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You’ve seen reality TV. Well, now get ready for reality radio. It’s raw, unpredictable, and completely unscripted. Healing Your Life With Dr. Chris Michaels follows the lives of two people for five weeks as they face their fears and overcome their challenges. Listen in weekly and follow along, as they take each faithful step on their journey. Learn what it takes to really heal your life. Dr. Chris Michaels shows you how to expect specific and measureable results from prayer. He says: “We must place a demand upon consciousness. We don’t hope to get what we pray for. We expect it.” As a 25-year veteran in the New Thought movement, Dr. Chris has helped thousands of people find their way to success and healing. "Like" Healing Your Life on Facebook and join in the discussion. The ideas and opinions expressed on this program do not necessarily reflect the teachings of Unity. Unity respects a wide range of spiritual thoughts and beliefs, as reflected in the diverse range of subjects presented on Unity Online Radio.

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Tamie and Gabriel, Final Week

Join us for our final week with Dr. Chris, Tamie, and Gabriel. In addition, don’t miss this final airing of Healing Your Life with Dr. Chris. After our May 4 show, Healing Your Life will only be available as an archived show on Unity Online Radio. Tamie and Gabriel were wonderful guests! By week four, they both seemed to have achieved the healing they were seeking. Two people who were fearful and unhappy in their first week on our show are now back on track and looking forward to their future. They were the perfect guests to end our show! A special thank-you goes out to every person who made this show possible. Our sponsor, The Center for Spiritual Living, our wonderful guests, and loyal listeners made this effort worthwhile and meaningful. “Live your life to the fullest. Approach the new day with a daring sense of adventure. Accept yourself as you are. You are made in the image and likeness of God, so that’s got to be good.”—Dr. Chris Michaels


4 May 2015

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Tamie and Gabriel, Week Four

Week four on Healing Your Life is always the most exciting week. Guests will make great progress, discover the “real” reason they are on the show, or be in complete denial. In week one, Tamie was fearful and worried. By week four, she no longer mentions fear or worry at all. She has been excitedly moving forward, creating space for her new baby and making plans for their future together. Next week is her scheduled insemination date. We are all excited for her!   Gabriel is actively engaged in finding his new passion and purpose. His meditation practice has even brought him an unexpected idea; maybe he should write a book! He originally thought he was working with Dr. Chris to heal his finances, but that is not the case. Spirit always has a greater plan for us. Join us for week four with Tamie, Gabriel, and Dr. Chris!


20 Apr 2015

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Tamie and Gabriel, Week Three

We are so grateful for our guests on Healing Your Life! They have so much to say and share with you, our listening audience. Tamie opened communication with her unborn child by writing a very personal letter and bringing forth the child’s name. This week she will make plans for a nursery, meditate with her child in mind, and invite this unborn spirit into being. She is ready and excited about this new chapter in her life! Gabriel had a loving conversation with his wife and shared his feelings about what has been troubling him. This brought him much-needed relief and clarity. He feels that in this short time working with Dr. Chris, he has been given a spiritual adjustment! He feels empowered and more like the impassioned Gabriel of his past. He has plans to increase his community involvement and pro bono work as a consultant.  Join us this week on Healing Your Life to witness the progress Tamie and Gabriel are making. They are bringing their best ideas into fruition with the help of Dr. Chris and their connection to Spirit.


13 Apr 2015

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Tamie and Gabriel, Week Two

It was great to meet Tamie and Gabriel for their first week on Healing Your Life with Dr. Chris. They determined a plan of action and are moving in the direction of their healing. Tamie feels that fear and worry have taken control of her life. She is single, a business owner, and has decided to become a mother through artificial insemination. She has wanted to have a child since she was a teenager. Now in her 40s, her biological clock is ticking and it is time! She worries about her finances and the new responsibility of being a mother. But is that really the problem?Gabriel feels he is drifting through his life without motivation and accompanied by guilt and shame. He has had a successful career as a consultant and mentor. He is married with children and grandchildren he loves deeply. He has battled addiction to alcohol throughout his life and had health concerns in his 60s, but he feels he has navigated these concerns successfully. So why has he lost his passion and motivation? Tamie, Gabriel, and Dr. Chris will have a great deal of work to do in the next four weeks. Join us as they set their intentions and place a demand upon consciousness for healing and spiritual renewal. 


6 Apr 2015

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Meet Our New Guests

Join us this week and meet our new guests on Healing Your Life with Dr. Chris. We love meeting new guests and following their journey through five weeks of intense work and personal coaching that will bring them results and maybe a few surprises along the way. As always, our guests seek the truth and value a commitment to prayer, spiritual practice, and personal healing. As Dr. Chris has said, “We must place a demand upon consciousness. We don’t hope to get what we pray for. We expect it.”


30 Mar 2015

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Finale With Dan

This past week Dr. Chris had a full hour to work with Dan. Jane was unable to join us for the show, but we hope she will be with us next week. Dan is doing extremely well with his spiritual practice of meditation and has added physical exercise to his daily routine. He is feeling well and proud of the strides he is making in his healing process. He has definitely shown his commitment to his personal growth and sobriety. He and Dr. Chris spent additional time discussing the dynamics of his relationship with his partner. When a person is ready to heal his or her life, it can impact everything! Dan will return with the results of a meaningful discussion with his partner about their future.   Join us this week for our finale show and support our brave guests on Healing Your Life with Dr. Chris.


16 Mar 2015

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Dan and Jane, Week Two

This past week Dr. Chris worked with Dan and Jane on Healing Your Life. Jane has returned to the show after being our guest in 2013. Dan was successful in not using legal drugs this past week, which is the first step in his recovery. But when one door closes, another opens! Now he sees his addictive behaviors increasing in other areas of his life. Dan found a support group to join for his addictions and was starting immediately. He is even considering a second group to work on his new obsession with pornography. He is taking the proper steps and will increase meditation and journaling as his new spiritual practice. The first time Jane was with us, she and Dr. Chris focused on the demise of her marriage and an impending divorce. Now she is divorced but still sad and feeling her past is not healed. She took four months off and just concentrated on healing. But there is more work to be done. She and Dr. Chris will concentrate on healing her past so she can move forward into a healthier, happier future. Join us this week to hear more from our guests on Healing Your Life with Dr. Chris.


9 Mar 2015

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Dan and Jane

This week Dan will return to the show along with a new guest, Jane. Jane has been a guest in the past and is back to reconnect and update us on the many changes in her life since she was on the show more than a year ago. She has changed almost everything in her life! It will be great to catch up and see what challenges she is here to discuss with Dr. Chris. Dan is very open about his addictive behavior. As we know, addiction doesn’t normally affect one part of your life, it can appear in many ways. Dr. Chris has great clarity and precise suggestions to improve Dan’s spiritual connection to his Source. This will make all the difference in his experience. Don’t miss a single show with our guests, Dan and Jane. They generously share their stories and enrich our lives through their healing process.  As always, we are grateful to all of you who share in Healing Your Life with Dr. Chris!


23 Feb 2015

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Julie and Bob, and Then a New Guest

We are bringing back Julie and Bob! We felt they needed an additional show to say farewell to Dr. Chris and finalize their experience on Healing Your Life. They will be with us along with a new guest, Dan. Dan is a loyal listener who felt he was ready for some concentrated spiritual work. He describes himself as a “functional addict.” Dan will be joining us for the next few weeks to work with Dr. Chris, seeking clarity and a spiritual renewal in his life. Join us to wish Julie and Bob well and meet our newest guest on Healing Your Life with Dr. Chris.


16 Feb 2015

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Julie and Bob, Week Four

Our time with our guests flies by! We are already in our final week with Julie and Bob. Julie has seen success with her daily commitment to spiritual practice and writing. She is encouraged by the growth and response of her followers. She is looking for and finding inspiration in ever-expanding avenues. Julie seems to have found her voice, and it is divinely inspired! Bob is passionate about his career path. He and Dr. Chris have developed a plan to not only increase his business but to increase his self-esteem. He can be proud of himself for actively pursuing prosperity and joy through his spiritual practice and dedication. We all do better when we know better!


2 Feb 2015

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