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Welcome to She Leads Me, where women come together for powerful conversations around life and leadership. Each episode will bring you conversations with incredible women in leadership, tools you need as a bad ass female pioneer, and spicy topics around business and leadership. Hosted by Heather Simpson, mentor to women in leadership, thought leader and entrepreneur. Her mission to is educate and empower women in leadership positions, taking them to the next level in their journey and career. She is driven to bring women together and to empower each other. Welcome to the She Leads Me Podcast

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Ep. 10 | Shanna Missett Nelson | President, Jazzercise, Inc.

Many of you have heard of the company, Jazzercise, Inc. It has, after all, been around for almost 50 years. It is the longest running program of it's kind in the fitness industry. Since it's inception by founder, Judy Shepard Missett in 1969, it has wildly grown to great success including international presence in 32 countries! On today's show, Shanna Missett Nelson, President and daughter of the founder, walks us through her journey with Jazzercise, managing the growth, growing in leadership and finding the balance of home life. One of the biggest challenges of all, is keeping the perception of Jazzercise fresh. Our host Heather Simpson, shares her Jazzercise journey, where the fresh moves, and calorie scorching classes contributed to 70lbs of her 100lb weight loss. "It's such an amazing and fun way to stay in shape." Shanna shares the some of the struggles with being a pioneer in the fitness industry. "There isn't really anybody that we can turn to to ask, 'How did you do this?' " She looks for outside inspiration, and her dance background for the hip choreography that she brings to the company. Shanna and the Jazzercise company have been doing culture correctly, before culture was a hot topic in today's world. Her style of leadership has been ahead of the trend, and it shows. One of our favorite quotes from this incredible female leader is, "You can manage the team but you have to coach the individual."This interview will leaving you inspired to check out a class at your local Bellingham Jazzercise! For your special offer, visit www.sheleadsme.com/jazzercise and join your community at a class for some calorie burning fun! Be sure to follow Shanna and Bellingham Jazzercise on IG! 


20 Nov 2018

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