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Working with Family

We have reached our final episode of the "Starting A Family Business Series" and today we are talking about the biggest part of starting a family business - WORKING WITH FAMILY!!!We appreciate you sticking with us and hope these episodes will assist you with creating a successful family business.Remember, check out our major sponsor of the podcast DynamikWorks as they can assist you with your branding and marketing efforts when building your family business or any other business that you are starting.


6 May 2019

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The Exonerated Five

(Spoiler ALERT) This week we are talking about the movie When They See Us now on NETFLIX. This movie depicts the events leading up to and following the Exonerated Five (The Central Park Five) court, prison, and exoneration experience. If you haven't seen it yet make sure you go watch all of the mini-series because we are talking in depth about some of the scenes and the our feelings regarding what we saw. Join us in the conversation by adding your comments below and we will respond either below in the comments or on another episode of Another One.


17 Jun 2019

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Business on the go

We know family businesses need to have an aspect that some traditional businesses my not take into account when first starting, so we are giving you information this week to help you handle your business on the go!


10 Jun 2019

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College or Business

Did you go to college? Have you created a business? Do you want to go to college or would you rather start a business? Which should you do first? Let's talk about it this week.We want to get your comments on this topic. Let us know down in the comments of the episode on Teambz.com.Don't forget to share, rate, and review on your podcast platform. This will enable others to know and want to listen to the show. Thank you so much for being a listener of the AnotherOne podcast.


3 Jun 2019

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Starting A Family Business

This week we are getting into the details on some of the major things you will need to think about and set in place when starting a family business. Grab some TeamBz merch while you listen by going to teambz.com/shop


15 Apr 2019

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Managing A Family Business

As we continue in our "Starting A Family Business Series," this week we talk about one of the biggest challenges with not only family businesses but most business, "MANAGEMENT!"This week's sponsor is DYNAMIKWORKS: Contact them to get your simple clean dynamik new website for your great family business.https://dynamikworks.com


22 Apr 2019

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Growing A Family Business

On our third installment of the "Starting A Family Business" Series, we are going to let you in on tips and tricks we use to grow your business, family and non-related alike. As always, our sponsor Dynamik Works would love to work with you in branding your business by creating: graphics, websites and videos as you request them. Contact them today! www.dynamikworks.com


29 Apr 2019

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Personal and Business Balance

When you have a hectic personal life, how can you run a booming business? The team has their take on how to make all this work for you personal and business success. Make sure you listen to this weeks episode so you can make sure you have balance in your life.If you missed our Starting a Family Business series make sure you check that out as this episode is more tips and tricks to stay on the path of success.


27 May 2019

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The Family Business – Intro

Since May is Small Business Month, this week we are starting a new 5 part series for those that may be interested in starting a family business so you can be prepared going into next month and ready to start your FAMILY BUSINESS.Our aim is to give you the nitty gritty over the next couple of weeks about things to keep in mind, things that you may need to do to make it successful, and how it can be working with family. This way there is no surprises when you make this great new leap.Enjoy!!!


8 Apr 2019

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Vanity Kills Entrepreneurs

What is vanity? Are you vain? Let's talk about it... You never know where one topic will lead us.


1 Apr 2019

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Travel Woes

When you want to travel but getting there is the problem... Let's talk about it!I AM Sweatshirts and T-ShirtsTeamBz Merch


17 Mar 2019

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Kissing Cousins

Today, we are talking about a non-traditional family structure. A family structure that a lot of people may consider strange, but the real question: Is the whole TeamBz speechless on a topic? You wanna make sure you listen this week.I AM ... T-Shirts and SweatshirtsTeamBz Merch


11 Mar 2019

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Relationship Boundaries (Replay)

Today we are reaching back in the vault for a great episode we know you will love.  We are going deep into relationships and the questions are really pointed.Grab some Teambz MerchGet your "I AM ..." t-shirtsCheck out our sponsor DynamikWorks


14 Jan 2019

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Do I Support My Friends Or Not?

This week is a touchy subject.  This issue can breakup friendships.  Make sure you chime in down in the comments after listening.  How would you support your friends even though you don't approve of what they are doing?Thanks again for listening.I AM ... T-Shirts / SweatshirtsSupport Your Friend Long Sleeve T-ShirtTo get your service / product / or organization promoted on our show email family@teambz.com


7 Jan 2019

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Halloween Scary Story

This week join TeamBz for a spooky Halloween episode. This is our first time trying story improv and we hope you all enjoy. Take a walk with us on this dark and stormy night through Camp Wackatanotchee. Can you make it out alive?Halloween Sale on TeamBz Gear!!! Listen for details and coupon code.Make sure you comment and review on https://teambz.com/halloween-scary-story


31 Oct 2018

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Sexualizing Nudity

LISTENER DISCRETION IS ADVISED A post was made on social media that initiated a huge conversation with the team and we had to talk about it. So, we made sure we jumped in the studio and recorded this conversation so you would be able to be a part of the dialog. Make sure you jump in the comments and let us know what you think about this week's topic. Make sure you are ready for our Special Halloween Episode dropping 8PM the night before Halloween. We are trying something new so make sure you give us feedback if you like it.


29 Oct 2018

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Religious Extremists

Today we are talking really candidly about a subject that some may have strong options about and may not agree with, however listen to our views on the subject and leave your comments in the comment section and let's continue the conversation.


24 Sep 2018

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Would You Jump In

We are back and we thank you for staying subscribed to our podcast.  We have traveled around the US "TWICE" in one month and have some stories and situations to talk about.  So on this episode we ask the question, "Would you jump in?"


1 May 2018

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We are back at it with a question of weather you would keep it a secret or nah?  That is a question.  But in the mean time we know you want to know what happened in Cancun and with the competition so we are giving an update on that as well.  Listen Now.Partner with TeamBz to get exclusive content and behind the scences shows.Subscribe in the right sidebar to get the TeamBz newsletter and get the notifications and information first about TeamBz.


6 Feb 2018

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Relationship Boundaries Pt. 2

We are back in a new year but with a continuation of a list of questions. Yes we are talking relationship boundaries, how far is too far. As we jump back into the swing of our Monday episodes in this new year, we hope you are ready, this may get intense.


16 Jan 2018

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