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Going Places with Camden and Daniel

Daniel Price and Camden Clark are going places in this world and will be something big! Now they have a podcast with intelligent and interesting conversation about a variety of topics including Politics, Music, Faith and Theology, Comedy and the occasional Conspiracy Theory. A smart and funny podcast for everyone to enjoy. Also interviews with special guest from Politicians, Pastors, Musicians, and Comedians. They’re really going places, come along with them.

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School, Record Label Deals, and Golf. Episode 13

In this edition of Going Places Podcast we recap our summer and talk about Daniels upcoming excursion to Charleston for a baseball tournament. We also prepare for the upcoming school year and share our excitement for that as well as learning and educational in general. We then have an open talk for a few minutes about a variety topics such as Lil Uzi Verts recent extravagant purchases and Kanye West long awaited album. We then have a conversation about Record Labels and the Hollywood Business. We also uncover the true meaning of The Eagles hit song “Hotel California” and other music conspiracies. We then close with a conversation about Golf which we have all been getting into recently. We laugh a lot and have a great time in probably our funniest episode yet. Enjoy! Made Possible by Anchor F.M. Sponsored by Wisefire Café


27 Jul 2021

Rank #1

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NBA news, sports uniforms, Tribalism, and Voting Rights

In this episode we are back home from vacation and have one of our very best episodes yet. We react to the NBA Finals and MLB news. We also react to new editions of pro sports uniforms and why we like them. We then list our opinion of the greatest NBA and MLB players of all time and respond to each other’s list. We then have a conversation about Tribalism and Individuality and how it equates in society today. We also discuss the recent voting rights bill in Texas and how the State House Democrats fled. We talk about how Voting Rights Bills effect the future and the political climate. Also we talk about the 2021 Olympics and A big week for sports. We close with our Big Picture and Mission on the Going Places with Camden and Daniel Podcast. Enjoy! Sponsored by Wisefire Café. Made Possible by Anchor F.M.

1hr 8mins

15 Jul 2021

Rank #2

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4th of July, Birds aren’t real conspiracy, and The murder of Biggie and Tupac

In this special episode the boys record from Myrtle Beach on Fourth of July week. Camden makes some humorous observations about fireworks. They react to the “Birds Aren’t Real” conspiracy theory and about questioning truth. For the main topic the break down the murders of 90’s Rappers Biggie Smalls (Christopher Wallace) and Tupac Shakur. Sponsored by Wisefire Café. Made Possible by Anchor F.M.


8 Jul 2021

Rank #3

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Philosophy, Music, Movies,Knowledge. Special Guest: Hamilton Barber

The tenth episode is the best episode on Going Places Podcast. We have a very special guest. Hamilton Barber is a writer, producer, and the guitarist for the rock band “They Came Running” and the co-host of the 321 Play! Podcast. We open up with an introduction to his work and his life. We talk about Music and bands and how he got started. We ask him some questions and he ask us some. We have an incredible conversation on Philosophy and Truth and Knowledge which was wonderful and intellectual. We also discuss our favorite movies and film making and his podcast on Movies. This is by far our best yet and truly amazing conversation. Thanks to Hamilton Barber. Check out 321 Play! Podcast as well as They Came Runnings New Album “Movement 2”. Sponsored by Wisefire Café. Made Possible by Anchor F.M.

1hr 17mins

24 Jun 2021

Rank #4

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Libertarianism, Small Town Politics, Conspiracies and Ecclesiology. Special Guest: Thomas Dover

In this episode we have a Special Guest: Writer,Businessman, Political Activist, and Pastor, Thomas Dover. We open up with an introduction on all that he does, We talk about our small town politics and how it works, Then we go into politics in general and about the two party system which leads to a conversation about Libertarianism and what it’s principles are and why Dover subscribes to it. We talk about the government and it’s transparency issues and about Conspiracy Theories and Aliens. The whole way through Thomas is very open and incorporating his faith. We talk about his ministry work and his journey as a minister, And also why he started Wisefire Café (our Sponsor) and following God. Also we talked about Churches and Denominations before closing with a conversation on Blacksburg, South Carolina. Perhaps our best episode yet, Special Thanks to Thomas Dover for coming on. Sponsored by Wisefire Café. Made Possible by Anchor F.M.

1hr 4mins

17 Jun 2021

Rank #5

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Floyd vs Logan, Church Camp, Fauci Emails, a discussion on Government and Authority and Sports

In this episode the boys broadcast from their dorm at camp. They react and voice their disappointment with Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul fight. They react to once again the Doctor of Doom and Gloom himself: Dr. Anthony Fauci revelations of leaked emails. They have a discussion on Sports in Politics and also on Government and Biblical authority. They also talk about where the podcast is going and exciting new advancements. Sponsored by Wisefire Café. Made Possible by Anchor F.M.

1hr 2mins

13 Jun 2021

Rank #6

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Movies, Roman History, Vaccines, and Memorial Day Faux Pas

In this episode the boys talk Movies. They pitch the typical plot of all Hallmark Christmas movie and talk their favorite movies of all time. Camden gives a review on Gladiator (his favorite) which then leads to a crash course on Roman History. They also react to the new “shot for shot” campaign which offered free alcohol to the fully vaccinated and also on the Wuhan Lab Theory And also public enemy number one: Dr. Anthony Fauci. They also discuss South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster banning vaccine passports. They also react to Vice President Kamala Harris Memorial Day Instagram faux pas. Sponsored by Wisefire Café. Made Possible by Anchor F.M.


3 Jun 2021

Rank #7

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Education, Town Council, and A intriguing debate in the Middle East Conflict

In this episode Camden gets his first guitar and Daniel announces he will be homeschooled next year. They have an interesting conversation on education and knowledge and the importance of being well-read. They also react to their first time attending a Town Council meeting and an incident in the town which caused a dispute at the meeting. Then they discuss the problems with sensitivity and panicking and the recent gas shortage. The boys then have their first debate of the podcast on the Middle East conflict. The debate was interesting and intellectual but above all good hearted as both made excellent points. It may have seemed hated but all good natured. Special Thanks to our sponsor: Wisefire café and bookstore. Made Possible by Anchor F.M.


27 May 2021

Rank #8

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Boxing, The end of COVID, Michael Jackson, UFOs, conspiracy theories, and Einstein Relativity Theory

In this episode the guys recap of all the success and progress of the podcast so far. They talk about the Copyright Laws on Music too. They also discuss Boxing, Paul v.s. Mayweather, Lennox Lewis v.s. Mike Tyson, and the greatest boxer of all time and how to have discipline and a disciplined mindset. Also reacting to the new COVID news regarding mask, vaccines, and a return to normal. Then an excellent conversation in the final segment about Michael Jackson rumors, UFOs, Aliens and other conspiracy theories. And they close with a breakdown of Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, Theory of Causality and how it provides an incredible argument for intelligent design in the universe. Made Possible by Anchor F.M.

1hr 13mins

21 May 2021

Rank #9

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Music Theory, Cars, Energy, Science and Top Favorite Comedians. Special Guest: David Price

In this episode we have our first guest, Guitarist and Music Theorists: David Price! We talk about Guitars, Music and Music Theory. We discuss Car Models and different types of energy effects on the environment as well and Elon Musk is brought up once again.We discuss scientific reason and Why vs. How, Then we talk about comedy and we all name our Top-3 comedians and have a great conversation on art and artistic minds. Super Interesting Episode and once again the best one yet. Thanks to David Price for the great conversation. Made possible by Anchor F.M.

1hr 15mins

10 May 2021

Rank #10