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Veterans for Voluntaryism

A group of veterans that adopted a liberty-focused mindset during their time in the military. We cover topics such as voluntaryism, anarcho-capitalism, minarchism, libertarianism, and more!!! Thank you so much for your interest and hopefully you will enjoy this journey as much as we do!!

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Ep. 25 - There's a Snake Comin'

Dudes!! Back at it again to discuss...well, to discuss nothing. Thank you for listening!!Twitter: @v4vism, @v4vjake, @anarchoodin

1hr 3mins

26 Jan 2021

Rank #1

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Ep. 24 - New America?

Dudes!! The boys are back at ya for a second time this week to discuss possibilities under a Biden administration. Thank you for listening!!Twitter: @v4vism, @anarchoodin, @v4vjake

1hr 10mins

20 Jan 2021

Rank #2

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Ep. 23 - Peaceful Protests

Dudes!! Welcome back to a brand new episode where the boys talk about the DC protests.Twitter: @v4vism, @v4vjake, @anarchoodin

1hr 13mins

18 Jan 2021

Rank #3

Podcast cover

Ep. 22 - Like a Mullet but an Episode Instead

Dudes!! We recorded this episode before the protests in DC, but released it after they happened so please excuse the dated info. Thanks alot for listening!!Twitter: @v4vism, @v4vjake, @anarchoodin


8 Jan 2021

Rank #4

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V4V Ep. 21 - Secession and Chill

Dudes!! If you can make it to the last half hour of this show then you're in for a treat!! Thanks alot for listening!!Twitter: @v4vism, @v4vjake, @anarchoodin

1hr 9mins

21 Dec 2020

Rank #5

Podcast cover

Ep. 20 - Hard Times are a Comin'

Dudes! This episode got a little bleak but it's all good because the boys still know how to kick it. Thanks for listening!Twitter: @v4vism, @v4vjake, @anarchoodin

1hr 21mins

11 Dec 2020

Rank #6

Podcast cover

V4V Ep. 19 - Covid Cultists and Loser Libertarians

Dudes!! On this episode we discuss covid cultists, the state of the LP, and lockdown tyrants. Thank you so much for listening!!Twitter: @v4vism, @anarchoodin, @v4vjake

1hr 6mins

6 Dec 2020

Rank #7

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Ep. 18 - Give Thanks Not Power

Dudes!! Jordan rides solo on this episode and discusses the pandemic propaganda. Thanks alot for listening!!Twitter: @v4vism, @v4vjake, @anarchoodin


27 Nov 2020

Rank #8

Podcast cover

Ep. 17 - FMK All the Way

Dudes!! On this episode we talk about more corona crisis madness and play a game of FMK. Thanks for listening!!Twitter: @v4vism, @v4vjake, @anarchoodin

1hr 15mins

19 Nov 2020

Rank #9

Podcast cover

Ep. 16 - Rage with the Machine

Dudes!! We come at you with a good ol' fashion raging episode about current events and everything else that makes us want to RAGE!!Twitter: @v4vism, @v4vjake, @anarchoodin, @PMA2day


12 Nov 2020

Rank #10