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Due Date is an uncensored journey through one woman's pregnancy. There's no such thing as TMI on this podcast. From weird body issues to mom identity, Host Ashley May drops all pretense and keeps it real. New episodes every Friday. Produced by Ashley May and Shannon Rae Green.

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Episode 4: A lot of stuff - not all for baby

Having a baby is an explosion of stuff. And there's more items just for mom than Ashley May realized. Follow along as she gets closer and closer to her due date.


11 Nov 2016

Rank #1

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Episode 3: Weird body issues no one prepares you for

USA TODAY reporter Ashley May asks those, who have lived through it, what were the weirdest body issues that arose during their pregnancies. It's a trip. Produced by Shannon Rae Green and Ashley May, with editing support from Nikita Mandhani.


4 Nov 2016

Rank #2

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Episode 9: Aiden Oliver comes home

In the final episode of the Due Date podcast series, the real work begins: raising a child. Ashley May and her husband, Curtis, bring home their newborn, Aiden Oliver. There's a first time for everything: bedtime, bathtime, and meeting a great grandmother (and more family members and visitors.) Worries abound but the joy prevails. Tell us what you thought of the show - leave a rewiew or find Ashley on Twitter @AshleyMayTweets.


19 Dec 2016

Rank #3

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Episode 8: The birth! Baby boy has arrived!

A day before Ashley May's due date, her beautiful son came into the world. And she recorded it! Labor and delivery involves so much: the birth plan, the water breaking, the contractions, the dilation, the epidural, and the excruciating pushes. Most of all, it brings on intense waves of emotion: pain, excitement and unbridled joy. Listen to it all unfold, as real and raw as it gets. Produced by Ashley May and Shannon Rae Green, with editing assistance provided by Bian Elkhatib & Nikita Madhani.


10 Dec 2016

Rank #4

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Episode 7: The many layers of 'mom identity'

Ashley May talks to colleagues about what it really means to become a mom. And also finds out, in a class, how complicated it is to breastfeed (and pump!).


3 Dec 2016

Rank #5