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Welcome to the Sick Call Podcast. Doc Buma and Mike discuss many topics from politics to psychedelics. It does not matter if you are a veteran, concerned citizen or mailman we got something for you. If you would like to contact us our email is SickCallPodcast@gmail.com.

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Prison accidents, MMA and gardening

This week we talked about Epstein and his accident. We also talk about this past UFC in LA and growing herbs. We had a technical problem and this episode is 5 days late. Our bad. Thanks for listening and enjoy!


21 Aug 2019

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Bicycle cop, The Quadriplegic/Bottle story and Area 51

We are catching up with a really busy summer fun time. I would like to make a correction I said Hotel Del Mar repeatedly and meant to say Hotel Del Coronado. And even better, I just searched Hotel California and the iconic Eagles album cover was The Beverly Hills Hotel. I have been operating on bad info. But we are good now, right? Doc finally spills the Quad Bottle story. Enjoy!


21 Jul 2019

Rank #2

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21st of June podcast

This week from the driveway we cover topics like Immigration, Jerry Springer, A.O.C. on psychedelics and the Vatican. Thanks and have a good week! 


24 Jun 2019

Rank #3

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Podcasting from the driveway.

Thanks for listening! This week we catch up topical conversation fueled by post jiu jitsu glow and indo smoke. We also explain our lapse of releasing regular episodes. I see the number of downloads and thank you to everyone of you! 


6 Jun 2019

Rank #4

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Catching up after Spring Break.

In this episode we discuss the micro farm circle of life and spring break. We hit a jiu jitsu class and learn about the cannabis buisness from an "insider" after. Please enjoy! 


4 May 2019

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Papaya Huasca, porchetta And Mr. Rich Evirs.

This week we met up with Rich at a super secret location, very few clues were given so listen closely. Rich is a super awesome dude with a great heart! Thank you Rich!


22 Mar 2019

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Chronic, jiu jitsu and Doc saved somebody.

We wanted to try something different and sandwich jiu-jitsu with podcasting. Enjoy. 

1hr 6mins

4 Mar 2019

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Chopping it with "Charlie".

We had a blast talking to our homie in hiding "Charlie". He is a good dude with a lot of information and a unique perspective. Enjoy!

1hr 23mins

31 Jan 2019

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Food, fish and the Holidays!

Between the holidays and winter kids sickness we have been a bit sporadic with the episodes. This episode Doc and I talk a lot about food. We must have been hungry. Please listen and enjoy. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! 

1hr 1min

21 Dec 2018

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Mustard stains, binocular rivalry and steers.

Our friend "Charlie" invited us over for a nice long awaited conversation. Charlie is a professional in the mental health field and a great source of information. We had a great time!  And a mustard stain means a military parachutist jumped into combat. Probably more like a sh!t stain, falling out of the sky to dodge bullets. Intro Rancid- out of control Outro- La Chona 

1hr 5mins

31 Aug 2018

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Mexican Whale Sharks, Great White sharks, babies and breaking down ideals.

We are back from family duties and fun. I hope everyone listening is enjoying their time on this rock. Listen up and enjoy! 


6 Aug 2018

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Comedy Store, Moderating happiness and avoiding news

Last week we took a trip to the world famous Comedy Store with some friends. We discuss the Oakland BBQ fiasco and a few other events from the past week. Thanks for listening! Please share and subscribe! Iron Maiden- Holy Smoke FOTC- Think about it


18 May 2018

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Martial Arts for Police, recreation and a secret foraging trip

This is the time of year when we plan our Comedy Store trip with our gardening trip. LA county has the best tomatoes. Thanks for listening!


4 May 2018

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Guest: Big Mike

Doc and I travel down to Los Angeles to talk to Mike B. He has produced military related content for TV, is a former Airborne Ranger and all around nice guy. As always please enjoy and thanks for listening.

1hr 11mins

26 Apr 2018

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Rainy day conversations

This week we discuss jiu jitsu, living a better life and finding answers within. Please enjoy and thanks for listening! 


23 Mar 2018

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Jason, on ground zero of the opiod epidemic.

This week we have as a guest Jason. We met through jiu jitsu and Jason is a really nice guy. He works at a pain mamagement facility and knows a lot of whats happening in regards to opiates and pain management.  Intro: Rehab- Amy Winehouse Outro: Mr. Brownstone- Guns and Roses

1hr 3mins

8 Mar 2018

Rank #16

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"Just be nice"

This week we discuss Drivng to Fresno to see Joe Rogan, Rock concerts in the sand and being nice. Thanks for listening and enjoy!! Intro: Kenny mother fucking Loggings- Danger Zone Outro: Joan Jett and the Blackhearts- I love Rock'n'Roll.


22 Feb 2018

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A nice little Sunday chat

In typical Sick Call fashion we cover many topics and go down a few tangents. We appreciate all who listen.  Intro: Pixies -Where is my mind Outro: Tech N9NE -Dysfunctional 

1hr 7mins

13 Feb 2018

Rank #18

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"1 year late and 200 short"

Former guest Joe and new guest Rich S, dispensary owner  stops by to share recent news. Intro: THUGNIFICENT- Eff Grandad Outro: Chezidek- Fight

1hr 32mins

18 Jan 2018

Rank #19

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"Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid." - Han Solo

How does one battle faith with science? Can it ever be done? This week we talk about recent skirmish with a local ministry. We cover some other topics as well.  Intro- The Old Landmark. From the Blues Brothers. Outro- REM Losing my Religion

1hr 16mins

4 Jan 2018

Rank #20