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A monthly podcast which explores the musical world of Jethro Tull album by Album. Brent, Adrian & Robin share their thoughts and passion for the band and many other topics besides!

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Episode 4: For Michael Collins, Jeffrey and Us Three

In this lively episode The Bricks discuss Jethro Tull's third album Benefit, released in 1970. How many Jeffreys will they give this so called "oddball album"? How has it withstood the test of time? With You There to Help Me 20:05Nothing to Say 28:20Alive and Well 34:32Son 42:25For Michael Collins, Jeffrey and Me 48:55Cry You a Song 1:00:20Time for Everything 1:07:26Inside 1:13:00Play in Time 1:19:28Sossity, You're a Woman 1:26:00 Listen To This Podcast on the platform of your choice. Visit us at www.threethickbricks.com Visit our Facebook page: threethickbrickspodcast

1hr 45mins

25 Jun 2021

Rank #1

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Episode 3: Stand Up? Outstanding!

In this episode, live from Leicester Square, the Bricks review Stand Up, the second album by Jethro Tull: released in 1969. How many Jeffries out of 5 will they give this seminal album?  New Day Yesterday 12:40Jeffrey Goes to Leicester Square 25:40Bouree 34:00Back to the Family 42:00Look into the Sun 49:49Nothing is Easy 57:16Fat Man 1:04:30We Used To Know 1:07:40Reason for Waiting 1:18:20For 1000 Mothers 1:24:20

1hr 41mins

28 May 2021

Rank #2

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Episode 2: Was This This Was??

In this episode live from Beggar's Farm, The Bricks discuss This Was: the first Jethro Tull Album released in 1968. How many Jeffries out of 5 will they give? Which song was a standout on this first effort? My Sunday Feeling (14:05)Some Day the Sun Won't Shine (24:15)Beggars Farm (29:40)Move on Alone (39:25)Serenade for a Cuckoo (44:50)Dharma for One (51:50)It's Breaking Me Up (59:53)Cat Squirrel (1:02:35)Song for Jeffrey (1:07:50)Round (1:24:32)

1hr 34mins

27 May 2021

Rank #3

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Episode 1: In A Wimpy Bar(re)

In this introductory episode Brent, Adrian and Robin discuss why they are doing this podcast in the first place!!

1hr 4mins

26 May 2021

Rank #4

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