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Temple of Poi Class Series Preview Videos

Enjoy these videos highlighting the content being taught in various class series offered at Temple of Poi.

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Poi Video Lesson: Intermediate Combination of the Week!

This combination is a short lesson for intermediate students wanting more transitions and flow using the following moves: double jedi up stalls, same time, same direction weave turn around right and left under the leg weave turn around 4 petal in spin diamond mode split direction flower (side split left) split direction weave turn around archer weave turn around buzzsaw with tap backs You can view just the combination here or, if you need more step by step details on how to put it together, you can download the 7 minute lesson for $2.00 using the button below. Enjoy!

28 Jan 2011

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Poi Video Lesson: Split Direction Weave

We’re excited to add to the library of video moves we’re offering here at Temple of Poi. Today’s addition? The split direction weave (offered in person as part of the Split Direction Class (Intermediate IIE))! This move is taught through a 20 minute video which breaks down the drills for the move, the lecture notes explaining the structure of the move and the 4 different split direction weave patterns, step-by-step how to for putting the drills together and tips to help you along the way. Taught live in our San Francisco studios, this lesson takes out repeated drills and student chatter to bring you a dense lesson plan to help you achieve success with these split direction weave patterns! The tuition is $6 for this 20+ minute lesson.

27 Jan 2011

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Behind the Waist Wrap Class Preview

Though we’ve been offering this class for years, we’re only now getting around to a class preview video for the Intermediate IIF: Behind the Waist Wrap class which focuses on the waist wrap and other behind the back movements including: same direction crossers split direction crossers behind the back weaves turning the weaves turning with the waist wrap hug drills behind the back stalls behind the head stalls behind the back butterfly and thread the needle behind the back flowers behind the back CAPS behind the back lockouts turning with behind the back moves and more! We have just added the next offering of this series which will be Monday evenings starting June 14 at 8 pm running for 4 weeks, skipping July 5. Register now for the Spring 2010 Behind the Waist Wrap Class. (Note: sometimes playing the video in a separate window works better or just download it through the Class Preview Video Podcast.)

24 May 2010

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Wall Planes and Lockouts Class Preview Video

For those who are unfamiliar with the content of the Intermediate IIC: WallPlanes & Lockouts 4 week class series, we’ve created this little preview video for you so you can get an idea of what we’ll cover in the class. The class has a strong emphasis on front and side plane flowers. We try to do something different each series, so even if you’ve taken the class before, you’ll learn something new each time. For those who have taken the class before, if the class series does not sell out, you can retake it for half price ($60) instead of full tuition ($120).The next offering of this class series will be 8-9:20 pm on Tuesday nights starting September 29, 2009, for 4 consecutive weeks.

5 Sep 2009

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Advanced/Intermediate Poi Turn Class

Temple of Poi is pleased to announce the new Advanced & Advanced Intermediate Poi Turn Class, Intermediate IIIT: Turns (for Poi) with this class preview video at the bottom of this post. This 4 week course will be presented in August for its first offering.During the series, we will use swivels, half turns (90 degrees), turns (180 degrees) and turn arounds (360 degrees) as well as practicing movement with different turn patterns. The material for the class will be customized depending on the skill level of the students attending. This means each class series will be unique and students will benefit from attending the series more than once because as their skill expands, the complexity of the turn combinations will also expand. Depending on the skill level of the students, we will cover combinations using some of these moves:weaves5 beat weavesbehind the back weavescrossershugsbutterflieship reelspinwheelsbuzzsawsstallslockouts2 petal flowers4 petal flowerssweepsantispin flowers with extensionsgiantsunder the leg combinationsbarrel rollsjedi stallsDetails and registration can be found on the course page. The first class offering will begin August 4, 2009 at 8 pm. If you can not attend all 4 weeks, contact us to arrange for drop in. Due to limited class size, advanced registration is required, even for students only attending one night.

27 Jul 2009

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