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Matt Ufford & Nick Stevens are THE INACTIVES, two guys who talk about the NFL and other stupid things.

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Super Bowl Recovery / Return of the Dads (Ep. 120)

Matt grills Nick on his outlook at various points throughout the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl. Nick reveals a dislike of Super Bowl goat Johnson Bademosi that predates his missed tackle of Nelson Agholor. Matt swears that THIS YEAR is the year he's gonna care less about the Seahawks. Dad updates.


10 Feb 2018

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Accidental Super Bowl LII Preview (Ep. 119)

Before the show, Matt and Nick agreed to avoid talking about the Super Bowl. Naturally, the first 25 and a half minutes of the program are devoted to somewhat thoughtful analysis of the Super Bowl and what teams do wrong against the Patriots (stupid Jags!).We also talk about our favorite internet sports Daves, our mutual love of Lady Bird (as well as our thoughts on some other Oscar contenders), plans for Super Bowl week, and the XFL. With special guest, Nick's 8-month-old baby.


27 Jan 2018

Rank #2

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AFC/NFC Championship Preview (Ep. 118)

ALL ABOARD THE JAGWAGON! Matt attempts to will a Patriots loss into being, Nick picks a fellow Nick to go to the Super Bowl, and the dads try not to scream obscenities at their children. Fun episode!


18 Jan 2018

Rank #3