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Produced by Evernote, Focus Culture explores the power of organized passion and creative thinking to elevate our work, transform our lives, and change the world. The series spotlights individuals and organizations who are focused on positive change, and explores the ideas and methods that make it happen through in-depth interviews.

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Rebecca Johnson: The Citizen Science Movement

At a time when science education matters more than ever, too many people have lost touch with the natural world. Citizen science is a fun way for people to reconnect with the environment through personal observation. It's also a huge help to scientists who rely on data at scale to advance knowledge.   Rebecca Johnson, citizen science lead at the California Academy of Sciences, explains what this movement is all about, why it matters, and how you can get involved.   For more about the California Academy of Sciences, see our companion article and video at https://medium.com/focus-culture


27 Feb 2019