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Jessie has lived in Texas for 20 years now (half her life) and still ponders "what makes a Texan?" Prickly and Blooming is a weekly conversational podcast hosted by Jessie Browning *now focused* on the women of Texas. Weekly interviews with guests who share their story. Minisodes to dig into women from Texas history. P&B is the society & culture podcast home for the women of Texas.

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Back to Season 3

In the season finale of Prickly and Blooming, host Jessie Browning checks in with three of her guests from Season Three. Genea shares what to expect in her upcoming book and the seminars she plans to offer next year. Angie got bangs! And learned how to give fewer f*cks during the pandemic. Rachel discusses her move back to New York City and what she’s doing in her life to make feel more confident as well as set goals with a little bit more soul. Episode Timeline: [00:02] Intro [09:41] Checking in with Genea [13:41] What it’s like in New York right now [18:43] Writing her life story [21:49] Checking in with Angie [27:14] Power in no margins [36:26] Six feet tall [37:56] Checking in with Rachel [42:49] Finding herself in NYC [47:54] A pause on new clients [52:40] Outro Resources Mentioned: Self Made Podcast Competition Knock Knock podcast A conversation with Barbara Schroeder (minisode) Genea Barnes’ episode on Prickly and Blooming Genea’s story page with a video of her performance Genea’s upcoming seminars

24 Nov 2021

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Texas Women: Laura

In this episode of Prickly and Blooming, Laura speaks with host Jessie Browning about taking care of herself after her first panic attack. She shares how that moment forced her to address many different things including her mommy drinking and how a Facebook ad motivated her to scale it back. She also discusses why she’s at her best when she’s a working mom versus being a stay at home mom. Episode Timeline: [00:01] Intro [02:44] Laura’s relationship to Texas [05:36] Meet Laura [06:34] Her first panic attack [11:15] Taking care of herself [17:19] Virtual therapy [19:50] Her drinking journey [26:48] Stay at home mom vs working mom [36:15] Taking care of her health [42:32] Her walk with the Lord [46:09] Jessie’s rapid fire questions [51:31] Contacting Laura Resources Mentioned: Enneagram Type Seven This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol: Find Freedom, Rediscover Happiness & Change Your Life by Annie Grace Dark Night of the Soul Standout Quotes: “If my cup gets a little low, I immediately feel it and I immediately know I need to do XYZ.” -Laura [17:08] “I stuck it in the garbage. I lifted up paper and stuck it in there so my husband wouldn’t see it. And that was the moment where I was like I’m hiding something from my husband. This feels dangerous.” -Laura [20:34] “I’m my best when I can pick my kids up from school and be 100% with them, and then send them to school and be 100% with my business....

17 Nov 2021

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Texas Women: Diana

In this episode of Prickly and Blooming, Diana speaks with host Jessie Browning about the moment she realized she was “going the wrong way.” As she was learning about diabetes during training, she discovered that she had seven of the nine risk factors for the disease. Diana shares how this moment made her reflect on the legacy she had inherited and question what kind of legacy she wanted to leave for her two children. Listen as she discusses how she worked through her emotional state through counseling which then helped her access her dream. Episode Timeline: [00:01] Intro [07:34] Meet Diana [14:03] “I’m going the wrong way” [18:23] Masking pain [27:51] Food is her vice [34:25] Starting small [41:12] Counseling [43:49] How it affected her personal life [48:45] Her coaching business [52:52] Jessie’s rapid fire questions [59:19] Contacting Diana Resources Mentioned: Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay Breaking Free by Diana Guintu September 11 UGGs 2011 Lesson #2 : Don’t Carpe Diem by Glennon...

10 Nov 2021

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Texas Women: Jody

In this episode of Prickly and Blooming, Jody speaks with host Jessie Browning about returning to her home state of Texas after living in California. She shares what she learned during her 17 years as a special education teacher in Pflugerville. She also discusses why she moved back to San Angelo in 1990 and opened her business, Jody Aesthetics. Episode Timeline: [00:01] Intro [02:36] Meet Jody [10:47] Meeting her husband [13:11] Starting her beauty business [19:34] Offering an experience [22:02] Her art background [27:42] Her experience starting a business [33:08] What Texas means to her [38:22] How she met her husband [46:32] What teaching taught her [50:19] What brings her back everyday [55:56] Jessie’s birthday [58:01]Jessie’s rapid fire questions [1:05:02] Contacting Jody Resources Mentioned: Osmosis Beauty AskDrBen Podcast Kerrville Folk Festival The Secret Language of Birthdays by Gary Goldschneider Standout Quotes: “These two hands made every penny that’s come through that door.” -Jody [18:27] “I don’t want that rush hurry stuff anymore.” -Jody [34:19]

3 Nov 2021

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(From the Archives) Love for your Fears | Jess Norman

Jess Norman never thought she would get a divorce, but she found herself in a Wal-Mart parking lot telling her dad on the phone that she was getting one. Growing up in the church, she thought she would be disowned if she did, but that didn't happen. In this episode of Prickly and Blooming, Jess speaks with host Jessie Browning about getting a divorcing her first husband. She also shares how she discusses and works through issues with her now-husband on their podcast, Moving On. Episode Timeline: [00:04] Intro [01:05] Listener’s survey [03:08] Meet Jess Norman [12:41] Never thought she would get a divorce [15:52] Heading to Texas [22:34] Divorce at 32 [27:14] That was it [30:34] A different love language [38:06] Alone for the first time [42:34] Top fears of her divorce [44:10] Jess' and Jay's endgame [48:27] Where Jess' life is now [56:42] Moving On podcast [1:01:48] Love for fears [1:04:01] Jessie's rapid fire questions [1:12:21] Contacting Jess Norman [1:14:54] Outro Standout Quotes: "I read this neat thing today that said ‘When we're waiting on God, God's usually waiting on us.' I thought that was really beautiful. So I'm positive that God was waiting on me for three years, not to get divorce, but to find my way, which way I was going...

27 Oct 2021

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Texas Women: Kenna

In this episode of Prickly and Blooming, Kenna speaks with host Jessie Browning about going through two life-changing moments: the end of her first marriage and getting diagnosed with (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) ADHD. She talks about the events that led to her divorce, what she did to move on and how she met her now-husband. She shares what she’s learned through her ADHD diagnosis and how eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy has led her to process her trauma. Episode Timeline: [00:01] Intro [06:37] What does a fox say? [08:44] Meet Kenna [10:36] The end of her first marriage [24:29] Nothing left and the aftermath [32:04] Moving on and dating [41:02] A fight with Mom [43:26] Back to the workforce [51:49] Diagnosed with ADHD [1:01:54] EMDR therapy [1:08:22] The craft beer industry and #MeToo [1:19:17] Jessie’s rapid fire questions [1:26:25] Contacting Kenna Resources Mentioned: Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer Cool Hand Luke - Shaking The Bush, Boss Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead - I'm Right On Top Of That, Rose Ylvis - The Fox (what does the fox say?) Mercer Black on Prickly and Blooming Big Bend Brewing Company

20 Oct 2021

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Texas Women: Karen

In this episode of Prickly and Blooming, Karen speaks with host Jessie Browning about finding her joy. She talks about how she went from engineering and law to writing her books, including her most recent one, The Lightmaker's Manifesto: How to Work for Change without Losing Your Joy. Karen also shares how she came up with her definition of what it means to be an activist.  Episode Timeline: [00:01] Intro [00:57] Listener survey [03:38] Meet Karen [06:17] Baseball card stats [07:12] Her relationship with Texas [08:45] From engineering and law to writing [13:27] How she keeps her joy [18:43] When she decided [25:24] Journaling, sketching and photography [34:59] A different brain space [38:17] Defining activism [46:55] Finding joy when there’s sorrow [55:26] Jessie’s rapid fire questions [1:00:06] Contacting Karen  Resources Mentioned: The Lightmaker's Manifesto: How to Work for Change without Losing Your Joy by Karen Walrond Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer The...

13 Oct 2021

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Texas Women: Maria

In this episode of Prickly and Blooming, Maria speaks with host Jessie Browning about launching IssueVoter, a non-profit organization that provides everyone an equal voice in democracy by making civic engagement accessible, efficient and impactful. Maria talks about her political experience that led her to this. She also shares what it was like growing up in Austin compared to now. Episode Timeline: [00:02] Intro [03:11] Listener survey [05:04] Meet Maria [07:04] Maria’s relationship to Texas [12:39] The plan after college [14:53] Her experience with the legislature [17:05] Working on a political campaign in Iowa [23:56] Leaving New York [27:24] IssueVoter [35:15] Moving back to Austin [44:16] What’s next with IssueVoter [51:35] Maria recommends to visit Austin [53:32] Jessie’s rapid fire questions [1:00:56] Contacting Maria Resources Mentioned: How The Iowa Caucuses Work — And Why They're Important Enneagram El Cosmico NYC BigApps Big Top Candy Shop Monkey See Monkey Do Clark's Austin

6 Oct 2021

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(From the Archives) Embrace Your Thorns and Keep Growing Your Flowers with Jessie Browning

In this episode of Prickly and Blooming Podcast, host Jessie Browning revisits her first episode to give an understanding of who she is and how she came to this project. At age 35, Jessie theoretically adored her life; she was a mama to four children and owned multiple businesses with her husband. But without an ability to cope or care for herself, an isolating darkness crept in. Through reckless self care, therapy, and lots of candor; Jessie found her joie again. She created Lajoie Society to embolden others to do the same. Each week, we will meet a woman who has an authentic story to share. Undoubtedly, Jessie will be sharing her big heart, unusual life, and countless theories with you along the way. Episode Timeline: [03:26] Jessie shares about how she met her husband in My Space years ago [05:28] Having four children in a wild succession [06:44] Jessie talks about her passionate motivation to start this podcast [09:04] The meaning behind the names: Prickly and Blooming and Lajoie Society [10:02] The significance of the cactus to Jessie: thorns and flowers, joy and pain, all needs to be celebrated [11:22] Who are going to be guests on this podcast? “Regular” women that have something to share to help move, inspire and motivate other women [12:25] Jessie opens up about her story and the pain that lead to her joy [19:09] Facing shame and guilt, trying unsuccessfully to “forget about it” [20:15] Jessie promised herself she will never be drunk again [22:10] Jessie decided to take back her body, losing weight, exercising and not drinking that much [24:39] Yoga set Jessie’s heart on fire [28:06] Starting a food log and learning about the right nutrition choices [30:11] The moment Jessie decided to be a stay-at-home Mom [32:55] Jessie experiencing losing herself and questions her roles and identity [33:29] Drinking to cope was not suitable anymore

29 Sep 2021

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Texas Women: Kim

In this episode of Prickly and Blooming, Kim Kaupe speaks with host Jessie Browning about moving to Texas during the pandemic and the experience so far. She also talks about becoming an accidental entrepreneur and the importance of celebrating your accomplishments. Listen to why you should actively publish your accomplishments on Linkedin and stop waiting to be picked. Episode Timeline: [00:03] Intro [10:32] Meet Kim [11:00] Moving to Austin [14:32] Remote working [16:10] Kim’s companies [22:27] An accidental entrepreneur  [24:52] Celebrate your accomplishments [31:16] Using LinkedIn [39:39] Stop waiting to be picked [44:26] What happens when she has a crap day [46:43] Her experience in Texas [52:50] Coffee With Kim [56:59] Jessie’s rapid fire questions [1:05:37] Contacting Kim Resources Mentioned: Shark Tank Texas Longhorns yells and cheers Boomerang Generation Kim's 5 Biggest LinkedIn Tips LinkedIn creators TikTok Creator Fund Instagram Creators

20 Sep 2021