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A podcast created by Gateway Community College students. This is student created content and does not reflect the views of Gateway Community College or any of its affiliates.

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Special Guest: Senator Bernie Sanders

SENATOR BERNIE SANDERS JOINED US! On this edition of News Haven, we spoke about the NBA, the classic movie Fargo, and Senator Sanders spoke joined us as we spoke about the importance of voting. Cast: Patrick, Chris, Marvin, Steven, and the host Jesus. You can find more content from us at NewsHavenPodcast.com Song: Thank you to Christoph Whitbeck for providing the song. You can check out more of his work with This Criminal Soul at thiscriminalsoul.bandcamp.com

12 Apr 2018

Rank #1

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Season Two!

WE’RE BACK! It maybe a little sloppy but do hear our new people and old voices. This is long overdue and the next episode will be released in the next day or two. For more information, check out NewsHavenPodcast.com


11 Apr 2018

Rank #2

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S1 E5

In this installment of News Haven, Student First is discusses, Not the Onion, an album review and much more.


18 Nov 2017

Rank #3

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NBA, NFL, Sexual Assault, and Numbers

Disclaimer: In this episode, sexual assault is discussed. Nothing graphic was said but the subject is still on hand. In this installment of News Haven, Jesus returns to host as Addy discusses some stats from the book Everybody Lies by Seth Stephen, Marvin talks about the NBA while Addy gives her Patriots update, Dylan discusses a hot topic of sexual assault but in the music industry and Jesus discusses some silly news headlines. Our newest member, Chris, will have a new segment starting next episode and it is a advice column. You can submit questions or concerns to Chris here. You can find anything News Haven related at Newshavenpodcast.com and can email Jesus at jesus.o.garzon@gmail.com


2 Nov 2017

Rank #4

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Halloween Special

In this installment of News Haven, Christian Martinez host as we listen to Marvin talk about the NBA, Veronica speaks of the top 10 scariest animes, Dylan speaks of the band Mayhem and Addy speaks about the most common searched costumes and parties to attend for this upcoming Halloween.


19 Oct 2017

Rank #5