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The Coaching Connection podcast brings to you all things coaching. From best practices to ethical considerations to help strengthen and continue to support the development of the profession. Coach Katy is a fun-loving English soul who wants to help all coaches build their coaching practice and be successful. She is the founder of the Gateway Training Center and offers live courses from foundational skills to advanced specialties. With a counseling background, Katy brings rich knowledge, evidence-based approaches, and thought-provoking questions and teachings.

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Coaching Panel Discussion

Coach Katy and Dr. Scott Gardner present at different coaching and family conferences as often as possible. This recording is taken from a panel discussion presented at the Foundation for Family Life conference, Fall of 2021.  If you are wanting to train to become a life coach, or have recently started and wonder what it looks like to start your own practice, then this episode is for you. Three wonderful coaches, Cindy, Melissa, and Jen, share their journey to becoming board-certified and what looks like for them now.  We believe that you can find confidence, insights, and hope as you listen and learn from all who attended.  Katy and Fred. 


19 Feb 2022

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Curiosity and Possibility Thinking

Season 2 Episode 15 Listen in to learn more about curiosity and what it means to invite those you work with to be more curious. You will also learn what it means to be a possibility thinker and how this helps us as coaches to offer an experience where clients can gain clarity. Coach Katy will share question examples to support this approach, and even introduce the concept of "unselfing" taught by Marcia Reynolds. Get your notebook ready for this one!


4 Feb 2022

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Coaching Membership 2022 Breakdown

Season 2 Episode 14 Each year we create a new theme for our growing coaching community. Listen in to find out more about what we have planned for 2022, along with some questions to get you thinking about the growth of your coaching business.  Membership Links: Website Member Zone


21 Jan 2022

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Sixth Session Coaching Example

The final installment of Coach Katy working with Fred. Listen for additional tools that can be implemented within your own coaching, as well as the new insights that Fred gains as he explores the different "parts" of his mentality.


8 Dec 2021

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Fifth Session Coaching Example

The second to last example coaching session with Fred. Listen as the pieces for his goal start falling into place and Coach Katy guides him through insightful brainstorming. See if you can identify the skills used and be sure to note the new tools introduced to enhance the coaching experience. 


25 Nov 2021

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Fourth Session Coaching Example

In this fourth example coaching session with Fred, Coach Katy demonstrates skills such as evaluating progress, exploring true desires, and Motivational Interviewing. Try to pick out these and other skills as you listen to Fred's continuing journey to accomplish his goals. And find out if he decides to make a dramatic shift in focus.


17 Nov 2021

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Third Session Coaching Example

Season 1 Episode 10 How do you utilize assessments as a coach, within your practice? How do you honor coaching as a strength-based approach? To find out how Coach Katy expertly applies these principles, pay attention to when she naturally moves the conversation forward helping Fred discover new ways to apply his strengths.  See if you can identify the assessment and two positive psychology interventions applied to the situation.


9 Nov 2021

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Second Session Coaching Example

Season 1 Episode 9 Join us for the next installment of Coach Katy working with her coachee, Fred. In this session, Coach Katy starts with a debrief/breakdown of the previous session's commitments. After setting follow-up steps, she starts the session by asking Fred what direction he wants to take, to help keep the momentum moving forward. Listen in to see where the conversation goes, and see if you can identify the coaching skills used. 


30 Oct 2021

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First Session Coaching Example

Season 1 Episode 8  For the next six episodes, we are going to showcase coaching sessions starting at the beginning. You will see how Coach Katy builds a strong coaching alliance and how she creates connections between session goals and the vision for the end of the coaching relationship. In this session, you will hear Coach Katy use the following skills: Building the connection by getting to know the coachee Asking open questions to encourage creativity and openness Empathy and compassion  Creating a vision for the six weeks and focusing on the goal for the current conversation Drawing on values  Invitation for homework (life purpose) Statement of intention  To help us grow our podcast to reach more people, please like, share, and leave a review today. For more information, you are welcome to reach out to katyrushton@thegatewaytc.com. 


20 Oct 2021

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Could Do, Want To, Will Do

Season 1 Episode 7 Join coach educator Katy, as she introduces a simple and effective tool to enhance how you help others make and set action steps. 


12 Oct 2021

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