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The Arts Past and Present: Diva - for iPod/iPhone

How do you get to be one of the great operatic divas? Catherine Rogers might just have what it takes to be a famous opera singer, but she still has lots of work to do. This album gives us an insight into the immense effort it requires to become a musical performer. As well as singing, acting, language, and stage skills all need to be honed. Catherine tackles the tragic aria of the Countess in Mozart's Marriage of Figaro and is praised by her tutors. In the audio track Elaine Moohan from the Music Department at The Open University unpicks some of the issues emerging from Catherine's story, and suggests that it's not good for one's reputation to develop a diva-like personality! This material forms part of The Open University course, A100 The arts past and present.

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Reaction to the performance

Catherine’s reactions to video of her performance


1 Mar 2009

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The Arts Past and Present: Diva

A short introduction to this album


8 Mar 2010

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