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The Enterprise Podcast 023 - Ian Hodgkinson (Hodgkinson Builders)

Derby based Hodgkinson Builders, has been providing quality bricklaying services since 1990, positioning themselves at the forefront of Britain’s construction industry, whilst inspiring the next generation of tradespeople. With a reputation for quality, reliability and consistently good service in all areas of brickwork, Hodgkinson Builders provides solutions for the most challenging projects anywhere in the UK, delivering both residential and commercial developments. As we approach uncertain times today, Ian opens up about the challenges of the last recession and the reality of the domino effect that events beyond our control can have. He emphasises just how important it is for business owners to gather facts, cut out the noise, make informed decisions and apply logical thinking; for the decisions made and actions taken today, will shape your future. Show notes: http://theenterprisepodcast.com/


23 Mar 2020

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The Enterprise Podcast 022 - Michel Sallenbach (Canadian Touring Car Champion)

Learning to drive in a Fiat 500, way back in 1960’s Switzerland, at just 12 years of age, Sallenbach was addicted to speed early on in life. He left for Canada at the age of 23, where he spent many years building a successful Chemical Engineering business. The need for speed however, never died and at 40, he joined the Jim Russell Racing School at Mont-Tremblant. Sallenbach went on to become three-time Touring Car Champion in his John Cooper Works Mini Coupe with Octane Motorsport. In 2019 he joined Nordschleife Racing, competing in the Peugeot 308 Racing Cup TCR * before competing in the Ligier JS2R for the first time in the Dubai 24H Series in 2020. Show notes: http://theenterprisepodcast.com/


16 Mar 2020

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The Enterprise Podcast 021 - Nik Hardy (Hardy Signs)

Hardy Signs Ltd was established by Nik Hardy in 1993 and has since grown into one of the most recognised and preferred signage suppliers in the United Kingdom. Hardy Signs is a multi award-winning company that through constant innovation has become the leading signage company in the UK.On this episode, Ash caught up with Nik at Hardy HQ and chatted about innovation, recruitment of the right team and the challenges of running your own company. See the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLpol-yVBFA&t=129s As always, the full show notes are on : http://theenterprisepodcast.com/


9 Mar 2020

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The Enterprise Podcast 020 - Jim Leaf (Clipper Round the world race 2019 Crew)

After stepping foot on to a sailboat for the first time ever in April 2019. Jim completed 4 weeks of training with Clipper Ventures, earning his Competent Crew and Sea Survival qualifications. He then joined the loud crew of the Punta Del Este Clipper Yacht to race 11 other boats from the Punta Del Este in Uruguay to Cape Town South Africa. He directly crossed the South Atlantic through the eye of 3 relentless storms, back to back. Joined by 21 other crazy amateurs and led by 2 amazing professionals. Jim and the crew finished in 2nd place after battling 40 - 75-knot winds and 8 - 12m waves for 16 days! This amazing experience was to become the most incredible test of endurance of his life so far. Back on terrafirma, I caught up with Jim to reflect on the lessons he learned about teamwork, communication, social awareness, compassion, leadership and crisis and stress management. For resources and show notes: http://theenterprisepodcast.com/

1hr 10mins

2 Mar 2020

Rank #4

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The Enterprise Podcast 019 - Jim Cross (Crossover Property)

With a background working in engineering and technical sales from the age of 16, Jim developed a strong skill base that followed him when he founded Crossover Property at the beginning of 2018. Initially, he started sourcing properties for clients and partnered with another company, helping them to source HMO conversions. The business grew considerably in 2019, with a number of projects sourced and managed for clients, as well as adding to his own portfolio with JV finance. He has also taken on an apprentice to help grow in the business further and pass on his skills to the next generation. With 6 projects currently under his management and over half a million pounds of JV financed raised in 2019, Jim has some big plans for 2020 but also shares the sacrifices involved along the way. For resources and show notes: http://theenterprisepodcast.com/


23 Feb 2020

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The Enterprise Podcast 018 - Nick Dutton (Engage Finance)

As a property investment specialist with a strong finance background, having spent 5 years with Lloyds Bank, Nick gained invaluable experience looking after property clients and property lending, managing a portfolio with a turnover close to £25 million. Nick is an aspiring entrepreneur who is now venturing into property investing himself; working with like-minded and driven individuals. He’s also an active member of the Progressive Property Network, Property Investors Network, Property Hub, Midlands Property Forum, host of Engaging Networking, co-host of ‘The Entrepreneur Academy’ podcast and Leicester PPN Platinum Partner, meaning he can relate to his clients and is continually learning a variety of strategies. Following a successful career with Lloyds, Nick has built a successful Commercial Finance Brokerage, helping to fund some exciting property deals. For resources and show notes: http://theenterprisepodcast.com/


16 Feb 2020

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The Enterprise Podcast 017 - Jake Lowe (Running with Jake)

Jake is a self-proclaimed running nut! With a background in television, radio, and run coaching. He combined his skills in these fields to create his brand, Running with Jake. Jake can regularly be found on his Facebook page doing live videos to help, motivate, and inspire runners. He has also recently launched his new Podcast: Running with Jake: The PLODcast! In 2018 Jake founded the Performance Community - a unique coaching programme that gives members access to advanced physiological testing methods that elite athletes use. This effectively takes out the guesswork of their training, meaning that Jake and the team can use the results from the test to help runners of all abilities, to run further and faster than ever before. Show notes: http://theenterprisepodcast.com/


10 Feb 2020

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The Enterprise Podcast 016 - Richard Barber & Aaron Gordon (Driven, University of Derby)

In partnership with The European Social Fund and Department for Work & Pensions, The University of Derby is DRIVEN to help SMEs across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire to recruit and retain the most talented students and graduates. Whether you’re looking to recruit local graduates or are keen to see how graduate and higher-level skills could support your business, DRIVEN invite local organisations to work in partnership with The University of Derby, to access a wide range of support to plug skills gaps, achieve more and grow local businesses across the Midlands. Show notes: http://theenterprisepodcast.com/


3 Feb 2020

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The Enterprise Podcast 015 - Jane Taylor (No Ordinary Rental)

Jane set up No Ordinary Rentals just 2 years ago, whilst on maternity leave with her second daughter. Trying to juggle family life, run a successful property company and also manage a team within her husband’s company, Jane talks about her plans to build on her business before relocating to France, where she will manage the business remotely. She speaks openly about her success and obstacles throughout her journey and how she manages her time. Having to work on future proofing her business, Jane shares her plans to diversify into serviced accommodation once relocating to France and the education she has taken part in to gain knowledge in this area. Show notes: http://theenterprisepodcast.com/


27 Jan 2020

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The Enterprise Podcast 014 - Allister Gardiner (AH Group)

Allister is an award winning property developer from Burton, relentless in his endeavours he was recognised for the profits his start-up business produced in 2017 - 2018 by worldwide training organisation, Legacy Education. Allister’s construction company has also been shortlisted for Business of the Year Award in his local area, whilst also being shortlisted for Developer of the Year nationally. Having seen his progress from the beginning, I was keen to understand what makes this rising star tick. Show notes: http://theenterprisepodcast.com/


20 Jan 2020

Rank #10