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The Vienna Cars + Coffee Podcast shines a headlight on locals throughout Northern Virginia who love cars, love going to cars and coffee events, and love to share stories on their classics and the meaning of car culture.

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Live Spotlight: Adam Ashmore + 1969 Jaguar E-Type ("XK-E") Series 2

Adam Ashmore is an Oakton, Va resident by way of the UK, who two-and-a-half years ago shipped over his 1969 Jaguar E-Type ("XKE" in the North American market) Series 2 handed over to him by his father in 2007. On this episode of the Vienna Cars & Coffee Podcast, Adam shares what's under the bonnet of this 4.2L straight-six engine right hand driver, the update that cost today about the same as the purchase price was for this classic in 1985, the light modifications made to drive the Series 2 in the modern world, and the track experiences Adam continues to share with his father that makes this vintage British heirloom the gift that keeps giving.


25 Jun 2022

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Live Spotlight: Dave Sullivan + 2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition

The advanced luxury electric vehicle market is beginning to take root with Lucid Motors out of Newark, California. Dave Sullivan is a local Viennan who has spent close to 40 years in service departments fixing cars and is new to EV's and the luxury performance market and the proud owner of 1 of 520 Lucid Air Dream models in the United States. On this episode of the Vienna Cars & Coffee Podcast, Dave discusses how he learned about Lucid, traveling to New York to see the car in studio, the vehicle's head snapping acceleration and regenerative breaking system, the small Lucid family that is beginning to form in Northern Virginia, and the role Vienna Cars & Coffee indirectly played in securing the loan Dave needed to put the Lucid Air Dream in his garage after a one year pursuit.


30 Apr 2022

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2021 Year-End Recap

What began as an idea amongst neighbors over drinks at a local watering hole in Vienna, VA during the Summer of 2021 soon became a family-friendly event that has drawn hundreds of Northern Virginians together to celebrate a love of cars, car culture, and has raised money to help drive away food insecurity in the community. On this episode of the pod, Steve, Frank, and Rick discuss highlights from the ten Vienna Cars & Coffee events put on in 2021, the amazing support from local businesses and organizations, and how participation from the community at-large has far exceeded any expectations imagined for these events. We wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year and we look forward to sharing more stories and adding more fun twists to our events in 2022.


31 Dec 2021

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Live Spotlight: Jim Lawson + 2005 Alpha Romeo 147 GTA

Over a decade ago Jim Lawson relocated to United States from the UK and had to decide if his 2005 Alpha Romeo 147 GTA would make the trip. Well as you probably guessed, of course it did. On this episode of the pod, Jim shares his love for Italian cars and the marriage of form and function, his previous ownership of several other Alpha Romeos over the years and how his bond to this upgraded 3.8 V6 British spec with right hand drive has lasted over the years. Per Jim and the tags on the back, this model and spec is the only one you will find on the roads in the United States and is just 1 of 5,000 worldwide made between 2003-2005. There is heavy horsepower on this future classic that Jim saves mostly for driving to and from Vienna Cars + Coffee events and other car shows in the area.


18 Dec 2021

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Live Spotlight: Fred Mei + 2013 Cadillac CTS-V Wagon

Fred Mei has been a Vienna Cars + Coffee mainstay since our first event in August 2021. On this episode of the pod, Fred shares his story of finding his 2013 Cadillac CTS-V Wagon in upstate NY at a Ferrari dealership after a trade-in from the previous owner needing a 14th Ferrari (sure, why not). Fred was looking for a 6-speed manual Wagon, Pre-owned and that is just what he got in Thunder Gray Chromaflair. Upon purchase in 2013 this spec was only 1 of 15 and one of GM's rarest manufactured cars at the time. When not parked at Vienna Cars + Coffee, you'll find Fred's CTS-V occasionally around town and thrilling his kids letting them choose quiet or loud mode as they head to and from school.  


18 Dec 2021

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Live Spotlight: Scott Phillips + 1962 Oldsmobile F-85 JetFire Turbo Sports Convertible

Growing up on a farm outside of Pittsburgh, PA forty-five minutes from the nearest auto center, Scott Phillips gained a love for cars and engine rebuilding at a young age. On this episode of the podcast, Scott shares his early love of cars, specifically turbos, and finding his 1962 Oldsmobile F-85 Jetfire Turbo Sports Convertible in Yuma, Arizona back in 2001. There are very few of these models actively running, this one being the only active running convertible in the United States today. Shipped in a thousand pieces, Scott rebuilt the engine through local community college classes and worked on a second rebuild of the engine within the last few years. Scott has passed on his love for classic cars to his kids and is an advocate for STEM training as a middle school principal at Eagle Ridge Middle School in Ashburn, VA. Scott also serves as an officer for the Capitol City Rockets where word of mouth landed him at his first Vienna Cars + Coffee event.


30 Oct 2021

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Live Spotlight: Tim Rascher + 1976 Porsche 911 Targa

Over the last 18 months the pandemic has provided opportunities to repurpose time and pick up on some passion projects. Such was the case for our next spotlight guest and regular Vienna Cars + Coffee attendee Tim Rascher who found himself grounded from business travel and encouraged by his wife to spend time on a hobby. So in June 2020 Tim found his pandemic project...a 1976 Porsche 911 Targa, a model he had always loved as a kid. Aside from learning the car was delivered to the San Francisco Computer Company in 1976, there were no records on this non-matching VIN classic. So after a few spins Tim got to work researching and rebuilding the suspension, replacing the exhaust and air intake, shifter, as well as polishing up the body and paint. Tim enjoys taking the 911 to work and around town, sharing time in the garage with his young boys, and the collective sense of being a "caretaker" within the classic car community. 


28 Sep 2021

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Live Spotlight: Mickey Konson + 1987 Lotus Esprit Turbo

"Honey, we own a Lotus." Now, not necessarily the kind that turns into an underwater submarine (think James Bond and "The Spy Who Loved Me") or one that picks up Julia Roberts curbside (yes, "Pretty Woman") but a 1987 Lotus Esprit Turbo that our next spotlight guest and first time Vienna Cars + Coffee attendee, Mickey Konson, had fallen in love with after seeing one featured as a grand prize at a casino resort on vacation with family before entering high school. Fast forward almost 30 years to 2014 and Mickey was putting in his bid on an eBay car auction and finding out the next morning the Lotus was his and sharing this news with his wife. On this episode Mickey shares this story plus much more about what makes his 2L 4-cylinder rear-engine Lotus Esprit special, the maintenance he maintains in keeping it running smooth and cool, and the enjoyment he has sharing his love for the Lotus with his family. 


12 Sep 2021

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Vienna Foodies founders Lydia Russo & Chris Drinkuth

In June 2019 Vienna Foodies was founded by Vienna residents and friends Chris Drinkuth and Lydia Russo to shine a light on Vienna, VA's food scene. But once the pandemic took hold, the group pivoted to highlight restaurants that were open and offering takeout to scheduling food deliveries for first responders. During our second Vienna Cars + Coffee event Lydia and Chris sat down with the podcast to share their thoughts on Vienna Cars + Coffee events, how Vienna Foodies got started and has grown to a following of almost 15,000 members, and the budding partnership between Vienna Cars + Coffee and Vienna Foodies in helping raise awareness and support for families in need throughout the community.


4 Sep 2021

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Vienna C+C Recap Show #2

The second Vienna Cars + Coffee event was held on Sunday August 15, 2021. On this recap episode, the Vienna C+C founders share their excitement at the attendance, conversations held, and the wide variety of unique European, Japanese, and American muscle rides that rolled through on yet another overcast morning. Porsches, a Mercury Marauder, MG, GTO, Studebaker Hawk, and of course "Godzilla", the 1990 Nissan Skyline GT-R Nismo R32 brought by our best of show spotlight winner Britt Heisig all showed and showed well. The founders also brought along their rides to the event - a 1986 Porsche 928, a 1971 Volvo 1800E, and a 2017 Audi R8 on loan and generously shared by C+C co-founder Chris. Also exciting, the response from attendees to Vienna C+C's #driveawayhunger initiative with Vienna Foodies and the canned goods brought to the event that will be a staple for all Vienna C+C events moving forward.


2 Sep 2021

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