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Second Captains Saturday welcomes interviewees from different walks of life to explain how sport has impacted them, for good and bad. We'll hear of touching, funny and embarrassing sporting experiences before the show's main feature 'This Sporting Life' bestows that most prestigious of titles - The Greatest Non-Sportsperson Sportsperson. With the multi-award winning three person presenting team from the hugely popular Second Captains Podcast, it's the perfect mix of culture, sport and music.

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Senator George Mitchell | Second Captains Saturday

This week we have the brilliant Senator George Mitchell on the show - US Attorney, US Army, Federal Judge, Senator, and he brokered the Good Friday Agreement. He tells us about his family's amazing life story, "Swisher" Mitchell and his own sporting life.


13 Jul 2019

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Catriona Crowe | Second Captains Saturday

Catriona Crowe is Ireland's foremost archivist and of the country's most respected social commentators. We ask her about dodging sport, deceiving nuns, Biddy Early's curse and why, in the social media age, history is still important.


20 Jul 2019

Rank #2

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Eamonn McCann | Second Captains Saturday

Journalist and activist Eamonn McCann dedicated his life to campaigning for civil rights, most famously in his efforts on behalf of the victims of Bloody Sunday. Eamonn also supported Brexit at the time of the referendum. We discuss his current opinions on Boris and Brexit, his love for Derry City.... and the time he was hit by Seamus Heaney.


3 Aug 2019

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John Simpson - Second Captains Saturday

The legendary John Simpson has reported from 140 countries. He has interviewed 200 world leaders. During the Iran revolution he flew to Tehran with Ayatollah Khomeini, he dodged bullets in the Tiananmen Square massacre and was in Iraq during the 2003 invasion. BUT... how good was he at sport, and did he land a punch on Harold Wilson?


27 Jul 2019

Rank #4

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Second Captains Saturday - Kevin Barry

As one of Ireland's greatest current writers, Kevin’s works have been recognised with some prestigious international awards over the years, but will his pool playing skills be enough to take the crown of Ireland's Greatest Non-Sportsperson Sportsperson?


8 Sep 2018

Rank #5

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Second Captains Saturday - Sharon Horgan

Sharon Horgan has created & starred in some of the best shows on tv, such as the multi-award winning Catastrophe on Channel 4. Sharon’s brother Shane is a legend of Irish rugby and Sharon talks us through her bionic cross country running abilities.


1 Sep 2018

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Second Captains Saturday - Gabriel Byrne

Gabriel Byrne is a true acting great - star of Miller’s Crossing, The Usual Suspects and Stigmata , not to mention his Golden Globe winning TV roles and stunning Broadway performances. As a former victim of clerical abuse, he talks to us about the Papal visit, Ireland's relationship with Catholicism, and the time he met Muhammad Ali.


18 Aug 2018

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Second Captains Saturday: Dermot O'Leary

Eoin, Ken and Murph are joined by X Factor and BBC host Dermot O'Leary plus the great Jim Carney (Uncle Jim) one of Ireland's greatest ever GAA journalists and the first presenter of The Sunday Game joins us to talk about Galway v Dublin in 1983. PLUS PLUS there's music from Villagers, Neil Young and Lisa Hannigan.


11 Aug 2018

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Second Captains Saturday

Tommy Tiernan is a brilliant comedian, actor, radio host, TV presenter and pool shark. We discuss awkward encounters, Eamon Dunphy, Meath men, dry tears, city jogs, and Klopp.


28 Jul 2018

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Second Captains Saturday

Aisling Bea is one of the very best comedians and actors in the business. You'll know her from 8 out of 10 Cats, Live At The Apollo, The Fall. She talks about her mum Helen's career as a jockey, her own successes and failures, and her father's death by suicide.


21 Jul 2018

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Second Captains Sunday with Tom Vaughan-Lawlor

The brilliant Tom Vaughan-Lawlor joins us to talk about his new role in The Avengers movie and more importantly, his life as a Shoot! magazine-loving, punch-eating, junior cup rugby-playing sports fan. Will he become our Greatest Non-Sportsperson Sportseprson for 2017? Well, no. But find out how he does.


20 Aug 2017

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Second Captains Sunday with Blindboy Boatclub of Rubberbandits

This week Second Captains are joined by Blindboy Boatclub of Rubber Bandits fame. He discusses giving Leo Varadkar advise on sound quality, growing up in a school where rugby players rule, healthy can drinking and shrill football fans. Plus there's Ireland's most ethnically diverse town, booing Justin Gatlin and Patti Smith on Sam Shepard.


6 Aug 2017

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Second Captains Sunday with Nicky Byrne

This week Second Captains talk to Nicky Byrne about his career as a footballer, and the time he almost made it in the Premier League with Leeds United. Plus there's Richie Sadlier on their time together with Ireland underage sides, and how a career in pop was viewed in the football world at that time.


23 Jul 2017

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Second Captains Sunday with Pat Shortt

Second Captains welcome comedian, actor, model and hurling coach Pat Shortt into studio to discuss method acting, bad hips, Father Ted and Garage. We also look at his impressive sporting CV and ask him how he made it as a human punchbag. Plus there's Orange Fest, city breaks in July and the Roger Federer logo.


16 Jul 2017

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Second Captains Sunday with Maeve Higgins

First episode of the second series of Second Captains Sunday with comedian, writer and broadcaster Maeve Higgins in New York city. Plus Uncle Jim Carney talks us through the Great GAA Armed Robbery Of 1977.


9 Jul 2017

Rank #15