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The Exposed Negative

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Visual Arts
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A series of conversations celebrating the multi-faceted photographic industry, aiming to enlighten, entertain and educate the listeners whether they be keen hobbyists, seasoned shooters or simply visually-driven individuals.

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A series of conversations celebrating the multi-faceted photographic industry, aiming to enlighten, entertain and educate the listeners whether they be keen hobbyists, seasoned shooters or simply visually-driven individuals.

Best weekly hand curated episodes for learning

Cover image of The Exposed Negative

The Exposed Negative

Latest release on Jan 12, 2021

Best weekly hand curated episodes for learning

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Rank #1: #21 - Storytelling & Social Media w/ Finn Beales

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We talk about the importance of storytelling in your work, the do’s and don'ts of instagram and what it’s like living up a hill in Wales. We also discuss working in teams, digital workflows and colour theory amongst other things.

Colour Theory: some resources here and here

Alex Strohl
Mindnode the software Tom talks about using to get ideas and tasks onto paper
Finn Beales book - The Photography Storytelling Workshop: A five-step guide to creating unforgettable photographs

Finn’s desert island choices
Photobook: The Great Life Photographers (2006)
Camera: Leica Barnack iiia
Finn’s Instagram, Twitter and Website

Jan 12 2021

1hr 5mins


Rank #2: #20 - Listeners Questions & festivities w/ Tom & Greg

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In this weeks special ‘Exposed Xmas Episode’ we answer your questions. In the process of answering your FAQs we talk about Imposter syndrome, taking back control from social media dominating your life, living below your means, cutting operating costs, treatments,, getting assisting work, carnets, and Capture One Optimisation amongst other things! Thanks so much for your questions and we both wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...

Mentioned in the podcast...

Affinity Publisher for putting together treatments

Finn Beales book which has information on treatments

Jake Stangel video - All the things you need to know as an Assistant

Gaffer and Gear reviews on you tube

Capture One tutorials

Dec 22 2020

1hr 27mins


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Rank #3: #19 - Agents & Artistic Visions w/ Kate Abbey

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Kate Abbey is a commercial and Lifestyle photographer based in the north of England. She is represented in the UK and the US and in this episode we talk to Kate about how she got to where she is, and what that journey involved. Studying others to inform her own practice, creating a coherent brand and portfolio and how to get in front of the agents that you want representing you. We also discuss creating personal work and how her decision to take a step back and do an MA later in her life helped reinvigorate her personal work.

From the intro Tom’s cable clips that he’s so in love with

Mentioned by Abbey Photographer - Nick Meek

Photographer - David Harriman

Photographer - Kerry Harrison

Photographer - Peter Beavis

We discuss test shoots and what lengths Kate went too, to create her own shoots abroad.

Creating your own website by analysing other websites - figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

Key to having a consistent portfolio is repetition; repeat what you do 100’s of times - means clients will have no bad surprises about what you’ll deliver

Getting an agent in the US - putting them in a list - A, B and C of priority - and sending personalised mailers

Using Bikini lists - Subscription based mailout lists

Keeping organised by using Insightly - CRM software and tying that into using Linkedin and other social media

Desert Island camera: Hasselblad 503 with a 60mm

Desert Island Book #1: Mountain and waters by Alexander Gronsky

Desert Island Book #2: Girl Pictures by Justine Kurland

Dec 08 2020

1hr 28mins


Rank #4: #18 - Celebrities & Set builds w/ Art Streiber

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This week on the podcast we are super excited to be joined by portrait and entertainment photographer Art Streiber, all the way from LA. Art has been shooting for over two decades and his clients include some of the top titles in the magazine and advertising world. He’s also become known for his amazing behind the scenes glimpses from his large scale productions which he posts to his Instagram. We talk to Art about how he keeps such a giant operation running and the tips and tricks he’s picked up along the way.

Things to haver your kit bag #351: Turkey bags
The diverse use Clothes rail brackets - locking down your tripod!
Fold up carts - good bit of kit to have on set
This is the porch that Art and his team built from scratch in a day in the studio - background is a duratrans
Art’s Holy Tinity for productions:
Busy cal, DFstudio and Filemaker pro

The blog for lots of behind the scenes videos iso1200 (including a look in Greg’s in lighting bag)

Check out Art’s upcoming educational talks here

If you want to get a sense of the behind the scenes images Art puts up check out his instagram

Desert Island Camera: Pentax 67
Desert Island Book: Susan Sontag: On Photography

Art’s website is Artstreiber.com

Nov 24 2020

1hr 12mins


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Rank #5: #17 - Digi Teching and Data Wrangling w/ Laimonas (LSDigi)

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This week on the show we are very Lucky to be joined by Laimonas, better know in the industry as LSDigi, a professional Digi-Tech and all round nice guy. His knowledge and stories flow fast in this episode and there’s plenty for photographers to pick up on. As ever links are below for those wanting to delve further into things. You can follow LS Digi on instgram here

Inovativ.com - for digi plates etc

LSdigi products - see his shop online for cable clamps, hyperjuice holder etc

Thingiverse.com - for opensource 3D printing designs

TIP: syncing camera clocks every shoot

TIP: Filenaming convention: YYMMDD_jobname

TIP: Swap from standard hard drives to SSDs

Angelbird SD cards - faster cards

Angelbird CFast 2.0 Memory Card Reader - rock solid card reader

Area 51 cables - as an alternative to Tethertools

FotoFortress cable clamp

Sidecar for Apple iPad

Hollyland 400S transmitters

Pentax 6x7 shutter sound (skip to 40 seconds)

Desert island camera : Mamiya RB67

Nov 10 2020

1hr 27mins


Rank #6: #16 - Zines & Xerox w/ Matt Martin

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In this weeks episode we chat to Matt Martin, head curator at Photobook Cafe, Founder of The Photocopy Club and a photographer in his own right. We chat to Matt about his love of Xine culture and methods and ideas for self publishing that are relevant to all photographers. The chat is packed with loads of great resources for anyone interesting in setting off down this road and you’ll find all the links in the show notes.

Eneloop rechargeable AA batteries

Tom’s Camera battery charging station

Tether tools d-tap adapter

No plastic sleeves the website and here is their book

The rather splendid Clint Davis promo and the slightly bonkers Action Figure promo by Jen Lennartsson

Photobook Cafe and Rapid Eye

The Miniclicks photo talks that started life in Brighton

The Photocopy Club - Matt's concept which has gone from strength to strength

The amazing work of French visual artist JR

Alan McFetridge - wildfires - https://alan-mcfetridge.com/

London book arts - a great resource for learning about book binding

Publishing software - Affinity Publisher - a great alternative to Adobe InDesign

Some of the printers that Matt mentions in London:

Chris Killip The Last Ships publication from Pony Box

American Xerography in Colour by Matt Martin - a project Matt shot across America. Available to purchase on Matt’s website.Â

Resource for 2nd hand photography books - Oxfam books

Matt’s desert Island Photobook:

Matt’s desert Island Camera: Nikon FM2 + 50mm

Oct 27 2020

1hr 24mins


Rank #7: #15 - Small print & fine details w/ Nick Dunmur

Podcast cover
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On this weeks episode we speak to Nick Dunmur, photographer but also the AOP business and legal adviser. We talk through the legal work we all know and love and it's a great episode to introduce you to legal terms or get a refresh. We also discuss the cost of doing business and how small businesses need to make sure they don't over extend.

OpTech waterproof covers and camera strap

Nick’s project: 4 seconds of a train journey

The Association of Photographers: ‘Beyond the Lens’

Cost of doing business - spreadsheet download (second link on the list)

NPPA Cost of Doing Business Calculator 

Gabrielle Motola ‘Stranger Curiosity’ podcast - Episode 1 round table

AOP usage calculator 

Getty usage calculator 

NUJ Freelance Fees Guide

Copytrack - copyright enforcement software

Consensum - dispute mediation

Jared Lanier - internet philosopher

Nick’s Instagram: @nickdunmur

Desert Island Photobook: Photographers Playbook 

Desert Island Camera: Nikon F3 and 50mm

Oct 13 2020

1hr 18mins


Rank #8: #14 - Mentors & Marketing w/ Zoe Whishaw

Podcast cover
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In this weeks podcast we have a conversation with Photography Consultant, Zoe Wishaw. Zoe has a background working her way up in the photographic industry ending up as the European Director of Photography at Getty and moving on to be the Creative Director at Image Source and then Creative and Content Director at Gallery Stock. She now mentors photographers full time.

Box breathing: a guide

Brian Eno cards - Oblique Strategies - try this website for suggestions and inspiration

The book Greg mentions is the Photographers playbook

Information on Mind maps - The app Tom uses is Mindnode

Desert Island Book: Image Makers, Image Takers: The Essential Guide to Photography by Anne-Celine Jaeger

Desert Island Camera: The Lomo

Zoe can be found on twitter, instagram and you can visit her website here

Sep 30 2020

1hr 38mins


Rank #9: #13 - Production & usage w/ Ben Nash

Podcast cover
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In this weeks show we chat to Ben Nash from the Production company Bangerz & Nash. We discuss with Ben his journey from an advertising creative through to producer. We discuss the various roles, including that of the art buyer and the role of the producer. We also discuss licensing and and how to price photography work, the issues around mixed/multi-media productions and the future of photography!

Brian from spaced

Photoshelter for image delivery


AOP usage calculator.

BUR explained

Sam McElwee’s Stay at Home Heroes work

Desert Island photo book:  Underwater Dogs - Seth Casteel

Desert Island Camera: Fed-4

Sep 15 2020

1hr 10mins


Rank #10: #12 - Repetition and Workflows w/ Jack Terry

Podcast cover
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In this episode we chat to commercial photographer Jack Terry an all thing organizational! We discuss the myriad of software and hardware kit he uses to navigate running his photography business efficiently; the processes he has developed and techniques he has learnt. As always it’s full of lots of great info so please see the links in the show notes to be directed to any of the items we talk about.

FreeAgent & ReceiptBank

CaptureOne sessions

Backblaze (Cloud storage)

Pomodoro technique

Microsoft To Do 

Pingdom and GTmetrix for checking internet speeds

Filing through Google - Google Drive

Google Slides for retouch notes

Renaming files - a better finder rename format: Date_agency_client_job_0000

Template for workflow - filenaming etc

CaltureOne Recipes

WeTransfer Pro account

Shortcuts document for assistants - renaming conventions etc

Oxfam online

Photobook ‘Womens Market’ by Tom Wood

Camera: Canon AE-1 Program 



Sep 02 2020

1hr 36mins