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Leadership in Health and Social Care - for iPod/iPhone

These six managers, from frontline roles across health and social care in the UK, are real people in real roles. By sharing their experiences through short videos, they help to bring alive the ideas studied in the course and help you to explore how they might play out in real-life situations.This material forms part of The Open University course K313 Leadership and management in health and social care.

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Meet the leaders

Leadership, are you worth it? From hospital ward to CEO’s office six leaders responsible for delivering vital health and social care services provide an insight into the challenges facing the public sector.


27 Sep 2013

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Leaders or managers?

What makes an effective leader, how do leaders differ from managers and how can you learn to lead are questions explored by six leaders from the health and social care sector.


27 Sep 2013

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Ambition, drive and focus or empathy, integrity and vision? What are the key characteristics of effective leadership in the health and care sectors?


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Leading cultures

Box-ticking or results-driven, top-down or bottom-up, open or closed? How does the culture of an organisation shape its leaders? And how can leaders shape that culture?


27 Sep 2013

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