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A visit to Kabul

In the second podcast from Future Health Systems, Jeff Knezovich visits the FHS Afghanistan team in Kabul to find out what sort of research they're currently undertaking, what challenges they face in attempting research in an insecure environment, and what it's like living and working in difficult security situations. He interviews Kojo, Melissa Roach and Anubhav Agarwal, who tell him about the community scorecard that FHS is in the process of piloting in several provinces in Afghanistan.


12 Jan 2012

Rank #1

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Complexity, complexity, complexity

In this first podcast from Future Health Systems, Jeff Knezovich finds out what complexity science is, and how a complex adaptive systems approach can help scale up health systems interventions. We find out from Ben Ramalingam about the history of complexity science, while Professor David Peters explains a few key concepts of complex adaptive systems.


9 Oct 2011

Rank #2