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Vs the Net is a podcast about internet culture hosted by Lewis Rhine, Mat Elfring, and Jack Baker.

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Vs The Net EP74 - Yahoo

This week, Lewis, Mat, and Jack talk the Donnie Wahlber of Websites, Yahoo! Lewis takes a stand to defend numa numa guy. Mat is really into watching video resumes and thinks they're stupid. Jack has to get face surgery.Mat takes over explaining the history of the topic from Jack who is very unhappy about it.  They all agree that Yahoo's homepage is pretty awful, but has some good features. They want to answer questions in yahoo answers and give incorrect information. They don't spend that much time talking about Yahoo! and instead, Mat tries to get Jack to try 100 days of happiness.

1hr 2mins

17 Mar 2014

Rank #1

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Vs The Net EP73 - Shock Sites

Get your scared and frightened pants on cuz we're talking about shock sites.Also, check out our new show Vs The Set! Lewis, Mat, and Jack killed all the characters from past shows. Jack is starting a new podcast where he exclusively reads Wikipedia pages, called Jack reads the Wikipedia page vs. everyone.Mat's friends used to watch Shock Videos in a friend's basement all the time, but he's never KISSED a dude. Jack is really not into shock videos and is not looking forward to watching them. They watch Meatspin, Kids in a sandbox, Bansai Kittens, and Lemonparty. We learn that diseased body parts freak Mat out. Blue Waffle is the most disgusting thing that Jack has ever seen. This all builds up to the BME Pain Olympics. Jack watches it for the first time. And doesn't enjoy it.Be sure to watch these videos at home, and play along using the Jack Baker Dick Magnet Scale of Uncomfortableness FineLittle UncomfortableI don't like this Get me out of hereI'm going to pass out

1hr 12mins

12 Mar 2014

Rank #2

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Vs The Net EP72 - Chum Bucket

This week Jack is away so Mat, and Lewis are joined by Jocelyn Hulme.With Jack gone, Mat, Lewis, and Jocelyn do thing a bit different this week. Instead of one long topic they talk about a group of short ones. but mostly just kind of tell personal stories.Topics:The WWE Network.Google no longer cares about college.Beauty gurus aren't so great after all.

1hr 26mins

3 Mar 2014

Rank #3

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Vs The Net EP71 - TED Talks

This week, Lewis, Mat, and Jack talk TED after failing to record earlier in the week. They agree that the previous failed attempt was better and attempt to make up for it with playful banter. Mat sings about Jack reading the wikipedia page and coming with the power of 1,000 Thor hammers.They talk about apples for some reason, and Lewis has a t-shirt that says #tshirt.Then they actually talk about TED Talks and immediately gets heated. Mat and Jack have a logical fallacy off and they learn that Mat enjoys the taste of death in a Chinese taste test. Mat and Jack continue to argue about TED talks, and Jack learns that he is a very bitter person and basically hates everything. Then they do a QUESTION REMIX for the first and last time. 

1hr 13mins

24 Feb 2014

Rank #4

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Vs The Net EP70 - Viral Videos

This week, Lewis and Jack talk about viral videos without Mat who is sick. The guys talk about a lot about breakfast and Jack's hatred of it. They decide that Jack is going to start a dairy free restaurant called Not Milk. They also want to start a Denny's Podcast and talk about Hobbit Holes.  They are going to promote the restaurant and podcast with viral videos.They both don't really like viral videos because they just appeal to people's emotions. Jack thinks that videos used to be better and now hates all viral videos because he's a bitter old man and all the videos today are hack garbage.They both agree that the Dollar Shave Club video is the best one and explain why. Jack hasn't seen the Kony2012 video and Lewis explains it to him. Then they talk about the problem with viral videos and foreshadow their upcoming big expose on Ted Talks.

1hr 2mins

17 Feb 2014

Rank #5

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Vs The Net EP69 - Online Dating

Lewis, Mat and Jack talked Online Dating live in front of a studio audience at Cairo Bar in West Chicago.Jack told stories from his experiences on Tinder and OkCupid. Mat shared a list of super weird dating websites. (Jack is thinking of joining the food allergy one) And Vs The Net friend and superfan Katie Keller provided a whole bunch of creepy messages that she had received from dudes online. Then, DJ Rebel Ron showed up for help with setting up his OkCupid profile and may or may not have derailed the entire show.  

1hr 3mins

10 Feb 2014

Rank #6

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Vs The Net EP68 - Snopes

This week, Lewis, Mat and Jack finally put on their mythbustin' pants and talk about Snopes. The guys all like Snopes because people on the internet are stupid and don't think critically about anything. Jack talks about his research from college, which helped prove the people are stupid point.Instead of competing against each other, Lewis and Mat team up during the game where they have to guess if wacky situations were either real or fake. 

1hr 19mins

3 Feb 2014

Rank #7

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Vs The Net EP67 - WWE Network

This week, Mat and Jack cohost with out Lewis. Surprisingly, Mat and Jack stayed on topic for most of the show even without Lewis there to stifle their brilliant creativity.The guys discuss the recent overturning of Net Neutrality and how much they hate. They talk about the changing of media and how they think that TV is going to go online, except for Football which is too powerful. They then talk about the new WWE Network where Mat is excited and Jack knows nothing about wrestling.

1hr 10mins

28 Jan 2014

Rank #8

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Vs The Net EP66 - Upworthy

The guys prepare an Evening of Mat Elfring with Edward Smathers, Joey Savior, Stevie Legit, and Teddy Beers. Lewis will play a mirror. They also promote the movie Murder Blown starring Steven Baldwin.Then they talk about Upworthy. Mat flies a rocket ship and go through what it takes to work at Upworthy. They break down a bunch of different videos and categories on Upworthy and hate them because they're all fake, heart-warming infotainment garbage.Upworthy takes videos from people and shares content without really ever getting credit. As a professional journalist, Mat doesn't like this. They all hope that Upworthy is just the greatest trolling idea ever. Mat said, "Upworthy is the Lifetime Network of websites" and it is wonderful.The guys play a game again!

14 Jan 2014

Rank #9

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Vs The Net EP65 - 2014 Predictions

This week Mat, Jack, and Lewis give their predictions for 2014.In this mini sode the three give some ideas of what they think the new year hold for the internet. Mostly robots fighting.


9 Jan 2014

Rank #10