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The Purpose Through Pain Podcast centers on personal stories that offer life lessons on topics like rejection, grief, anxiety, and trauma. Joseph James is a former U.S. Marine and Law Enforcement veteran, business owner, father, motivational speaker and life coach. Joseph has spoken in many venues across the nation and has helped thousands of people understand their purpose in life. After his wife’s battle of cancer, and the journey of pain his family went through, Joseph is now coaching people that have gone through life’s struggles, pain and trauma to help them not just find their purpose through pain but teach them to take their pain and launch them into their destiny.

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032: SOLO | Weather The Storm

It doesn’t take much to recognize when we’re in a storm. In this episode, I shared some actionable steps that one can take when experiencing a difficult situation or facing life's trials and tribulations. Key Takeaways:Always do your best to weather the storm.Don’t stop in the midst of your storm.You’re going to have bad days but never let your day dictate your life.Do not change direction in the midst of your storm.Know and recognize that you’re in a storm, and it’s completely okay. Feed your mind with things that will help you get better. Tweetable Quotes:To change your mind, you have to feed your mind.Change your mindset. Change your world.You can not climb a smooth mountain. Connect with Joseph James:Facebook PageFacebook GroupInstagram


29 Jul 2021

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031: Heather Knight | Surviving To Thriving

Heather Knight is currently serving as the founder and chair of Surviving to Thriving, an Atlanta-based non-profit that provides a long-term sustainability program for victims of domestic violence. The passion for domestic violence awareness and prevention started from her personal situation in her teen years and then grew into a career in law enforcement. Heather recently left the police department after founding Surviving to Thriving in order to dedicate more time to her podcast (also Surviving to Thriving) and to teach the headlining program of R.A.D. Women’s Self-Defense.On this episode:Heather shares her own experiences in her teenage years and the reason why she founded Surviving to Thriving.Heather shares how her husband, Zack, was fueled by his biological father to be a police officer. Learn why people in an abusive relationship are afraid that they won’t thrive outside the relationship. Heather shares how she coped after being in a manipulative relationship.Joseph shares why therapy shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing. Learn the difference between being victimized and having the victim mentality. Understand what fear of the unknown means and what visualization can look like. Heather shares her own challenges when helping other people.Learn how you can start seeking help.  Key Takeaways:You need to have a purpose behind your business or a reason why you’re doing what you’re doing.We need to teach teenagers how to be in a healthy relationship.You need to deal with your own trauma or you’re not going to help people in a way that you want to help them. We have different ways of coping and we just need to find those coping mechanisms that work for us.To get from a place of surviving to a place of thriving, you need to have the tools you need to cope.Tweetable Quotes:Things happen in life, mistakes are made but it makes you who you are at the end of the day. You don’t have to live your whole life being a victim of your circumstances.Just because you’re a woman does not mean you can’t protect yourself. You can be the person that saves your life.You don’t know if you don’t like the unknown.Faith is the hope of seeing things we can’t see. We “fake it so we can make it,” but the “fake it” is something we never really dealt with. Wounds covered up don’t heal the right way. Connect with Heather Knight:InstagramSurviving to Thriving PodcastSurviving to Thriving WebsiteConnect with Joseph James:Facebook PageFacebook GroupInstagram


26 Jul 2021

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030: SOLO | Preach What You Need To Learn

On this episode:What vulnerability truly means and my own experience of being vulnerable. How I have been practicing learning from what I have been teaching since I was a kid.What revelation looks like and how it helps me preach to myself. Why we shouldn’t just practice what we’re learning but instead, live what we’re learning.Key Takeaways:True vulnerability is when you’re not comfortable talking about something to someone.Learning how to live what you learn means you’re going to mess up.We teach what we need to learn.Preach to yourself.Learn how to live what you learn instead of just practicing it. Connect with Joseph James:Facebook PageFacebook GroupInstagram


22 Jul 2021

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029: Brandon Straza | Limiting Beliefs

Host of The Mastermind Effect Podcast, Brandon Straza believes that the right mastermind can be the ultimate secret weapon when it comes to personal development which is why he created The Success Finder App that focuses on helping cut through the noise, invest in oneself, and move past our natural limits. Learn more about working through our limiting beliefs, defining success, and more! On this episode:Brandon shares the “No’s” in his life which are the reasons why he does what he does todayLearn about the Champion’s mindsetLearn ways on how to navigate the feeling of self-doubt How we can define success Learn why ourself is the greatest investment Key Takeaways:The byproduct of solving a problem is moneyChoose to be helpful over being rightYou can take charge of your own successSelf-doubt will always creep in and we just have to recognize it every time Everything in life is salesLearn from your past so you can have the opportunity to not make the same mistakeConnect with Brandon Straza:InstagramThe Mastermind Effect PodcastThe Success Finder WebsiteConnect with Joseph James:Facebook PageFacebook GroupInstagram


19 Jul 2021

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028: SOLO | Forgive YOU

In this episode, I shared the 6 ways on how we can start forgiving ourselves as part of our own healing.Key Takeaways:We cannot forgive ourselves when we project our pain onto others.We judge and shame others as a distraction from our fractured relationship with ourselves.Forgiving ourselves is part of our healing Connect with Joseph James: Facebook Page Facebook Group Instagram


15 Jul 2021

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027: Michael Fabber | Be The Hero

Michael Fabber is a guy who doesn’t know how to sit still. Originally from New York, Michael grew up in a relatively normal family. When his brother, a veteran, committed suicide, it turned his life upside down. Now, Michael works with individuals and businesses to help them achieve their goals. He specializes in those who are seeking fulfillment and bringing their purpose and passion into their careers. Read more about his story on www.coachmikefabber.com.On this episode:Michael shares how his life experiences as a 10-year old turned his life upside down.Know what emotional toughness looks like. Hear the question that made Michael evaluate his existence. How Michael lived from being the villain, the damsel in distress to being the own hero of his story. Key Takeaways:Your story is your own power.You’re the only one who can save you—be the hero. You choose the character you want to play in your own story.Be thankful for both the journey and destination because you can’t love the destination if you hate the journey. Tweetable Quotes:Our story is our power.Our life is a movie and we’re playing the characters in our movie. Make sure you’re playing the character that you want.You have to be the hero of your story.Vulnerability brings healing.Go through it to grow from it.Connect with Michael Fabber:Facebook PageTwitterWebsiteConnect with Joseph James:Facebook PageFacebook GroupInstagram


12 Jul 2021

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026: SOLO | Control Yourself

On this episode:How I managed to create a peaceful environment amidst a toxic environment as a child.The difference between controlling yourself in the midst of a situation and controlling the situation.Learn how to act or choose to react in the midst of the situation instead of trying to control the situation.Key Takeaways:Focus on how you are handling the situation instead of focusing on other people.We can’t make people change or control other people. We’ll better off walk through our own healing and recognize our own triggers if we learn how to control ourselves in the midst of the situation.Tweetable Quotes:We have the ability to change the atmosphere in which we want to live.Triggers are teachers showing us what needs to be healed.Connect with Joseph James:Facebook PageFacebook GroupInstagram


8 Jul 2021

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025: Travis Chappell | Overcoming Rejection

On This Episode:Travis talks about his interest in entrepreneurial topics from an early age.Listen in as Travis talks about growing up in a religious bubble, and the difficulty of making the decision to move away from ministry.Get the keys to overcoming rejection.Hear why Travis began his podcast.Key Takeaways:Confidence is important. Stop imposter syndrome in its track.Consistency is the key to success.Learn from your no's and remember your yeses.Keep a good relationship with yourself.Connect with Travis Chappell:Facebook PageInstagramWebsiteBuild Your Network PodcastConnect with Joseph James:Facebook PageFacebook GroupInstagram


5 Jul 2021

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024: SOLO | Focus

Connect with Joseph James:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/purthrpnFacebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/252908273026721Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/meetjosephjames/


1 Jul 2021

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023: Erin & Sarit | The Power of Inner Change

Erin and Sarit run a fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle mentorship business. Visit erinandsarit.com to read their story.On this episode:Erin shares how her own experiences changed her perspective on health.Learn how to shift your mindset.Discover the beauty of inner transformation.Hear how you can grow simultaneously as a spouse and as an individual.Get the key to defeating the "funk."Key Takeaways:Find ways to see your situation from new experiences.Your mess can become your message.You're responsible for where you are.Tweetable Quotes:You are the problem but you're also the solution.What you say is what you do and what you do becomes your legacy.Connect with Joseph James:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/purthrpnFacebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/252908273026721Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/meetjosephjames/


28 Jun 2021

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