Cover image of MOVING, TEACHING, INSPIRING: The National Trust and University of Oxford in the 21st Century

MOVING, TEACHING, INSPIRING: The National Trust and University of Oxford in the 21st Century

The Humanities Division at Oxford has developed an exciting relationship with the National Trust, culminating in the Trusted Source Knowledge Transfer Partnership.http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/ktpCelebrating our collaboration, this interdisciplinary lecture series explores and interrogates the many challenges and opportunities facing the higher education and heritage sectors in the 21st century, and highlights the many points of connection between our two institutions from a number of perspectives; from caring for collections and landscapes, to gaining support through brand and marketing.

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The Future of Heritage

Join our panel of experts as they discuss the opportunities and threats facing heritage today, and debate their own visions of a sector fit for the 21st century and beyond

1hr 32mins

27 Jul 2017

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Supporting Our Cause

This lecture focuses on how branding and fundraising are fundamental to supporting the National Trust and Oxford University.

1hr 23mins

19 May 2017

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20 Mar 2017

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Our Collections and Their Audiences

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20 Mar 2017

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History, Vision, Ambition

In this introductory lecture Dame Helen Ghosh and Professor Karen O'Brien discuss the history, current vision and future ambition of their respective organisations.

1hr 9mins

20 Mar 2017

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