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Translational research in NDM has a truly worldwide impact, with scientists and clinicians investigating epidemiology, treatment, and prevention of disease on a global scale. Our podcasts on Global Health illuminate this work, and discuss research conducted in Oxford and around the world to better understand and manage emerging and endemic diseases.

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Rift Valley Fever

Dr George Warimwe talks about his research on Rift Valley Fever. Rift Valley Fever is a mosquito-borne virus, which affects both livestock and humans in Africa and parts of the Middle East. There is currently no licensed vaccine for use in humans. Amid fears that the virus may spread to Europe, Dr George Warimwe is working with the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) in Africa, and the Jenner Institute to develop a vaccine against Rift Valley Fever for both humans and livestock.


31 Jul 2012

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Dengue Infection

Dr Kerstin Luhn talks about her research on Dengue infection. Dengue is a major public health problem in the tropics, with around 100 million cases each year. Dr Kerstin Luhn is investigating the effect of Dengue virus infection on innate immune cells to understand why Dengue, unlike other viral infections, is associated with high levels of immunopathology. An in vitro Dengue model is used and results are confirmed with Dengue patient samples from a cohort in Vietnam. This work may lead to future anti-viral treatments or vaccines.


29 May 2012

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Childhood Nutrition and Immunity

Dr Jay Berkley tells us about his work on childhood nutrition and immunity in East Africa. Malnutrition is responsible for almost a third of childhood mortality worldwide. A better understanding of the bacteria in a child's gut will assist researchers in developing better treatment options. Dr Jay Berkley works in the KEMRI/Wellcome Trust Collaborative Research Programme in Kilifi, Kenya. His research interests include tackling the infection and inflammation of the gut to prevent mortality in malnourished children. He is also an expert advisor on severe acute malnutrition to the Ministries of Health, and the World Health Organisation.


25 Sep 2012

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The ethics of research

Identifying and addressing ethical issues are key to the success of any clinical trials, particularly when working with vulnerable populations. Dr Phaik Yeong Cheah leads the Department of Bioethics & Engagement at the Mahidol Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit (MORU) in Thailand. She is particularly interested in ethical issues in community engagement, data sharing, consent and assent in paediatric research.


5 Oct 2015

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Science and Society

In settings with high level of poverty and over-stretched health services, researchers have even greater responsibilities to the communities and study participants. SOCIAL AND BEHAVIOURAL RESEARCHA social scientist and public health researcher based in Kenya, Professor Vicki Marsh aims to understand and strenghten policies based on social and ethical aspects of international collaborations. Improving communications between researchers and the patients and local communities is not only ethically important; it can also lead to better research.


5 Oct 2015

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