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The Free Cheese is a weekly video game podcast about video games, brought to you once a week by The Free Cheese dot com. Featuring Marc Augustyniak and Matt Soellner. Hosted by Joe Dix. Opening theme The Origin by Legna Zeg.

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The Free Cheese Episode 331: “Fan Service”

This week on The Free Cheese, it’s all about games. With Game of the Year behind us we spend the podcast talking about everything we’ve been playing in the last few weeks. We touch on Code Vein, Madden 20, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, Wattam, Shadows of the Damned, Demon’s Tilt, and so much more. We learn some new phrases and prepare for our annual predictions show next week.

2hr 9mins

30 Dec 2019

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The Free Cheese Episode 333: Limp System

This week on The Free Cheese, keep rollin’. We have another week of GTA Online stories to share along with the debut of a new game that you can play along with at home. Matt got through the wall in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Marc plays as someone else in Onimusha, and Joe got into Shovel Knight: King of Cards. We hit some headlines from the week and recap the Pokémon Direct.

1hr 57mins

13 Jan 2020

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The Free Cheese Episode 340: Listen to the Meat Man

This week on The Free Cheese, we learn the age of hedgehogs. Fresh from the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo, we share our equal and opposite reactions to what we played. Matt becomes a detective in Hollywood with the greatest investigative tool: Picross. Joe takes control of Dracula in the last major release in a line of pachinko machines. We talk about Stadia a little longer than Google has this calendar year and what a Butterfinger can bring you.

2hr 9mins

9 Mar 2020

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The Free Cheese Episode 332: Penetrating the Fortress with a Ghost

This week on The Free Cheese, learn the history of the year 2020. We fell back into Grand Theft Auto Online and started to build our digital empire on the backs of Steve Winwood songs. Marc learns the ways of Onimusha while Matt takes his special friend to the championship and Joe rolls credits on the world of dreams. We tally up the scores of our 2019 predictions and etch in stone our declarations for 2020.

1hr 53mins

6 Jan 2020

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The Free Cheese Episode 307: You Gotta Eat

This week on The Free Cheese, you want job? We're here to talk about another round of Q&A from a Nintendo shareholder's meeting that includes discussion about the future of Nintendo Switch Online and whether or not these poor shareholders can get to an amusement park. Matt only understands the ways of The Ancients these days as every screen must contain DOTA. Marc uses the absence of the internet to get immersed in Breath of the Wild. Joe opens up two screens to make maps in Etrian Odyssey. We talk about some Super Mario Maker 2 best practices and how to get started making levels, as well as what makes a good Zelda dungeon.

1hr 57mins

8 Jul 2019

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The Free Cheese Episode 305: Walmart Warrior

This week on The Free Cheese, that's a veteran catch! Marc returns from Chicago to tell us what it's like to catch Pokémon with thousands of other people across three parks, as well as share the experience of Rare Replay and the arcade edition of Battletoads. Matt is collecting ears with his motorcycle as he begins the wandering within Days Gone. Joe is looking for a way to make things turn upside down in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night after its long-awaited release. We also talk a lot about Data Underlords and how it finally makes sense once you play it, as well as the longevity of that genre of games now cropping up. With E3 in the rearview, there's only one news story worth talking about: Dr. Mario.

2hr 7mins

24 Jun 2019

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The Free Cheese Episode 336: The Future of EA

This week on The Free Cheese, Syndicate mobile. Matt edges closer to the platinum trophy in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and spends a few hours creating religion in Frostpunk. Joe feels the beat in Patapon 2 and finds himself deep in the streets of Kamurocho in Yakuza Kiwami. We talk about rumors of Silent Hill games and a new horror IP at Sony, check in with Nintendo’s financial briefing, and predict the 14 games that EA will release before next year.

1hr 52mins

3 Feb 2020

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The Free Cheese Episode 310: Mario Party Gloves

This week on The Free Cheese, I found this in the backyard, you want it? Wolfenstein: Youngblood is adding a bit of the Arkane flavor to the hallway shooter and we detail what we’re digging about the game so far. Fire Emblem: Three Houses is changing up the formula as well, adding in a whole lot of social elements to the game that are making us care about the characters even more. Finally, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is filled with what we knew from the first two games and the character combos are giving us reason to try different playstyles out. We talk about potential returns to both the Monster Rancher and NiGHTS franchises as well as the latest addition to the roster of Overwatch. We hear what was announced at QuakeCon and how it was three Doom games coming to Switch. All this and more on another exhilarating episode of The Free Cheese Podcast. Thanks for joining!

1hr 54mins

29 Jul 2019

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The Free Cheese Episode 308: Bring Back the Nomad

This week on The Free Cheese, what's after Mars? Marc is away but Matt and Joe come together to talk about the Sega Genesis and how it lives on in 2019. With the announcement of the Vita 2, or "Nintendo Switch Lite", we talk about what we want in portable gaming and where we think Nintendo should take its family of hardware next. Another week of Dota 2 and Underlords is in Matt's play record while Joe spent some time exploring the star map in Warframe and trying to find ground in Super Mario Maker 2.

1hr 36mins

15 Jul 2019

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The Free Cheese Game of the Year 2019 | Day 3

Welcome to or third day of awards for 2019. Today we debut some categories and celebrate the best games that don’t stop. Listen in for our deliberations and read below for the winners. Don’t forget to vote for Reader’s Choice Game of the Year 2019! Best Gameplay We’re debuting this category despite the obvious need for it in previous years. What we do in a game is ultimately what hooks us in the first place. We can watch or read or do most things from a game in any other media but we can’t play our media like we can in a game. This celebrates the game that ultimately did something innovative and provided us with a new way to play. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Runners Up: Session, Devil May Cry V Best DLC/Expansion Thankfully, video games are no longer confined to their original releases. Developers can expand upon them with new content and fix what might have needed a change. This category awards the game that added the most significant change to its core title and made it relevant beyond the original release date. Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Runners Up: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Halo: The Master Chief Collection Favorite In-Game Moment This award celebrates the one time in a game that made you want to tell everyone to play it. Every game has a moment where something clicks or comes out of nowhere and that surprise of it all makes it incredibly memorable. Ashtray Maze (Control) Runners Up: Nero vs Vergil (Devil May Cry V), Time jump (Fire Emblem: Three Houses) Best Ongoing Game Games as a service are so prevalent that we felt there should be an award for the one that does it the best. Separate from a single piece of content added or an expansion, this award goes to the games that make us want to come back regularly and not just for a single piece of content. Their continual changes and deployment make the content within significant and rewarding for us to keep playing all year long. Destiny 2 Runners Up: Magic: The Gathering Arena, Halo: The Master Chief Collection Best Nintendo Game 2019 was a powerful year for Nintendo. While its American arm and the industry lost the force of Reggie Fils-Aime, the company continued to grow and expand its business. We saw the launch of a new model of the Switch and the premiere of massive franchises like Pokémon and Fire Emblem on the hardware. Beyond just first-party output, Nintendo partnered with third-party developers for exclusives like Astral Chain and Daemon X Machina that flesh out the library of the hybrid console and add even more reason to own one. While the other console manufacturers put out fewer games with new hardware on the horizon, Nintendo filled the calendar with games to play. Super Mario Maker 2 Runners Up: Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Ring Fit Adventure

2hr 17mins

25 Dec 2019

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The Free Cheese Episode 342: Knuckle Pot Theory

This week on The Free Cheese, listen to the devil’s interval. We gather to talk about Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, as expected. We also talk about the new details of both the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5. We check in with new Game Pass Ultimate perks, the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, and broadcasting sports video games.

2hr 8mins

23 Mar 2020

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The Free Cheese Game of the Year 2019 | Day 2

2019’s awards continue with our next wave of awards. Once again we are gathered on a podcast to deliberate each award and grant one winner with two runners up. Listen in for the full debates and surprises, then read below for the winners. You can also still vote for your Game of the Year 2019 in our Reader’s Choice Award. Best Multiplayer This category awards the best use of multiplayer in a game this year. The way that a game can effectively bring us together is something that dates back to the beginning of video games and we love finding new ways to play with other people. Kind Words Runners Up: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Magic: The Gathering Arena Best Character This category highlights a character from a game who became an integral part of what made that game special to us. Without them, the game could have still been great but with them it is so much more. Fragile (Death Stranding) Runners Up: Dante (Devil May Cry V), Raphael (Fire Emblem: Three Houses) 2019’s 2018 Game of the Year We typically use this category to celebrate the game from the year before that might have made it into our top five had we played it. There were no games from 2018 that any of us went back to that we were compelled to nominate. Either we did a great job last year at playing everything great or we missed a lot. Stay tuned for 2020. Biggest Disappointment This award goes to the game that let us down the most. We had such high expectations because of its marketing, its developer, its franchise, or something else. In the end, the final output was not close to what we had hoped for and in some cases turned out pretty rotten. Wolfenstein: Youngblood Runners Up: Team Sonic Racing, Anthem Best PlayStation Game The edge of this generation is easy to peek over in 2019 and our glimpse at the future happened a few times as Sony officially announced the PlayStation 5 for next Holiday. With most of its first-party studios likely creating experiences for the new hardware and some working on games that slipped into 2020, it was a smaller year for PlayStation exclusives. It might feel a little like we’re just giving an award to give it but Death Stranding got us talking. Only one of us finished the game but each of us became infatuated with it in many different ways. Ultimately, the first production from Hideo Kojima and team post-Konami and without the Metal Gear name was something to revel in. It’s weird and beautiful, strange and maddening, and it all comes together in something that we’ll likely still talk about for years to come. Death Stranding

1hr 14mins

24 Dec 2019

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The Free Cheese Episode 341: I Gotta Get Rid of This Christmas Tree

This week on The Free Cheese, it’s the final stretch. Matt survives his worst fears as he edges closer to the sun and then straps his skates on to roll around the rink. Joe keeps circling the tops of the castle in a classic while discovering what he missed by not becoming a Belmont sooner. We talk about the future of GameStop, the potential of a new Tony Hawk game, Platinum Games’ newest studio and engine, and oh, E3 is canceled. We also talk about gaming masks and add another source to the Silent Hill revival rumors.

2hr 15mins

16 Mar 2020

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The Free Cheese Episode 334: A Fit Place for a Hedgehog

This week on The Free Cheese, we need a vowel. We talk about the latest addition to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster along with a recap of the recent string of game delays that struck this week. Matt beat Sekiro and finds himself lost looking for the next thing. Marc pulls out the purple to play Phantasy Star Online while waiting on its sequel. Joe enters the depths of hell in Sigil after the recent updates to Doom.

1hr 38mins

20 Jan 2020

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The Free Cheese Episode 311: The Truth is Out There

This week on The Free Cheese, you can pause us at any time. Marc survives a strange encounter in a parking lot with Team Rocket and maybe more. Joe starts to get heavy into tea time with his students in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Matt learns what video games look like on a new graphics card with Wolfenstein: Youngblood. We talk about how many millions of PlayStation 4 consoles have been sold, what Hero is like in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, where SEGA consoles live on today, and more during our News section.

1hr 49mins

5 Aug 2019

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The Free Cheese Episode 309: Game of the Year 2019 So Far

This week on The Free Cheese, we go down the river. With six months behind us, we take a look at what we like this year so far and which games we believe will end up in our annual conversations this December. We also talk about the slew of announcements from Nintendo this week along with id Software departures, Comic-Con announcements, and news of Tetris Effect on PC. Thankfully, the meta changed in Dota Underlords so Matt has a little bit more to talk about. Marc poked at the obligatory Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp while Joe started playing a decade-old MMO and learning when the Splatfest ended.

1hr 43mins

22 Jul 2019

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The Free Cheese Episode 330: Is This a Sonic Game?

This week on The Free Cheese, a city above the sea. Marc and Joe reconvene after The Game Awards to talk mostly about the Xbox Series X and what a new BioShock game could be. We recap the State of Play and highlight our favorite headlines of the week. We also talk about Resident Evil 2, Magic: The Gathering Arena, Death Road to Canada, and Shovel Knight. We check in with a ™ game based on some creepypasta and sign off before our own Game of the Year awards debut next week.

1hr 45mins

16 Dec 2019

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The Free Cheese Episode 338: Harmony Crossing

This week on The Free Cheese, your mama don’t dance. We’re here to get excited and get you excited about Animal Crossing. We recap the Direct and talk about everything there is to do on a faraway, desert, island after you’ve been kidnapped. Matt finds a victory and a bit of confidence as the third journey continues. Meanwhile, Joe rediscovers an old classic and finds new meaning in it. Read about our Animal Crossing history with an old article we talked about this episode.

1hr 35mins

24 Feb 2020

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The Free Cheese Episode 335: Bathroom Buddies

This week on The Free Cheese, can I finish first? Matt and Joe talk about Ninja Theory’s new projects and celebrate #Sonic2020 right along with you. Joe failed to keep things going for long in Frostpunk but found better luck in Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2. Matt figured out the best way to get over finishing Sekiro is to play more Sekiro.

1hr 20mins

27 Jan 2020

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The Free Cheese Episode 348: Make a Bautista!

This week on The Free Cheese, no Vin Diesels allowed! We give our final word (spoiler-free) on Final Fantasy VII Remake and talk about the future of summer games announcements. We talk Gears Tactics and Gran Turismo for PSP, and wonder about what games we’ll see at Inside Xbox this week.

1hr 39mins

4 May 2020

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