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This podcast is made by and for those who want to have and hear critical conversations about digital technologies. Those who share the goal of creating a future that is more resilient, sustainable and inclusive. We are a community of researchers, designers, developers, strategists, marketers, managers, and many other people working in the digital industry. We share knowledge, motivation and ideas to push the boundaries of digital design.– powered by foryouandyourcustomers

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Nina Müller "Privacy by design"

With consumers being concerned with how companies use their data, it's time for alternative solutions that rebuild confidence and trust. In search of these I encountered Nina Müller from empathy.co, a company that sets a new standard for ethical e-commerce with their Search and Discovery platform. One that prioritises privacy, trust and transparency. One that allows consumers to decide what data they share.This time at (Re)Design, I’m joined by Nina Müller, who leads the Ethical Commerce Alliance, an initiative of foryouandyourcustomers' partner empathy.co. Since Nina herself also hosts a podcast, we have prepared a special episode: Nina is my guest, and at the same time I am hers. Together we discuss how Privacy can be achieved by design. Nina will introduce Empathy's ethical search solution and explain how she thinks e-commerce can be ethical. And she'll ask me questions about how to reduce privacy risks and build trust by design.Link to some resources we collected: https://www.notion.so/responsibledesign/Nina-M-ller-Privacy-by-design-5323cbd5d14748d3ab8784e51abdc6d4Link to the episode with captions: https://youtu.be/XEwbCMEKF5M


20 Jun 2022

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Eva PenzeyMoog “Designing for safety”

Have you ever wondered how your digital product or service could harm people? How it can enable or even reinforce violence? – Whose responsibility is the harm that is caused? What responsibility do the tech creators carry?This time at (Re)Design, I’m joined by Eva PenzeyMoog, who is a designer and author of the book “Design for Safety”. As creators of technology, Eva says in her book, we tend to hope that what we create can be experienced in ideal circumstances, in an ideal world full of ideal users. In reality, however, the world is messy, can be unfair, unjust, and unsafe.That’s why Eva is on a mission to explain how technology can be weaponised by people to harm other people. She breaks down misconceptions, makes use cases tangible, and illustrates best practices that show how to do differently.Link to Eva's favourite resources: https://www.notion.so/responsibledesign/Eva-PenzeyMoog-Designing-for-Safety-5c85312686af4a05a89e1ffdf84c9f46Link to the episode with captions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dlausiq0urw


11 May 2022

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Tom Greenwood "Digital tech is not virtual. How to design a sustainable web."

This time at (Re)Design, I’m joined by no one else than Tom Greenwood, the author of the book “Sustainable Web Design” and founder of Wholegrain Digital. With his London-based agency, Tom has been busy making the Internet greener for 15 years already, designing and developing websites that are considerate of their environmental impact.Did you know how much of the world's electricity we consume with our digital technology?It takes a tremendous amount of energy to create and power our devices, data centers and related infrastructure. On top comes the usage, so what and how much we actually do via this infrastructure. In other words: Every email, online search, and visit to a website consumes energy and contributes to the Internet's global footprint. Depending on how environmentally conscious a website is designed, this is then more or less energy and it’s more or less in the users' control. Ergo, every organisation that runs a website or offers other digital products or services, carries a responsibility too, and has the choice to design with the planet in mind, or not.Link to Tom's favorite resources: https://www.notion.so/responsibledesign/Tom-Greenwood-Digital-tech-is-not-virtual-How-to-design-a-sustainable-web-ed26b39a9a9844f9a0ba017f1b935888Link to the episode with captions: https://youtu.be/2I7hf9EvSeQ


21 Mar 2022

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Looking ahead to Season 2

It's been a while since you've heard from us, and we're excited to be back! In this short update, we introduce you to some of the insights we gained during our self-reflection over the winter break, and give you a glimpse into our new season and the ambitions that we set. So buckle up and keep refreshing the podcast feed: We'll be sharing a new episode very soon.Reach out to us if you'd like to know more about Responsible Design and how it could benefit you and your customers: responsibledesign@foryouandyourcustomer.comEpisode with subtitles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNusAdd3x5s


25 Feb 2022

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Sabine Harnau "Can marketing be ethical?"

Hello and welcome to the (Re)Design Podcast.This is our third episode, and today we'll be looking at how marketing can be sustainable, responsible and ethical.A few days ago, I had the chance to speak with Sabine Harnau. She is striving – in her own words – "to build the most sustainably copywriting agency on earth" – From Scratch.And, as it happened, we recorded this episode on no other day than Black Friday. One of those days in a year where the over-consumption crisis of our times is taken to an extreme.So, what is wrong with marketing? And how could it be ethical? And don't the words ethical and marketing contradict each other?I hope that you'll enjoy this episode and Sabine's vibrant way and open way of bringing her thoughts across. So, let's begin and welcome Sabine.—-Link to the podcast with captions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpZpORD_2K0Link to the transcript: https://www.notion.so/responsibledesign/Transcript-354fd567e159498eae8694407ec6c4c4Link to Sabine's favourite resources: https://www.notion.so/responsibledesign/Sabine-Harnau-Can-marketing-be-ethical-76066df31d5d455db991c016e180180aLink to Sabine's LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sabineharnau/


6 Dec 2021

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Susana Pallero "Start with accessibility today"

Hello, and welcome to the second episode of the (Re)Design Podcast. In this podcast we speak with people who've got stories worth sharing. We hope that they inspire and support you in creating a more sustainable, respectful, and inclusive future.Last week I had the chance to meet Susana Pallero. Susana is based in Argentina, specialised in accessibility and she's also the co-founder of the Latin American community DALAT that brings together people interested in and working on accessibility. In this episode, Susana shares her personal journey into the field of accessibility. You'll have the chance to feel her passion for the topic while she breaks down some of the misconceptions around it. In talking with Susana, I really appreciated her talent for finding good examples to illustrate what accessibility is, and how we can work towards it. And so it's really nice and easy to follow her train of thought, and to feel motivated to act and join the change.I highly encourage you to listen to the full episode, because there's so much to learn from her, and I promise, it gets more and more interesting with every minute.So let's begin, and welcome Susana! —-Link to the podcast with captions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhirHcEnk9oLink to the transcript: https://www.notion.so/responsibledesign/Transcript-a49a11fe83824fe0846bd58efdeaf7c2" rel="noopener">https://www.notion.so/Transcript-a49a11fe83824fe0846bd58efdeaf7c2)Link to Susana's favourite resources: https://www.notion.so/responsibledesign/Susana-Pallero-Start-with-accessibility-today-054add0dd2b941c0868bf55ad13a1846" rel="noopener">https://www.notion.so/Susana-Pallero-Start-with-accessibility-today-054add0dd2b941c0868bf55ad13a1846)Link to Susana's LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/susipalleroarguello/


8 Nov 2021

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Cecilia Scolaro "Why investing in Responsible Design"

Welcome to (Re)Design Podcast. My name is Annegret Bönemann, thanks for tuning in to our first episode!In June this year, we launched the (Re)Design community, which connects researchers, designers, developers, strategists, marketers, managers and many more people working in the digital industry. We all share the one goal of creating a better future. One that is more resilient, more sustainable and more inclusive.Since June, several members of the community have asked us why companies should invest in Responsible Design. Or in other words: What's the business case of Responsible Design?And since that question appeared so pressing, and since this is our first podcast, we decided to keep it simple but also to make it a special episode in which we give our own answers to this question.Today on the show we have Cecilia Scolaro, who is my colleague and the Head of Responsible Design at foryouandyourcustomers.Cecilia sees that companies and organisations can play an important role in shaping a better future by providing products and services that bring real change. Cecilia will discuss with us why it is relevant for businesses to shift their perspective, away from growth- and short-term thinking.Enjoy listening!---Link to our resources: https://www.notion.so/02-Re-Design-why-investing-in-Responsible-Design-2bd5cfbf3fd34fdb93b67db98a44b7f0Link to the podcast with captions: https://youtu.be/-XK-DorWaI0Link to the transcript: https://www.notion.so/responsibledesign/Transcript-Why-investing-in-Responsible-Design-c3eeca2ce4604370844f18b51dda7256


10 Aug 2021

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