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Welcome to Yalla Bye Podcast, where we'll be discussing all things Arab related (sometimes non-Arab related). Hear us go on and on about dating, growing up in the west, 3ozoomas, why the word "3o2balek" is so triggering.

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6 | Let's talk about being arab women + marriage!

Mna now believes in hasad. Hager still does not... The ladies discuss their views on marriage and why the word 3obalek sucks!Follow us: @themeemshop | @yallabyepod


15 Jan 2020

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2 | Let's talk about being sisters!

CHRIS WILL BE ON NEXT EPISODE. For now you can enjoy this one!Follow us on Instagram: @themeemshop | @yallabye


11 Dec 2019

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7 | Let's talk about feminism in the arab world!


29 Jan 2020

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3 | Lets talk about hasad/evil eye!

Follow us @yallabyepod and @themeemshop! Thank you Chris for our music and editing! @yungelephant and yungelephant.com


19 Dec 2019

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5 | Let's talk about keeping our culture!

In this episode, we talk about how to preserve the Arab culture while living so far away! Do we even do a good job at it? Ummm.This week's shout outs go to: @noor_amiry, @kerningcultures, @bellaibrahimFollow us: @yallabyepod | @themeemshop


7 Jan 2020

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8 | Let's talk about breakups!

Join us as we talk about social media culture, break ups and other highs and lows.Sa2afooloo- chasingcurious.substack.com


4 Feb 2020

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11 | Let's talk about dating for fun!

is dating for fun actually fun? are dating apps worth it? which ones are the best? on this episode, we tell dating app stories. we talk about how for us, meeting people irl is a lot better than on dating apps and  talk about what we're looking for. OUR SA2AFOLOS: mna's sa2afoolo: high fidelity on hulumodern love on amazon prime videohager's sa2afoolo:mastery of love by don miguel ruiz mubi


11 Mar 2020

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9 | Let's talk about dealing with our problems!

On this episode we talk about how we deal with the hard times. Hope you enjoy!Follow us - @themeemshop | @yallabyepod


19 Feb 2020

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4 | Let's talk about 2019!

Goodbye to all that! 2020, we're ready for you!Follow us: @themeemshop | @yallabyepod


31 Dec 2019

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10 | Let's talk about what we've learned!

We talk about the 5 things they've learned in the last 5 years. Hope you enjoy our (fake) wisdom!Follow us: @themeemshop || @yallabyepod


3 Mar 2020

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13 | Let's talk about procrastination!

this week, we sit down to talk about our three coping mechanisms to get through this covid-19 quarantine: escapism, wellness and productivity. we talk about what we're doing these days, what we're thinking and how we're getting through what looks like the next month or more. we also delve into our boy obsessions and why we feel it's totally excusable to know everything about someone even before your first date. sorta. maybe. OUR SA2AFOLOS: hager's sa2afolo: the ranch - netflix mna's sa2afolo: glee - netflixOTHER MENTIONS:the new yorker article on tiktok: https://bit.ly/2UvQf03


1 Apr 2020

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12 | Let's talk about our need to preach!

listen to us talk about coronavirus and our need to constantly preach and tell everyone when they've done something wrong. we talk about stress, cancel culture and how to approach someone in a way that leads to conversation. OUR SA2AFOLOS: mna's sa2afolo: @interspeciesfriendship on ig; a page devoted to "celebrating the amazing & unlikely friendships between animal species"hager's sa2afolo: boy meets world; feeny, feeeenyyy, feeeeeenyyyy


19 Mar 2020

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19 | Let's talk about representation!

on this week's episode, we talk about being represented; what types of representation we have out there, what the word means for each of us, and why it's okay to not feel 100% represented by other people's arab experiences. this is a HUGE topic for us and we intend to have many episodes on this! OUR SA2AFOLOS: mna's sa2afolo: dave on huluhager's sa2afolo: wind of change on spotify


20 May 2020

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18 | Let's talk about vulnerability!

this week, we talk about being vulnerable. we chat about why we're encouraged to be vulnerable to begin with, what it takes to be honestly vulnerable and what our hangups are about vulnerability. SEND US YOUR ANONYMOUS SITUATIONS AND QUESTIONS:heymeemshop@gmail.comOUR SA2AFOLOS:mna's sa2afolo: mna's blog, daughters and their motherstell me how it ends by valeria luisellihager's sa2afolo: daring greatly by brene brown


13 May 2020

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17 | Let's talk about getting to know our inner circle!

on this episode, we were inspired by the @werenotreallystrangers card game so we asked each other some questions in hopes of getting to know each other even more! WE'RE NOT REALLY STRANGERS CARD GAME: https://bit.ly/2SL5DECOUR SA2AFOLOS: hager's sa2afolo:@yorkshire.silly.walksmna's sa2afolo:normal people on hulu


6 May 2020

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16 | Alya Mooro | Let's talk about the expectations placed on women!

on this episode, we talk to alya mooro, author of the greater freedom: life as a middle eastern woman outside the stereotypes, about her book and about the often ridiculous expectations placed on arab women specifically (and women in general). we go from talking about how women are expected to look, behave and make decisions to discussing alya's writing career. BUY THE GREATER FREEDOM: https://amzn.to/3aOev2cALYA'S THE GREATER CONVERSATION NEWSLETTER: https://bit.ly/2VKXfGNOUR SA2AFOLOS: alya's sa2afolo: misbehaviour - amazonshe's beautiful when she's angry - amazonhager's sa2afolo: brainpickings.org and @brainpicker


29 Apr 2020

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15 | Let's talk about the law of attraction!

on this episode, we talk about our own versions of law of attraction, how mama thinks a lot of it is bullshit, and how hard times gave us the clarity to figure out what it is we really want for our lives.OUR SA2AFOLOS: mna's sa2afolo: gratitude walks headspace hager's sa2afolo: design matters with debbie millmantim ferris showhow i built this


22 Apr 2020

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14 | Let's talk about people's judgements!

on this episode, we talk about the phrase: "what will people say?" we discuss our experiences with dealing with other people's judgement, how damaging it could be growing up caring about what other people think, and the things we can do to push through it. OUR SA2AFOLOS: mna's sa2afolo: herself (so not sure how you can tune in to that) hager's sa2afolo: the menendez murders: erik tells all - amazon prime video  money heist - netflixfollow us on ig: @yallabyepod @hagereldaas @mnaeldaas


15 Apr 2020

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1 | Let's talk about arab families!

Follow us: @yallabyepodThank you Chris for our show music! @yungelephant Our weekly shoutouts: @meisology @funtasiaegyptFollow us: @yallabyepodThank you Chris for our show music! @yungelephant Our weekly shoutouts: @meisology @funtasiaegypt


3 Dec 2019

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Welcome, welcome!!

We promise our show will be better than this intro. Follow us @themeemshop


22 Nov 2019

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