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How to Win at Your Bookkeeping Sales Follow Ups

​We've got another inspiring episode of The Bookkeepers' Voice for you today! This week Angie spills the beans on all things sales, providing you with 11 tips to improve your processes and win your sales! This week is full of useful information like "how to get to know your leads before meeting them without seeming creepy", and "how to effortlessly point them in the right direction to get the best outcome for your sales process". Following the tips this week will put you in the best position possible to start closing more sales and fill your client base with clients that you love! Key takeaway: "Remember to SMILE! Even if they can't see you they can hear/read a smile." Useful Links #085 Why Bookkeepers Need a Follow Up Process #086 Creating Your Follow-Up Process #087 Automating Your Follow Up Process See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


8 Oct 2020

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