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Imagine if you could replace or match your job income.Paul Turner is a six figure online income earner, Forex trader and qualified NLP practitioner whose aim is to help people gain their freedom by sharing what he did to quit his job and what he does to stay unemployable.You goal may be to learn something, make a few extra ££ or $$ a month or to go full time working for yourself - that's fine. All are welcome here.

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Episode 8 Why you need to stay away from negative people

To be able to achieve a goal like retiring in a year you need to be focused and stay on point.Try to find a group that are doing the same as you - it's why I am part of a trading group.  We are all pulling in the same direction and supporting each other to help us make our account growth per day.See more at retireinayearrevoloution.com


14 Jul 2021

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Episode 7 From zero to a full time trader in 6 months

For the second half of this episode you may want to jump to the Ninja Forex Traders website where you can learn more about the tools Danny uses to be a full time trader - see it hereDanny goes full time in 6 months – Ninja Forex Traders

1hr 3mins

8 Jun 2021

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Episode 6 Beat Procrastination

Past episodes of this podcast can be found at https://retireinayearrevolution.com as well as the workbook that accompanies this podcast.


25 May 2021

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Episode 5 Five Ways To Make Money For Free

If you are starting from complete zero or need to make some extra money for a project or business then here are 5 ways you can make money out of nothing except for some time and effort.The supporting material for this podcast along with bonus content can be found at the blog Episode 5 – 5 ways to make free money – Paul Turner Site (retireinayearrevolution.comThanks for listening - if I could ask for a like, share, comment etc that really helps the channelMany thanksPaul


7 May 2021

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Episode 4 - The Shortcut to How The Wealthy Do it

You can see the video and supporting content at the blog post for this weeks episode at Episode 4 Want The Wealth Shortcut? – Paul Turner Site (retireinayearrevolution.comHere I show you the shortcut I found to beating the stock market hands down but I am also careful to give the pros and cons.Enjoy!PS - be sure to grab the free workbook that accompanies this podcast at https://retireinayearrevolution.com


28 Apr 2021

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Episode 3 - Levels of Financial Independence

In this episode I look at levels of Financial Independence and talk some of the pros and cons at each level plus and I reveal the sweet spot.This is based not only on my wisdom but the wisdom of Grant Cardone, Warrren Buffet and Robert Kiyosaki especially with his Cash Flow Quadrant.Grabt he images and bonus content over at the Retire in a Year Revolution website - CLICK HEREI sincerely appreciate you listening to the podcast - there is more at my Youtube channel too at (20) Retire In A Year Revolution - YouTube - so why not subscribe!See you next episodePaul


20 Apr 2021

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Episode 2 How To Hit Your Goals

As already stated you need to have a clear vision of what the outcome of Retiring in a Year or Less means to you.When I studied NLP there was one particular method that helped me achieve a 13 year long dream and I am sharing that with you today.Head over to the bonus page for this podcast to get some sheets to help you.CLICK HERE PS I really appreciate all the support I am getting for this project.  We are early on - keep watching for more episode as I have so much more to share


13 Apr 2021

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Episode One - -The Retire In a Year Revolution Workbook

Thank you for listening to this episode.Here are the resources for this short episode - now we can get into some serious stuff!Grab the workbook at https://retireinayearrevolution.comSee my quick overview of what I learned from the Miracle Equation book over at » Miracle Equation book review (retireinayearrevolution.comSee you next episodePaul


7 Apr 2021

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Introduction to the Retire In a Year Revolution

Thanks for checking out the podcast.  If what we do here is of interest please be sure to subscribe and get your bonus materials at retireinayearrevolution.com .Thanks again for taking a look Have a great yearPaul


31 Mar 2021

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