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Episode 59: Carol Tandava Henning

Welcome to over an hour of awesome! This episode features an interview with the fabulous and talented Carol Tandava Henning! A bellydancer with a strong theater background, Carol Tandava has been taking her one woman show - "Blood on the Veil" - around the country to rave reviews!! (Well, Tammy and I are raving about it, in any case!) Mary also catches up on her bellydance magazine reading and Tammy bemoans her lack of Twitter followers (we're looking at you, Princess Farhana!).Download Episode 59Or Listen Here: In This Episode:"Creating a Healthy Belly Dance Community" by Princess FarhanaFollow Tammy on Twitter! (LOL!!) Lotus Dance Studio (Alina's school) Driving the Saudis - Purchase on AmazonFatChanceBellyDance® Community Fuse MagazineAkasha Afsana - Craft Creations (my fave part of Fuse!)DjinnYALLAHOmarisMeagan Mayada HeshamRandee Ryder-AhrensThalia del Fuego - DVD reviews on AmazonSara Haase (a.k.a. Contrapposto) on DeviantARTOnca O'LearyJohn ComptonMelissa Murphey - Bellydance Sheet Music DOT com!!Ishtar on Facebook Carol Tandava Henning - Dark Lady Dances (blog)Blood on the Veil - In San Francisco on April 5th, 2013!! GO BUY A TICKET!!Tamalyn Dallal - Purchase "They Told Me I Couldn't" on AmazonBeats Antique Featured Artists:Artist: Ishtar - Amazon or Album: Belly RockSongs: Shashkin, Misirlou, Garoon GaroonArtist: Beats Antique - Amazon or Album: Contraption Vol. 2Songs: Crush, Crooked Muse, Bloody BonesAdditional Music:Album: The Gathering Season by Solace - Amazon or

19 Mar 2013

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YIP Snip 4: Solos

Welcome to YIP Snip! This week's topic is Solos!Download YIP Snip Ep 4Or Listen Here: In This Episode: YIP on FacebookSpotifyPandoraLights by Ellie Goulding Remix by Bassnectar - Amazon or Michelle Obama Arms!Lacey (Florida Tribal Dance)Dexter's Theme Song  (Whoa!!! The Ending Theme is awesome!) - Amazon or Angel Theme Song - Amazon or Mr Brooks Theme Song - Amazon or Phoenicia and Fan VeilCarolena Nericcio Flutters (about 2 mins in, but the whole performance is gorgeous!)The Choreographer's Notebook: Standard Edition by Julia R. Zay - Amazon  (Oh and I know I said Choreographer incorrectly... wah wah)Background Music:Artist: Phil Thornton - Amazon or Album: Nexus TribalSongs: Ederlezi Trance, The Broadoak Sheik, In The Bubble,  Bay City Shimmy, Duma Sa Duma

13 Mar 2013

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YIP Snip 3: Zills

YIP Snip is back once again! This week's topic is Zills!Download YIP Snip Ep 3Or Listen Here: In This Episode: YIP on FacebookMahin's Tweet that started it all! So who else is in a #zill buying panic today? Gotta get enough Saroyans for the rest of my dancing life now! ACK! #bellydance— Mahin Sciacca (@MahinBellydance) January 25, 2013My original post about Harry Saroyan Updated post on SaroyanSimplicity Pattern where the girl's zill is on upside down (1st girl in the picture)5 ways to Improve your Zill PlayingIntro to Finger Cymbals - Shira.netBackground Music:Artist: Raquy And The Cavemen - Amazon and Album: DustSongs: All of them!

18 Feb 2013

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YIP Snip 2: Personal Practice

YIP Snip is back for a second episode! Our topic this time is Personal Practice!Download YIP Snip Ep 2Or Listen Here: In This Episode: YIP on FacebookLaura Stanyer' Holistic Dance PracticeBackground Music:Artist: Vanessa Mae - Amazon and Album: ChoreographySongs: Tribal Gathering, Roxane's Veil, Moroccan Roll

2 Feb 2013

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Episode 58b: Sacramento and Amy Sigil

This "part b" episode wraps up our Hot Pot adventures and features a really awesome interview with Amy Sigil! She talks about the buildup to their most recent - and already legendary! - Blood Moon event, how she chose her name, and her new coffee table book: Sigil, Ink. Mary and Tammy have a few random comments and another music spotlight, but it's mainly all about Amy! :-) YIP! Download Episode 58bOr Listen Here:In This Episode:Check out our Donate button! It's in the upper right hand corner of our page!!  Rachel Briceand Datura OnlineBeats AntiqueAmy Sigil, Unmata, and Hot Pot studiosBlood Moon(Part of) The Pajama PartyThe Funeral (Sidenote: This is an amazing piece. Stop what you're doing and watch it now. NOW.)Race Car (NASCAR) pieceBig skirts numberFashion set SAIL (The Sail "set" kind of starts at minute 6:45)Another Unmata choreo that Amy didn't bring up, but that I totally love! - The Marijuana Piece "Sigil" definition on Wikipedia"Top Gun" trailer recutSigil Ink book promo (the book is out and it is cool!)Unmata POW DVDSweet Snacks - FacebookDavid Satori on FacebookThe Adam Roth Project - Facebook, ReverbNation 8tracks mixes by MidnightBlueDescription of Amy's 2013 intensive:Amy Sigil Presents KINESPHERE: An exploration in limitless space Exclusively for the epic year of 2013, a dance experience unlike any Sigil has offered before. We're bringing it all to the table baby, because life is short and Art is unmeasured. This one is the Deluxe Package, my friends, including: technique, theory, choreography, Improvisational Tribal Style, games and explorative movement. A moment in the creative mind of Amy Sigil. Available in 2013 and only in select locations.And because I forgot to put them up for episode a: on the left is my tattoo (Mary) and on the right is Tammy's fabulous tattoo! Awesome! Both of these images are taken from the book Sigil, Ink; originally both pictures were taken by Rodin E. Thanks Rodin! :-) (Tammy's brother took the one that ended up in the book. Thanks Anthony!)Featured Artist:Album: Arabic Percussion - Amazon or Artist: Mario Kirlis presents Matias HazrumSongs: Electronic Dream, Baladi Sangaran, Tribal SongAdditional Music:Artist: Middle Earth Ensemble - Amazon or Album: Middle Earth EnsembleSongs: Ya Gameel, Mudejar, Shaskin, Ya MustafaFeatured Instrument Music:#1: Indian Tabla"Khandam - a Sequence of Five" from Talking Tabla by Bikram Ghosh - Amazon or #2: Oud"Mevlevi Cheti" from The Oud: Music of the Near and Middle East by Aram Gulezyan - Amazon or #3: Indian Tabla"Drut Teentala" from Talking Tabla by Bikram Ghosh - Amazon or Unmata ITS classes with Mary or Tammy:Mary: Check the class schedule at Florida Tribal Dance to see if classes are in session!Tammy: Contact for private lessons via the YIP email (email@yippodcast.com)!

21 Jan 2013

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YIP Snip 1: New Years Resolutions

What is this thing?  A YIP Snip?  Whhhhaaaatttt????  These will be special 10-15 minute episodes that cover one topic.  We will put these out in between regular YIP episodes.  Basically we want more YIP in your ear... don't you?  In this first episode we talk New Years resolutions!Download YIP Snip Ep 1Or Listen Here: In This Episode:YIP on FacebookNew Years Resolution TipsNew Years Resolution WorksheetBackground Music:Artist: Raquy and the Cavemen - Amazon and Album: DustSongs: DustArtist:  Various - Amazon and Album: Muse MelodicSongs: Magreb, WaywardArtist:  Various - Amazon and Album: Monsoon Wedding SoundtrackSongs: Fuse Box - Alexkid's Dub Remix

13 Jan 2013

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Episode 58a: Sacramento and Hot Pot

Hey YIPpers! We are BACK! From outer space! We just danced in and saw you there (listening to less exciting, less bellydancey podcasts) with that sad look upon your face! Okay, enough of that...IT'S BEEN A WHILE! (Sorry about that...) But we have not "pod faded" (a term that Tammy introduced me to; it's kind of a cute term, but a sad state for any podcast). We just were a bit busy. We return to the virtual airwaves with not one but TWO episodes chronicling our summer adventures in California (yes, last summer, we said it's been a while...DON'T JUDGE). This episode contains one magical music spotlight, a brand new "What's that Instrument?" focus, a few interviews from some Sac Town Hot Pot-ers (Hot Pot = Amy Sigil's studio) and a bunch of random giggling. You're welcome!!Download Episode 58aOr Listen Here: In This Episode:Unmata and Hot Pot StudiosYIP on FacebookZaghareetYallahFuseLaura BarselouOnca O'LearyOrganic armor costumesSakura Tribal on Facebook - awesome duet video!Katana (Facebook) - Shiny Pants video!CopperClockWonderland - A Belly Dance Play (YouTube promo video)  Learn more about the tabla on Wikipedia!More awesome tabla informationTabla with a suh-weet pink background!Ravi Shankar and Alla Rakha - Tabla Solo in JhaptalRachel Brice on 8tracksMidnight Blue on 8tracksDark Desert playlist Richard "Moontan" Jay"Django Unchained" previewRaquy and the CavemenUnmata in "Pony Play"Caricature artist Greg SumbardoSteve O at Something Wicked TattooAlex Sanchez - Inner Image InkTammy in front of the Capital BuildingTammy walking past the UNmetro and heading towards Hot Pot Studios (forward and to the right) The awesome UNmetro Our new friend Afton and I (Mary) inside Hot Pot Studios. Art all over the walls! Cool, right?Featured Artist:Artist: Moontan - Amazon or Album: OdaliscaSongs: Corn Flakes, Dharma Salad, TurkmenFeatured Instrument Music: "Tabla Trio in Rupak Taal (Excerpt)" - Track 6 on In Memory of Alla Rakha - The Wizard of Tabla, Vol. 1Additional Music:Artist: Greg Ellis - Amazon or Album: Kala RupaSongs: Form 8, Form 4, Form 7, Form 9, Form 10

6 Jan 2013

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Episode 57: The Fabulous Na'La!

Whoa! Get ready for some awesome! For this episode Na'La from Shakra joins the YIP Crew in studio! We all learn about the oud, Tammy shares her secret for happy feet (super sweet dance shoes, that's what!), Mary shares some Na'La-approved music and there's more giggling than usual! (I know....scary!!!)Download Episode 57Or Listen Here:On This Episode:Tammy's sweet dance sneakers!DIY/Bellydance on a Budget (tribe.net) - "Glue?"E6000Shira.net tribe (tribe.net) - "Is It Good for Business?"Hipmix.net - Dilara's Diary - "Hi, I'm Dilara Sultan, and I don't approve of this message"Shira.net tribe (tribe.net) - "Forgiving bad dancers and teachers?"Princess Farhana (blog) - "Dancing Through Pain and Physical Limitation, Part Two"R.I.C.E. So You Think You Can Dance - Janelle IssisSadie - Awesome video of Sadie being awesome!Deep Roots DanceLavaSaritaJill ParkerLuciterraValley of the Jolly Green GiantCues and TattoosUdjat Beats & Belly DancingShula Azhar Belly Dance DivasTribal SolsticeTjardaGeisha MothSakura Tribal (blog) - "Mishaps and Mayhem!" The oudPlanet of the Ood (Doctor Who) The oud - legend of the creation Dobby (Harry Potter)Melanie Moore - "Cracks" solo from So You Think You Can DanceFreestylersEllie GouldingBassnectar Na'La on FacebookOffice Space Milton (red stapler)Heather Stants (Urban Tribal Dance Company)Amy Sigil - UNMATADonna MejiaMira BetzTjarda and The Uzume Dance Company Sera SolsticeCarolena NericcioGothic Bellydance - RevelationsShakra's Industrial Strength Dance Workout DVDThe Daily ShowClip of TURKU featuring the Ghawazee Dancers (did you spot Olivia Kissel?)Domba!ShakraSCA - Society for Creative AnachronismSuhailaRusted Root Never give up! Never surrender!Around Town:There is not an Around Town on this episode, however you can Join our Email List and find out everything currently going on!Oud Music:1. "Oud Taksim" by The Ikhwani Safaa Musical Club of Zanzibar2. "Oud Taqsim" by Kara Nomadica3. "Taksim" by John Berberian 4. "Azziza" by John BerberianEnd credits: "Siseler" by John BerberianFeatured Artists:First set:1. "Cracks" by Freestylers (Flux Pavilion remix) - Amazon or 2. "Lights" by Ellie Golding (Bassnectar remix) - Amazon or 3. "Timestretch" by Bassnectar - Amazon or Second set: All songs by Rusted Root - Amazon or Song 1: "Agbadza" (off the album Rusted Root)Songs 2/3:  "Drum Trip" and "Back to the Earth" (off the album When I Woke)Additional Music:Artist: Solace - Amazon or Album: Gorgon DaysSongs: Full Blown Stutter, Blind in One EyeAlbum: NagariSongs: Coveting Bes, Bain of Desire, Sorrow & Veil, Serpent's Kiss, Strange Flesh, Death in Sin, End of ReligionArtist: Shiva in Exile - Amazon or Album: NourSongs: We're All One

22 Sep 2012

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Episode 62: Ariellah

It's been a long time, YIPpers, but we are back! (And more giggly than usual, I'm afraid...don't expect a lot of substance from this episode!) This episode features the fabulous Ariellah!! She's pretty fantastic, articulate and awesome and we hope you enjoy! We've also got a couple new music recommendations and some random eye candy (scroll down). Happy yipping!Download Episode 62Or Listen Here: On This Episode:Ariellah 30 Day Plank ChallengeYou can do this, girl. I believe in you! I couldn't find a picture of a sexy guy with a  2x4...so I added this instead...Princess Farhana - The Belly Dance Handbook: A Companion For The Serious DancerFeedly.comShira.netTempest's Teapot - Tending the Flame Without Burning OutYALLAHLaura BarselouLacey Sanchez - Florida Tribal DanceThird Coast Tribal FestAlla Kushnir and her fabulous...eye makeup.Belly Dance for Change - flickr picsSuhaila SalimpourNote: As of this moment....www.IPunchDancers.com is available for purchase! :-PThe Peace CorpsRick Astley - Okay, yes, I know who this is....Deshret Dance CompanyLindsey Stirling (Oh and this ep is so old, her new album is now out AND the concert I am going to is this Thursday!!!!  -Tammy)Pentatonix and Lindsey Stirling - "Radioactive" Crystallize - Lindsey StirlingMoon Trance - Lindsey Stirling Featured Music:Album: Orient Noir: A West-Eastern Diva - Amazon or Song 1: We Daret El Ayam - Salwa Abou GreishaSong 2: The 2nd Night in Mohamed 'Ali Street - Mahmoud FadlSong 3: Im Nin'Alu - Watcha ClanAlbum: Lindsey Stirling - Amazon or Album: Lindsey StirlingSongs: Crystallize, Song of the Caged Bird, Moon TranceAdditional Music:Album: The Gathering Season - Amazon or Artist: SolaceSong: Huda

1 Jul 2014

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Episode 61: Jill Parker

Whoa! Three cheers for another unintentional YIP hiatus! (Anyone? Anyone? No?) Okay, well then Happy New Year, YIPpers! We're back from a long (I think our longest ever??) break and getting back in the podcasting grooooove! We missed all of you! Ahhhhhh!! We're so exCIted!! And we just can't HIDE it!! This episode features the fabulous "Mother of Tribal Fusion" herself...Jill Parker!! (More fan-girl SCREAMING!!!)Download Episode 61Or Listen Here: On This Episode:Asharah's blog - "Live Onstage - or Why don't you stop recording and just watch the show"31 Signs You're a BellydancerMahin Bellydance Quickies - Contact Mahin!Bhuz.com - Vaseline on your teeth Image from www.juicybeautyword.comHipmix.netRaqs in the City - Najla's Belly Dance blog - "Baby Your Bling"Stuff you NEED! Trust me!!: E6000® , clear fingernail polish, Fray CheckThe Pink Coinbelt Chronicles - Tales of a boy and his hip scarf - "Hot and Bothered"15 Fabulous Ways to use VaselineThe Tribal Way - "Choose to be kind to yourself"Tribal Mind - The cool April Rose interview!Tribal SolsticeDonna MejiaSherri WheatleyApril RoseThe Fab Principessa Ann on Facebook!AriellahArish Lam playlist on YouTubeJabbawockeezZoe Jakes mask routineFestiByn The best scene in "Drumline"!!! Muh ha haaa!!! MARCHING BAND!!!Phil ThorntonHelmJill Parker Carolena NericcioMichael McElhaney and The StudAzure Bellydance (Michael McElhaney and Andra Young)Jill's wrist tattoos Image courtesy of: The Dancer's EyeFeatured Music:Artist: FestiByn - Amazon or Album: Balkan ExpressSongs: Dönme Bana Sevgilim, Sparaben i Staden, Besame MuchoArtists: Helm and Phil Thornton - Amazon or Album: Tribal SpiritSongs: Lovar Jivera (trad. Rajasthan), Le Rosier Blanc (trad. France), Lashir Spirit (trad. Yemen) Additional Music:Album: The Gathering Season - Amazon or Artist: SolaceSongs: AllNo-Sew T-shirt SkirtSo, I thought I'd gotten the idea from Generation T, but now I can't find what I specifically did in there. So...sorry for not giving credit where credit is due, but here are the steps:  1. Cut the sleeves and collar off of a T-shirt (since this skirt version doesn't taper the fabric in at the waist at all I recommend using a shirt that fits you rather snugly, or you'll have weird bunched up fabric around your waist). If you'd like a straight edge at the bottom of the skirt then just cut off the whole section from under each sleeve (at the armpit) to the other side. I like the look of little slits at the side, so I didn't cut straight across.  2. Cut a hole in the bottom hem of the shirt. The bottom will now become the waistband. Using a safety pin - or a bodkin - thread 1/4" elastic or a strip of fabric through the bottom hem. (I used a piece of stretchy fabric, which gave me a cute bow with some cute dangle-y ties, but also made the waist super elastic comfy). If you're planning to just put in elastic then you can make the hole on the inside of the shirt hem so that the hole is hidden.  3. Ta-da! It looks a little boxy in this pic, but that's only because my floor has no curves. It's actually pretty flattering for a 5 minute project! :-) Don't forget that this skirt version turns the shirt upside down, so if your T-shirt will look weird upside down then don't do this version. I think the Beats Antique logo looks fine upside down, so I didn't mind it being flipped. :-)

2 Jan 2014

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