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Successful Voices With Marcy is a seasonal podcast that consists of interviews with guests about their journey on reaching the top of their career. The podcast highlights people from our communities that are immigrants and product of immigrant parents. Listen to all the the triumphs and pitfalls throughout their professional career every Wednesday.

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Ep. 03- Jose Quintero: From the IE to LA

Listen to the successful voice of Jose Quintero who grew up in the Inland Empire. Jose grew up with a goal to work for Univision 34 Los Angeles to impact Hispanic communities. To reach his goal, Jose enrolled in acting classes to get out of his comfort zone, volunteered within the community, networked at Univision events, and started his own Youtube channel called Echale Jose. With patience and persistence, Jose is now a producer for El Show de Omar y Argelia on K-LOVE 107.5 FM and has had the opportunity to work with people he admired ever since he was little. Find Jose Quintero Instagram: @JoseQuinteroTV Twitter: @JoseQuinteroTV Subscribe  Youtube: Echale Jose Find the Podcast Instagram: @SuccessfulVoices SoundCloud: Success Voices With Marcy Follow the creator Instagram: @Marcela__Valdivia Logo designer Instagram: @la.cho.na Voiceover Instagram: @JCcuevas  


21 Mar 2018

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