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Somatic Psychology and Education. Looking at the cross pollination of a range of disciplines to track the future as it emerges through us and into the world. Somatic integrity is our vital capacity to be whole, right now. Our intelligence is not limited to the mind, but is integrated through out our whole body. By paying attention to our Soma we include our innate capacity to connect to the living moment and to each other.

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Somatic Integrity and Vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, and chronic stress

This is an introduction to how somatic integrity is a solution to dealing with and developing resiliency in the face of extreme stress.


13 Jul 2009

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Why we need a center!

I will discuss the development of our center, the core of our bodymind, the organizing element that simplifys lifes complexity


4 May 2009

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liberation, the body, society, and the future

why somatics is a response to the appropriation of our future


20 Apr 2009

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Somatic Integrity Show 7

liberation and society


6 Apr 2009

Rank #4

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Somatic Integrity Show 6

Continuation on the somatic drive towards real liberation. Society and the body


23 Mar 2009

Rank #5

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Somatic Integrity Show 5

Body-mind and Society: the body is the center place of political and cultural activity


16 Mar 2009

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Somatic Integrity Show 4

Basic over view of the last shows and the greater implications surrounding our deeper behavioral systems


9 Mar 2009

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Somatic Integrity and the Autonomic Nervous System

In this show I will continue to talk about the Autonomic Nervous system and understanding this part of our embodied life.


2 Mar 2009

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Somatic Integrity

This show will elaborate on the Autonomic Nervous System and how to track it, utilize it, and understand its deeper somatic function in education, therapy, business, and the world. Tools for awareness!


23 Feb 2009

Rank #9

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Somatic Integrity

this show will introduce my work and the vision of what I am offering the world.


16 Feb 2009

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