adani is currently clearing trees for the construction of its Carmichael mine in Queensland.In todays show we hear Adrian Burragubba leader of the Wangan Jagalingou  family council  and  the traditional owners of the Carmichael coal mine site in Queensland.  Adani has recently made Adrian Burragubba bankrupt after several court cases with the company.  The  Wangan Jangalingou famly council  have declared their sovereign  independence and established a sovereignty camp  to practice law and custom and have  cultural ceremony on country. They  are calling  on first nations people to stand with them to protect their  cultural sovereignty. Later we hear Heather who locked on to a drill rig that had started work on the  Adani rail line. Then Anita gives  insight into what its like at the Stop Adani defenders at Camp Bimbi on Birri Country, 40ks West of Bowen, QLD. Guests:Adrian Burragubba leader of the Wangan Jagalingou  council, traditional owners of the Carmichael coal mine site.Coedie on DidgeredooHeather Simpson locked onto an Adani drill rigAnita and Sophie speaking from Camp Bimbi, Stop Adani camp 30 ks West of Bowne QLD.Song : Xavier Rudd: live recording from Camp BimbiLinks:Wangan Jagalingou Traditional Owners  Council FacebookWangan Jagalingou Family Council WebsiteFrontline Action on Coal  This week's show  #1203, was produced by Bec Horridge

1 Sep 2019

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Warburdar Bununu - Water Shield documentary

Warburdar Bununu - Water Shield documentary is a new short film highlighting the fight for water rights and mining on country near Boorooloola in the Northern Territory. In this program you'll hear from the Director Jason De Santolo and community members Scott McDinney and Gadrien Hoosam and hear of their on-going fight and struggle with local mining companies and the water contamination issues now affecting the local community members and the waterways.

13 Oct 2019

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Behind Enemy Lines - The Songs of the Terania Creek and Nightcap Blockades

To mark the 40th anniversary of Australia's first forest blockade at Terania Creek in 1979 Earth Matters presents a program in which musicians Brenda Liddiard and Lisa Yeates reflect on the songs that came out of that event as well as from later protests at Grier's Scrub and Mount Nardi. The role of music in securing victories, unifying blockaders and spreading the word, and the way in which the songs lived on through further protests, is also discussed. The songs heard during the program are drawn from the Lock On CD, which was compiled by Andy Parks, and a documentary about the Nightcap campaign which was produced by John Seed in 1982.Guests: Brenda Liddiard (www.brendaliddiard.co.nz) and Lisa Yeates.Some of the music heard in the program, and much more besides, can be listened to and purchased via the 'Lock On! Songs To Save Australia's Forests' compilation bandcamp page. All proceeds go to North East Forest Alliance- https://nefa.bandcamp.com/releasesEarth Matters #1205 was produced by Iain McIntyre

18 Aug 2019

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