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Kulacast - Stuck to Summit

Kulacast is a podcast that features the stories and habits of adventure-minded individuals from the Kula Cloth community and beyond. Each episode features 4 questions... and a curveball question. Together we will dive deep and learn the habits and stories of people who are blazing their own trail.

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Listening for the Little Things with Amanda McIntyre

Episode 2: In today's episode, we chat with resident Kula Cloth creative director Amanda McIntyre about what initially sparked her interest in the outdoors (hint: it might surprise you!). She talks about growing up in a suburban area and some tips and tricks that she still uses (and we hope all of you will use too!) to take in all of the sounds and the full body experience of being in the outdoors. Amanda is an award-winning artist and she is the genius behind the unicorn, fox, bee and s'mores print Kulas. She is a mom and full-time artist who recently illustrated her first children's book.   You can find Amanda on instagram @koicatcreative, or you can check out her website at www.koicat.com 


18 Nov 2019

Rank #1

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New Beginnings - Welcome to Kulacast!

Welcome to the very first episode of our brand new podcast, Kulacast: Stuck to Summit! The word 'Kula' means community, and it is with great joy that we will begin this adventure of getting to know our community on a deeper level.  In our first episode, Kula Cloth founder Anastasia Allison explains the inspiration for Kulacast, answers the 4 core questions that will be explored in each episode, and brings in a special guest for the infamous 'curveball' question. You can find more information about Kula Cloth on our website, www.kulacloth.com or on instagram @kulacloth. Thanks for listening to the show - we can't wait to get to know all of you better and uplift each other as a community of inspired, adventure-minded individuals!  


17 Nov 2019

Rank #2